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  1. Many thanks to all of you lovely, yet mildly insane, people! Hopefully this means more involvement in FG fridays for me Much love from the deep forests of Norway
  2. E3 trailer looks fuckin' great. This is gonna be a "must buy" for me.
  3. Wouldn’t let me keep the name Willy Wonkas Willy... Or what ever the fuck it was Also wouldn’t let me change the fucking name. I’ll take a 6th as I made no changes after the first 3 months of the season either
  4. A friend of mine was always fond of the phrase: "It’s going in even if we both end up crying."
  5. I voted Chris simply because I like the name better. Sorry @Diddums
  6. Would not mind another top 5 series... I’ve got some clips lying around
  7. The fallen kings of the champions league brings back Zinedine Zidane and has promised him about 300 million £ to spend on players this coming summer. Rumor has it Hazard, Eriksen and Mbappe are topping the list of players the galacticos want to bring in. Bale and Modric are rumored the get the ace I have to admit I was expecting this last summer when CR7 left as it was very obviously gonna leave a void in the club. Gonna be interesting to see what they do, but one thing is for sure, they need to replace Karim Benzema. Man’s not good enough to be the main striker at a club like Real.
  8. Ahh, the good old memories of mw2forum... Meeting the Burst-brothers, joining B4B and being around for Mike (original capnunderpants), Kyle (MyM), Tripp, Joe and so many more. Those were the days. Can’t remember how many times we’d just shit on any team we’d come up against. Some of my proudest moments on cod has to be pulling off nukes in a full squad with some of the previously mentioned people in the party. Not easy when at least 2 of them would average 20 kills a game It did however help that Kyle and Mike kept running UAV and CUAV only though
  9. Welcome Anticonscience! Blackout is always a winner in my book. However how @GazzaGarratt can brand me as a 360noscoper is beyond me as I’ve always been more of hardscoping fruitcake on cod Except maybe on mw2 and mw3...
  10. Hot pursuit is one hell of a great gamemode though. So much fun!
  11. To be fair the lootboxes can be earned as well and there’s no point in buying them.
  12. ChaosGladiator


    Give me a suppressed Scar with ext mags again along with the killstreak that gives you ALL the perks and I will build a shrine for this game in my closet and jack off to it.
  13. Bring this back to life! I really enjoyed Ark, even if it got a bit dull after weeks and weeks of farming I’m still hoping people will keep playing it.
  14. Most kills I’ve ever gotten, sadly I could not clutch the win.
  15. Eeeeeeyyy! Glad someone else enjoyed it as much as I did Which ending did you get? I’m told there are actually 5 different ones and not just 2
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