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    I don't know but there's zombies and people shouting "friendly in Cherno!"

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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 75/100 My Time 247 seconds  
  2. Well... Mine is in Norwegian, but you're all intelligent people so you'll figure it out
  3. Hmm, guess I'll start recording a bit more when I'm on DayZ and Conan
  4. Having experienced depression, had an ex who struggled with depression and anxiety and also had both my grandfathers get dementia the choice was easy for me. MIND all the way.
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 66/100 My Time 214 seconds  
  6. Hahahahahahaha I expected this to be something absolutely grim but I got this. Not disappointed, just amused Give 'em hell mate!
  7. Oooof... Not easy at all. I know my top two but everything else is pretty much a toss up. 1. Skyrim. (Ps3) 2. The Last Of Us. (ps3) 3. Modern Warfare 3. (ps3) 4. Red dead redemption 2. (Ps4) 5. Horizon Zero Dawn. (ps4) 6. Ark survival evolved. (ps4) 7. Fallout 4. (There's another settlement that needs your assistance!) (ps4) 8. Far Cry 5. (ps4) 9. Heroes of Might & Magic VI. (pc) 10. Borderlands 2. (ps4) Again, other than the top two this list could have been in any random order. There's other games I've played less like DayZ that I would put on here, but I've not invested the time into it YET, to put it on the list. There's also games older than 10 years I'd easily put on the list that I've played the last 10 years
  8. Not gonna lie I haven't made any changes for the last... 2 months? Maybe longer? I've got fucking Aguero who's injured in my team still
  9. Well hopefully they either tone it down a little bit or I guess we'll just have to get used to it... NBC clothing might be the way to go going forward. Or just packing massive amounts of heat packs I guess.
  10. Have to admit, I expected United to lose that match. Seems I was wrong
  11. Ok... Not a big fan of all the changes that came with this update. 1. The fucking constant goddamn pain in the ass rain on Chernarus. Fuck off! 2. The effects getting cold now has on your food level. It's constantly friggin raining so you're constantly gonna get hungry unless you take shelter. 3. Zombies now "screech" to attract more zombies from quite some distance away so you'll get ganged up on. Would've been fine before the update but with the added damage zombies do now... Oh boy. Other then that I'm still enjoying it. Not found a bear yet, but I did find the Kolt 1911 and used it to dispatch of some zombies and I friggin loved the sound of it. Also found several double barrel shotguns but never got around to using them. Honestly I'd be fine with the zombies and even the food going down faster when you're cold if only they'd tone down the fucking rain. /Rant
  12. Gonna be interesting to see how Mou's return to Old Trafford goes...
  13. Is there anything you can't do Greebs? You are most definetly a man of many talents
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