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  1. It's pretty different from the battle royale mode in Black Ops 4. Other than it being a CoD game and Battle royale, not many similarities at all
  2. So Aaron (nutcutlit), one of his friends called Jim and I were driving around Chernarus about to find a spot to log out last night when what follows happened... Jim's footage revealed that the three of us got wiped by a single friggin dude who somehow managed to find an M4 on an official server, which is about as rare as stumbling upon a unicorn in your neighbourhood park. Car stalled going uphill. This really was us being in the wrong place at the worst of times. Enjoy my POV of this utter fuck-up! 😄    
  3. Dunno what it is with this type of music, but I friggin love it and even if the show ended a while ago I still find myself going back to listening to the intro song.
  4. So I've finally picked up this DLC, not tried it yet, but I've checked the loot map for Livonia and there's just military bases everywhere! Not on the scale of NWA, but they are all over the map and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it is to run through woods with bears and wolves on my tail as I desperately try to get my hands on a shitty SK
  5. Harry Kane to leave Spurs? Thoughts on that @phil bottle? Not gonna lie after all the years you boys had with shite strikers (Adebayor and Soldado) I'm kind of sad to see him leave. Specially if it means he ends up at United or god forbid Barca...
  6. Now that is a name I've not seen in a while. Welcome back and hope you're doing good and staying healthy during this virus fuckery.
  7. If you want to run any semi automatic rifle, there's a couple of options out there that aren't half bad. However, I would not pair these with another long range weapon like you're talking of doing with the FAL and a sniper @GazzaGarratt, but if it works for you, go for it. Personally I'd run FAL and Aug rather than FAL and AX-50. But a couple things to keep in mind when making those classes. - The FAL uses AR ammo. That means you can have a semi-auto sniper (provided you unlock the sniper scopes) with a max of 200 rounds on you. It also takes about 4 shots to down someone with an FAL. - Markman rifles and sniper rifles use the same ammo type. This means at all times you will never have more than however much is in your clip, and an additional 40 rounds that your character holds. This means weapons like the EBR that you can technically use as a multipurpouse weapon at all ranges depending on the scope attachment will burn through ammo VERY fast and sniper ammo is also the hardest to find. - Scopes. These all boil down to preference in the end, but I'll share my views on some of them anyways. On a sniper rifle, if you've unlocked any of the thermal scopes, use them. You'll pick up a lot of kills and know where enemy teams are thanks to it. Unless people have gotten their loadouts and are running cold-blooded, you'll see them even at 500 meters. If they are running cold blooded, you'll still see them but not as clearly. On the FAL/EBR and similar rifles, I'd suggest using a 4x magnification scope or around that as it will still do alright at range and also up close and it won't give off the "glint" the sniper scopes/thermal scope do. I'm not 100% sure if an AR with a sniper scope gives of the glint or not, but if it does, having a scope with less magnification will make you a ton harder to spot from range. - Magazine sizes matter more in close quarters than long range. If you run an SMG or M4/Grau/M13 or what ever, having a larger clip in case shit hits the fan and you have multiple targets to shoot at in a firefight will help you a lot obviously. But on a sniper, do you really need it? I've been running the bog standard mags on my AX-50 and I've been doing just fine. I'd rather take an attachment that makes my shots more accurate, or do more damage than to have 2-3 shots more per mag. - Aim down sights time. On a SMG/AR this still matters, on a sniper it really doesn't. At least not in Warzone. My AX-50 is slow as an old geriatric geezer trying to unstick his left nut from his thigh on a hot summer day to aim down sights, but it's accurate as fuck and it will deal some serious damage if I hit upper body or headshots. You're not trying to 720 no scope kids for youtube clips, you wanna put these fuckers in their graves, stability, recoil control and damage is what you want. This works for me, something else might work for you, but some of my insight should be helpful. Also, the Kar98K is more fun than it is good in Warzone
  8. With blueprints I'm guessing you are referring to the stuff you unlock in the armory? Most of those guns are pretty bad to be honest, I think the exception for me so far has been one of the Kar98k blueprints that gave me a scope I hadn't unlocked yet. Like others have mentioned, use it until you unlock more attachments on your guns. As for specific guns to level up for Warzone I'd recommend the Aug (Can get 5.56 NATO clips and it will essentially become an AR with the mobility and fire rate of an SMG and it also has the best damage output). Grau 5.56 / M4A1. Pretty much the same gun with the M4 having a tiny bit better stability while the Grau has more damage. At least with the attachments I put on them. Ax-50 / HDR, whichever one floats your boat really... As for contracts in Warzone, I recommend the flags. Land somewhere that has 2-3 of the flag things close by each other so you get the "Circle peek" each time you complete one, HUGE advantage. If you just need cash and armour plates real quick the scavenger one isn't bad either. As for the bounty.... I'd say it comes down to personal preference. Sometimes I pick them up just so I'll know where at least one enemy squad is. I may go for it depending on 2 things: Who I'm playing with and if the bounty target is in a big building or not. If they are in a big building with a lot of hiding places... Don't bother.
