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Found 6 results

  1. Okay. This needs some thought. Yes, I know the best idea is to delete it off the rotation, however as it won't be we should talk about how would you play this map? Attack and Defense team comps? Tactical routes? We gotta do something as losing on this map is painful as we know it before its over.
  2. Alright people I have made it my duty to get a list of each of us that plays Overwatch, along with a list of characters you feel you can play as to a good standard on competitive. We need to start getting better to compete with other teams of 6 players and I figured this would be a good way to start. I will combine everyone into the one post so its all in one place Heres how I want it to shape up: PSN name - Self explanatory Competitive rank - Obviously this will fluctuate a lot depending on play but just a ballpark figure for now will be good, if your rank changes drastically post it on here again Characters - Post at least 3 characters you can play well with on competitive, also in order of who you are best with (Number 1 being your best) Plus any added explanation that's useful would be a bonus So for me it would be: LordBaguette Rank: 2800 Characters: 1. Junkrat 2. D. VA 3. Fucking Hot Healing Chick! 4. Lucio 5. Soldier 6. Hanzo 7. Symmetra 8. Orisa Easy as that
  3. Over the last 12 weeks, we've been listening to your feedback and working behind the scenes to make the next season of Competitive Play even better. So before you dive into your placement matches, let’s talk about some of the changes coming to Season 4. Skill Rating Changes Back in Season 2, we introduced a skill rating decay system, which required players in the Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster tiers to complete at least one competitive match every seven days in order to maintain their status. This season, players with a skill rating above 3000 will need to complete at least seven games per week—a change that will improve the accuracy of the player’s skill rating, make maintaining multiple high-level accounts more difficult, and make upper-tier placement more meaningful. When you complete a match, the amount of time until skill rating decay occurs is pushed back by 24 hours, and you can bank up to seven days per week. That means as long as you manage to play seven games over a one-week period, your skill rating will be safe. You could play one match per day or complete all seven in a single session. It’s up to you. Last season, we retooled the skill rating and placement match mechanics to more accurately place players into an appropriate tier. Overall, we’re extremely happy with these changes, but we've noticed a few issues at the extreme ends of the skill rating spectrum. Some players, for instance, have been deliberately throwing matches in an effort to reach the lowest attainable skill rating. We obviously don't want to incentivize this behavior—because Competitive Play works best when everybody is trying—so we're making it a little more difficult to hit the lowest and highest possible ratings: 0 and 5000. We're also no longer displaying skill rating values that are lower than 500. This change will have no effect for players who have a skill rating between 500 and 4500. Top 500 Changes We're also making some changes to the Top 500 leaderboard. Previously, any player who managed to break into the top 500 at any point throughout the season would receive a special spray and player icon at the end of the season. This meant that many players no longer had an incentive to maintain their status as the season progressed, which could result in less competitive matches toward the end of the season. Starting today, these rewards will only be granted if the player is in the top 500 leaderboard at the end of the season. This will make the end-of-season leaderboard rankings much more competitive as players fight to reach the top 500 Respawn Changes Until now, stalling an attack by repeatedly throwing yourself at the point has been a common defensive strategy on Assault, Escort, and Assault/Escort maps—even when the attackers have a decisive advantage. Typically, this tactic doesn’t change the outcome of battle; it simply delays the attackers’ progress. This season, we’ve implemented a respawn time delay that’s activated when the attackers outnumber the defenders on a contested point. If the point hasn’t been captured and the defense hasn’t regained the advantage after a specified time, the defender respawn timer will slowly begin to increase until it hits a maximum value. If the defense manages to gain the upper hand, the timer resets to zero. We hope this change will improve the attackers’ ability to capture the point (when they have the advantage), encourage defenders to group up and retake the objective, and reduce the number of ties. However, we are currently working on a more robust solution for breaking ties on Assault maps.
  4. Updates for Season 2: Here are the big bits: Skill Rating is changing from 1-100 to 1-5000 Tiers are being introduced (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) that you cannot fall out of (except Master and Grandmaster) Competitive Point rewards are being multiplied by 10 (goes for banked CPs too) - but so is the cost of golden weapons Sudden Death is being removed Note: Season 1 ends this Thursday, 18th August, and Season 2 begins 6th September - although that date could still change.
  5. Since I haven't seen a thread about this yet, Infinity Ward has announced there will not be a League Play playlist in Ghosts. Instead, they're replacing the playlist with a "Clan vs. Clan" playlist, which allows you to play with your clan members against other clans. This will have a separate leaderboard, and IW will use the leaderboard to determine which teams will qualify for the CoD: Championship in 2014. Source Here a video from Optic Nadeshot, giving his opinion on the announcement from the perspective of a pro CoD player. Thoughts? Being a PC guy, League Play is almost nonexistent on the platform because our community is a fraction of the console community. This has partly caused me to move on from the CoD series, with no intention of buying Ghosts on any platform when it releases.
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