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Found 16 results

  1. What Would You Do FG? The delay to all football in the UK is a significant delay to the country's beloved sport and is clear to impact the full season and potentially subsequent seasons, not to mention the Euros. Don't get me wrong, there's tons of jokes flying around about Liverpool won't now get their chance for the Premiership title as many seem to think you can only void the season now due to impacts of future plans and next season start dates. As much as they've me chuckle too to the thought of Liverpool fans raging at this, i'm not sure its as easy as just voiding the entire league. Football is now a business first, football second kind of thing, whether we like it or not. The revenue from these games that are being delayed would give much needed revenue to the clubs, not to mention the consequence of being promoted or their position in the league dictating large payouts, for clubs and the players involved. My initial thought is try and find a solution that gives as many positives as possible and remove the negatives, so: Give teams their positions from now, champions are champions, european spots are secured, promote teams in their relevant positions - playoffs could be still played at a later date on a one leg basis so max 3 games per league to take place. I'd then not relegate teams in current positions. Which means we expand the Premier League to 23 teams (it was 24 way back in the day), and other teams shift up a league to fill the gaps left by teams below. Whichever way this goes, what is considered the 'fair' outcome is not going to make everyone in the world happy. I think you have to go with the majority of positives, remove the negatives and move on to the next season. But hey, thats me. WWYD...FG?
  2. @jordie1892 @Dan94 @phil bottle @Findmartin @tronic44 @ChaosGladiator @Stretch616 @Plumbers Crack Another one this season? Do we want to try something different like games against each other for points? Maybe more engaging and better to do as we can use the tournament function on FG if needed for a league format? Anyone else want to jump into this for the new season?
  3. Right, following the success of the World Cup Fantasy Football, i'm suggesting we do one for the upcoming season but give it a real good push. In previous years about 3 or 4 of us have done it but the football fans out there in FG land would love this so you just need to show your support! We had 11 people for the World Cup, it would be brilliant to get way more than that this time round. If we get large numbers, i'll look to do the same as before and see if we can offer a couple of prizes along with it. No guarantees but people who know me, will know that i'll do my best to do this. I think we'll end up using a free 3rd party Fantasy Football app so it can be easier to manage on the go. I know I could do the spreadsheet again, similar to the World Cup but that would be a ballache for me and I think you guys would prefer something more flashy and interactive. So, let's get a roll call going! Also, any specific things you want to do with this then just let me know! Thanks all! GGFG Edit: Put registration details into ok Head over to here and register your team. Once done, register yourself into our league by using code 972477-216585 Current FGers on board with a team: @Stretch616 @Plumbers Crack @tronic44 @Findmartin @GazzaGarratt
  4. VAR. Video Assistant Referee. Nope. The game is changing and I don't like it. I usually say to anyone in any walk of life embrace change, even if it feels uncomfortable you have to go through it as the world keeps evolving and it won't stop. Sometimes though there's one thing that comes along and you in your gut that it fundamentally doesn't go with whatever it is supposed to. That my friends, is V.A.fucking.R. I'm all for change for the better to support football decisions but its clear that any enhancements need to be crystal clear without spoiling the spectacle of what non-stop 90 minutes gives you. Its a fine balance between human and technology to hit a sweet spot. Take Goal Line technology. That is absolutely perfect. Clear cut, message straight top refs watch, instant goal given, no questions asked. VAR though still has an element of subjectiveness in its calls. The problem also lies with that very little things are happening surrounding penalties shouts more than not which if you slow them down to the nth degree then it could look like it is a deliberate handball or an intentional foul which in reality, it was neither. I'm not sure if people could argue that maybe its the ambiguous handball rules that don't help but i'd argue we weren't that bad before VAR came in. My tip for any betting person for the new Premier League season that has it for the first time is this: Bet on every single game, in every game weekend that they'll be a penalty awarded Bet that certain games will last past 6 o'clock each weekend I promise you that you'll be quids up. TLDR - Football is perfect because of its imperfections. Let it have talking points. Let it be what it needs to be, not a technological video game in real life where we need a break every 5 minutes to go to the loo and a smoke.
