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  1. That Rpk variant is the reason I started using the AK in warzone, the damage output is insane but you really need to get used to the recoil quick or you will miss a lot of your shots
  2. "Some men just want to watch the world burn".
  3. I went option 1 and picked a premade one as option 2 was just way too confusing for me Anyways I picked Agent White.
  4. Currently levelling it myself, but not really sure if I like it or not... I by far prefer the Mp5, mp7 or striker 45.
  5. Has anyone else ran into full lobbies of people running the Fennec/Vector yet? Seems to be the only gun I get killed by now Fucking rediculous
  6. Good stuff George! Those Warzone changes will be interesting for sure.
  7. The Holger you need to run as an AR. I actually win most of my close quarters fights with it as well due to the sheer damage output. I think I run it with the integral hybrid, stipled grip, sleight of hand, monolithic suppressor and merc foregrip. The one gun it can’t compete with up close is the Mp5, also can’t compete with M4 at any range as that gun is just stupidly OP
  8. I mean, the moment someone starts shoving one of those in my face is when I usually shout @Diddums
  9. Welcome to the forums! Hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay here. @GazzaGarratt fucking Diddums
  10. It’s a great gun, I actually win most of my short and medium range gunfights with it even when the enemy shoots first. Something I couldn’t do with most AR’s
  11. I think it was on the battlepass, not 100% sure though.
  12. Just 1 killstreak? I’ve usually found at least 3, but yeah there’s a lot of gold/purple lmg’s...
  13. Sooo... Have any of you lot tried out the Holger in multiplayer or Warzone yet? I was running it yesterday in an overkill class paired up with an MP7 and this fucking thing packs a punch! I'm running the blueprint that essentially turns it into an AR for the moment as I haven't levelled it too much and haven't got too many attachments for it, but using this thing in warzone was an absolute blast. Bit more recoil than most AR's, but still less than the Scar or AK and the damage over range is rediculous. Also holds up quite well at close range. I can't wait to try this baby out more as the games I did use it in last night were very fun. Also been told it got buffed to hell with the last update (I only unlocked the damn thing on friday I think) so if you like LMG's give it a shot!
  14. Is that even doable?
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