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  1. I’ll probably try this just to get a feel of the guns and movement. The mode itself doesn’t interest me
  2. Honestly I can see this being one of the things I will enjoy the most. This will force me to go back to the run and gun style of play I loved so much on Mw2/Bo1/Mw3. People not knowing where you are while you run around is friggin great and leaves me the option of a different perk rather than one that hides me from radar as the radars are personal unless you get the blackbird. Stock me up with an Smg, any perk similar to mobility and a fuckton of ammo and I’ll be happy as hell. Again, learning the maps is gonna be big here. Spend an hour or two in custom games just exploring and finding different routes and chances are you’ll benefit from it.
  3. Now this is what I’ve been dreading for sone time... I’m quite the picky eater. Fruit and veggies other than apples and carrots are a no go for me, worst case scenario I’ll just leave them untouched on my plate. Other than that I’m fairly easy. Did have an allergic reaction to something I ate on new years eve, but no clue what actually set it off...
  4. How the fuck am I in this? I only joined one league this year?
  5. No minimap, no commando lunge and no noobtubes is a win in my book. Best way to go is probably a few private matches on each map before diving into multiplayer to get somewhat familiar with the maps. I can also see the need for a class with a rocketlauncher to get rid of those pesky killstreaks
  6. Same gameplay he's posted before, but he talks about a lot more. And honestly it makes me even more certain I want to get this, campaign sounds like it's gonna be fucking amazeballs as well!
  7. Not gonna lie, this... This actually looks like a step in the right direction. Guncustomization options out the ass, maps that actually offer some fucking diversity other than the bullshit 3 lane asshattery and then the actual gunplay. Oh the gunplay... Not once did I see some fucker get 15 fucking hitmarkers only to get turned on. If you can land your shots your target actually seem to go down. The perklist and the killstreaks also give me hope this will be the hybrid between Mw3 and battlefield. I want more! I need more! This actually looks like a cod game where I’ll enjoy the multiplayer for the first time since mw3 and ghosts.
  8. I’ve seen a lot of Spursfans say he had a shit season in 18/19. And it’s not like they haven’t got a fuckton of wingbacks is it?
  9. Fucking silly season.... Maguire most likely going to Mancunter United for 80mil £. Liverpool doing fuck all, and fucking Arsenal are sending in lowball offers for any cunt with a drop of french blood in them. Fucking typical we’ll have another window where we spend nearly no cash and end up with the likes of Mathieu Flamini and fucking Yaya Sanogo...
  10. You get the hang of it after a round or two. We might wanna consider going lver it once before we’re all shitfaced though
  11. It's great, there's 2 teams, no one knows who their teamed with except the bad guys. You're given an envelope at the start of each round which determins which team you are on. One envelope also contains the role of Hitler. Everyone then closes their eyes after being given the role, bad guys will then be told to open theirs so they can see who they are teamed up with, Hitler will then be asked to raise his hand while keeping his eyes closed. Bad guys now knows who Hitler is, but he doesn't know who's on his team. From that point on the bad guys have to try and pass as many facist laws as possible to win. There's also some killings and such, sometimes you can also chose to ask a player their role or political affiliation. (You can do it to someone your unsure of, or if you're sneaky enough as a bad guy, do it to your teammate to remove any doubts about that person being bad.) Also every round you vote for the "Chancellor" of the government as well as the VP or w/e. I forget the finer details xD But, if there are enough facist laws passed and Hitler gets elected Chancellor... Bad guys win, Nazi germany starts, WW2 and all the jazz. It's a game for lying, bullshittery and all around laughs. I think we'd have some great laughs playing this. I can already picture @Diddums as Hitler on his 18th beer going "Ich wollen Polen invadieren!"
  12. Someone NEEDS to get their hands on that and bring it!
  13. Just had our first win in quads earlier after the update. Fucking lighting on the map now makes it hell to see anyone, specially when it’s daytime and you got sun coming in your windows
  14. I’ve got it, just need to remember where the fuck I put it. Also do you have a game called "Secret Hitler" in the uk? It’s fucking ace although I don’t think you can be more than 10 playing at once.
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