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  1. ChaosGladiator

    FG Fantasy Football 2018/19 Season

    Well, looks like I was’t bottom of the pile for long 😂 How’s it going down there @GazzaGarratt? Now I just need to get Arnautovic back in the starting XI and things should be fine for a while
  2. ChaosGladiator

    Football: Nations league

    Wasn’t Babel at Liverpool at one point? And Giroud really isn’t underrated. He’s probably the most frustrating player I’ve ever watched. Missing so many BIG chances to score while at Arsenal. Then suddenly he’ll score a peach like that scorpion kick which shouldn’t even have been a chance cause it’s fucking Giroud...
  3. ChaosGladiator

    Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

    I am so easily getting this. Looks stunning, combat seems somewhat too similar to most rpg’s though, with hostiles being able to take an insane amout of shots to kill, but oh well...
  4. ChaosGladiator

    New member,

    Just said in norwegian that he should keep faaaar away from him
  5. ChaosGladiator

    New member,

    So we’re getting more norwegians? Good, velkommen til oss Sliento! Hold deg laaaang unna @Diddums
  6. ChaosGladiator

    Football (Played with Feet)

    Jose needs to go. That much is obvious. Hopefully to a different league 😄
  7. ChaosGladiator

    FG GTA Racing

    I swear when I die I’ll have them engrave my tombstone with "I fucking hate you all". The rage was too much at some points, like @GazzaGarratt knocking me off the same ramp twice, making me fall off it a total of 4 times...
  8. ChaosGladiator

    FG Fantasy Football 2018/19 Season

    I got fucked over by not picking Mane or Salah and opting for Sane and Debruyne instead. Changes have been made! I was certain Sane and Mahrez would start with Sterling going rather far in the WC with England. But, there’s still plenty of matches to be played!
  9. ChaosGladiator

    FG Fantasy Football 2018/19 Season

  10. ChaosGladiator

    Double Barrel Shotgun

    Works well with an smg, but I’d rather carry a suppressed smg or a heavy shotgun to be honest. Takes up too much space to carry 2 cqc weapons.
  11. ChaosGladiator

    Football (Played with Feet)

    "Blah blah blah... We’ll turn into the next city/chelsea. We’ll spend heavily on the next big stars and now have fuck all to show for it cause buying big stars wont get you fuck all if you can’t make them play together. It’s gonna be amazing. #MakeArsenalGreatAgain" Can’t see it playing out well. I’d rather want Stan gone...
  12. ChaosGladiator

    Current Status of Fortnite

    Practice and a high fucking sensitivity 😂
  13. ChaosGladiator

    FG Fantasy Football 2018/19 Season

    The fuckers running the fantasy league wouldn’t let me keep the name WillyWonkasWetWank and removed it, but now I cant figure out how to fucking change it...
  14. ChaosGladiator

    FG GTA Racing

    Sounds like I missed out, but it was one hell of a party...
  15. ChaosGladiator

    FG Fantasy Football 2018/19 Season

    Worked in the app, but didn’t work in the browser version

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