  5. Date: Saturday 1st June Kick Off: 8pm GMT Venue: Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Home of Atlético Madrid, Spain So who's gonna win? Will Liverpool end on a high or will Spurs take home a trophy for the first time since 2008?
  6. The league below the Promise Land is now possibly one of the best leagues in the world and its certainly the one of the toughest. I support Blackburn, as many of you know, and we've had a reasonably positive start - 2 points from 2 games isn't much but we dominated both games and unlucky not to take 6 points. Have to happy with performances so far being back in this league. I think Villa look strong again. Keeping Grealish will make a difference. Will have to see if he leaves in the January transfer window though. Leeds have been surprising ones. They've spent big getting Bamford in and he hasn't really been needed. Big come down for Lampard after his first game in charge when they got hammered 4-1 at home to Leeds last week. This weeks fixtures: FRIDAY 17TH AUGUST Birmingham City 19:45 Swansea City SATURDAY 18TH AUGUST Bristol City 15:00 Middlesbrough Hull City 15:00 Blackburn Rovers Ipswich Town 15:00 Aston Villa Leeds United 15:00 Rotherham United Millwall 15:00 Derby County Reading 15:00 Bolton Wanderers Sheffield United 15:00 Norwich City West Bromwich Albion 15:00 Queens Park Rangers Wigan Athletic 15:00 Nottingham Forest Preston North End 17:30 Stoke City SUNDAY 19TH AUGUST Brentford 15:00 Sheffield Wednesday
  7. Thought it would be good to capture our predictions for the 2018/2019 Season here. We could look back at the end as well to see whos got it right. I'm out of touch somewhat with the Premiership lately but I think seeing a little bit last year makes me feel like Man Utd have a cracking shot this year. They're improving year on year under Mourinho and he has got some trophies in him still so they get my vote. Tottenham is my outside bet - Poch I think needs to win something this year, more because I don't want to see him sacked or gone to another big club. Championship wise - well, I'll settle for a good mid-season finish for Blackburn, playoffs would be ace. I fancy Villa to push strong for the title IF they get Thierry Henry as their boss. Let's hear yours.
  8. Football Transfers Completed 7th June 2018 Diogo Dalot [Porto - Manchester United] £19m Neal Bishop [Scunthorpe - Mansfield] Free Junior Brown [Shrewsbury - Coventry] Free Michael Crowe [Ipswich - Preston] Free Sam Matthews [Bournemouth - Bristol Rovers] Free John O'Shea [Sunderland - Reading] Free
  9. Following on from the UK footy fantasy football shenanigans we've had, I want something for across the pond considering quite a number of the global FG population are from North America. I'll look to find a decent 3rd party app to do this with, similar to the UK Football one and then we can use this thread to keep updates and post pictures of the league, etc. The season isn't far away (September) so it would be great to have a show of hands across the entire of FG who's willing to have a go! Let's get a roll call going and just like the UK Football one, if we get enough people I would love to give some prizes away with it. Come on then y'all, let us know if you wanna join in!
  10. Konami has revealed PES 2018 with a brand new trailer which once again shows makes the most of Pro Evolution Soccer's exclusive relationship with Barcelona FC. Konami have a new "REAL Capture system" to help make every element of the game - from the turf to player tattooes - even more lifelike than ever before. Bosses at Konami have promised that PES 2018 will feature "more new additions than any other PES title in the last 10 years" I've also seen they have worked hard on a new 3v3 mode similar to the 2v2 mode. Hopefully it can get start getting closer to FIFAs ProClubs this time round. More at E3 coming and it has a release date of September 14th for PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox One & 360.
  11. until
    I'll be on holiday but thought you guys could do another fun filled FG Rocket League night?! I'm happy to put this in as a monthly thing if people want it?
  12. Any new FIFA 14 news and general FIFA 14 chit chat... I'll make a separate thread for Ultimate Team once the Web app is released in a couple of weeks time...
  13. Just wanted to wish all my US peeps a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy and don't eat too much!!!
  14. Don't forget our Forever Gaming Fantasy league... http://www.premierleague.com/ My 2nd week is much better than my first, still off to a poor poor start... I suppose that's what I get for not picking RVP... And because lukaku is still on the bench for whatever reason..,
  15. Let the smack talk again. Reminder draft is Thursday at at 9:30 est
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