  9. Well, not a whole lot of positivity in here, but let's try and change that! I love this game/game mode? Not sure what to call it as it's kind of separated from the base game? But yeah, I love it, by far my favourite BR out of the bunch. Bit of a learning curve to it, but that's to be expected. Anyways, here's my opinion on a couple things: - Contracts. Holy fuck these things are great, need money for a killstreak? Maybe buy back a dead teammate or just get some armour plates? Pick up a contract! I usually avoid the bounty ones and go for the scavenger/flag capture points for some easy cash and items. - Respawn mechanics. Oh you died? Welcome to the Gulag comrade, fight for your right to go back or lose and have your team buy you back provided they can scrape together the 4500$ needed. - The map. Yes, it's effing massive. But there's 150 people (ish) in every game. I think over the course of a full evening of this you'll likely have an enemy team dropping in with you no matter where you pick in almost every game so there's not really many dull moments, the insane changes from landing downtown and having skyscrapers around you to suddenly finding yourself in the countryside or in the snowy mountains as the circle moves is also awesome. - Custom loadouts. Fuck looting for weapons, get the first and best rifle or what ever off the ground and start looking for money. Once you or your team have collectively amassed 6000$, find a shop and buy an airdrop with your custom loadouts. Running an overkill class with a sniper and AR or SMG is so incredibly overpowered it's not even funny. Not to mention rather than having some random weapon with attachments you aren't used to on them, you can have what you use every damn day. Getting this early on has been a huge contributor to me getting more kills and definetly has helped me get some wins. Now, for the few things that actually piss me off. - Camping. Every goddamn rooftop, every window, every fucking mountain has a team on/in it sniping. And it only gets worse the smaller the circle gets. The only counters that I know of so far is getting into the zone early on before the gas forces you, or having a UAV and using it before approaching an area with a lot of buildings where you suspect there might be players. Putting a heartbeat sensor as your tactical in your custom loadout or picking one up off the ground can also help provided the guys camping aren't running cold blooded... Oh and to quote one of my favourite FG'ers over the years @kylebees "HE'S SITTING IN A FUCKING CORNER!!" - The gas mask. FUCK this FUCKING hellish useless lump of FUCKING bullshittery. Sure, protects you against the gas, but it will kill you in other ways. Twice I've finished 2nd because of the gas mask in situations where I had every advantage, but the mask fucked me over. How you ask? Because when your character pulls it on or off you become a useless fucking potato that can't function. You can't effing aim at all, which is fair, yeah I guess using one hand to pull the mask on or off will hinder you a liiiittle bit, but they need to redesign it to where you don't FUCKING start pulling it back off if you are already shooting as you come out of the storm. The other thing that got me killed was being on top of a building, I had the high ground, pulled mask on, jumped off building to get away from gas and just before I can hit the "X" buttom to pull my parachute.... My character pulls the mask off and I faceplant the fucking ground. But there we go. My opinion on this after spending a LOT of hours on this over the weekend.
  10. Come one come all, so far no one outside of FG has joined the server yet, so this is a good chance to familiarize yourself with the game and the building mechanics, combat and crafting as no one will be running around trying to blow your shit up, kill you or steal you stuff. We'll help you out if need be with gear, crafting items or just general advice and knowledge to get you going!
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