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  1. I'd still like to see the tournaments being implemented, I think it'd be great fun and there's a lot of games to pick from which would give us quite the variety in what to sign up for or just sit back and watch if you don't own one of the games.
  2. "Iconic map" my ass.... Was a fucking shitfest much like Nuketown always was 😄
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 75/100 My Time 142 seconds  
  4. Well... Bit conflicted with how I feel about the weekends games. On one hand Arsenal are now 3rd and only a point behind city, Spurs got shat on United had to take another slap in the face But I’m pretty sure my fantasy team got fucked by Auba not scoring, West ham and city losing as well...
  5. I'll probably get it eventually. Just need to find some money somewhere first
  6. Pretty much this. It's worth playing through the campaign just for the nostalgic flashbacks to the good old games.
  7. Name: The shot of dreams Category: Call of Duty Date Added: 09/26/2019 Submitter: ChaosGladiator The shot of dreams
  8. See, this is how I’ve felt about every game since MW3. With the exception of Ghost. People like different things, there’s a whole lot of you on here who used to love Bo2. Meanwhile I hated it’s guts. I actually enjoy this game so far, I’ve raged once and that was a game I went 1-24. Maybe it’s just that I’ve stopped caring as much as I used to, but I don’t get worked up over cod anymore when I do shit, I’ll just change up my style of play buckle down and keep going.
  9. Having a bad night there Greebs?
  10. Gotten maybe 10 games of groundwar in and so far here’s my thoughts: 1. Snipers. Snipers everywhere. Windows, rooftops, back of spawn and on the cliffs. They are everywhere, you only need a few competent counter snipers to deal with them though. 2. What in the fuck, where the fuck, who the fuck? My exact thoughts whenever I ran into the open, you will almost always run into a bunch of dudes as soon as you leave a bulding. Going for any of the flags mid-map ends with you dying unless you’re the 10th guy to walk around the corner or through the door. And it’s impossible to tell who shot you or from where as there’s just too many options. 3. Vehicles. Getting from point a to point b the atv is fine, same with the littlebird, hell if you wanna punish some fuckers with a sniper from a hard to reach spot, jump in the littlebird and fly right up there. The apc/tank is a fucking pain in the ass. Aside from grenading one that just blew up a friendly tank I don’t think I managed much against these things. Tank v tank or run the fuck away, you aren’t winning that fight. 4. Remember that one spot in a rock on mw2? It’s back. If you go up on the cliffs and get to the rather bendy bit to either go uphill or downhill to the cliffs? In that bend there’s a rock you can lie down in and shoot out of without being seen. Grenades and tankshells will still kill you though. I had 1 dude do it to me and did it to 2 dudes myself as I was completely pinned down. Will try to get some footage of it later today or tomorrow so you guys know about it and are aware of it.
  11. If Rust does return I hope it’ll be in the 2v2 mode only
  12. Loving it so far. Except a few games with Ryan, Cal, Greebs and Biron where we all struggled, I actually quite enjoyed myself on a CoD multiplayer for the first time in years.
  13. But PES is poo! Doesn’t even have the real club names except Juve...
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