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  1. Black Ops IIII

    Ah, the difference of personal preference is already here. I'll be sitting this one out. Never been a fan of the Treyarch games, WaW was decent but people started hacking there very early, BO1 was alright, except the party functions were fucked for about 4 months... BO2 was the shittiest CoD game I've played to date along with AW. I never touched BO3 cause let's face it, it's pretty much Halo with more different guns. To save myself from the rage coming with unloading half a clip at someone and getting 5-7 hitmarkers without killing then getting turned on and killed in 3 shots, or getting shot around corners, I'm staying away from this.
  2. 20 Player Squad Mode - Fortnite LTE

    It's fun for a change of pace from normal modes, but like you said Lee, not something to play over and over. The few times I manage to get a win in this mode is when the team I get put on all stick together and don't get screwed by zone and usually end up being 10-15 people left on one team against several teams of 5 people or less...
  3. CoD Private Match Ideas

    So I figured out one thing we can do with the semi-auto rifles. Hip-fire only. Needs to be adjusted with a basic training and attachments that do not improve on weapon sway or hip-fire accuracy.
  4. CoD Private Match Ideas

    I feel like the semi-auto rifles can be used for something, just need to find a rediculous setup for them to make it somewhat challenging...
  5. Handcannon

    Well it's finally here. The Desert Eagle aka the Handcannon has been added. And in the right hands, this thing is insane. With the double pump having been fixed (thank fuck), this looks like it might take the new top spot for most overpowered combo. 70+ damage per hit to the body, 190+ damage from headshots. Recoil like a mulekick and a sound like Slipknot's entire band just ran headfirst into a massive drum. This thing packs a punch. Video of how OP it is in the right hands below.
  6. Pokemon geek squad

    Yeah... I didn't want people to have to think about every gen for every question xD I think it was hard enough as it is
  7. Quizzes!

    Fixed. Forgot to set it to "allow plays"
  8. Quizzes!

    I made a quiz, now let all the pokemon fans step forth to test their knowledge.
  9. Pokemon geek squad

    • Graded Mode
    • 15 minutes
    • 15 Questions
    • 5 Players
    Here's a little quiz for those of you, who like me, enjoy the wonderful world of pokemon. I'll be putting in some random questions from different generations, some are easy as they will be common knowledge from the games, some will be hard as they are from the pokemon lore and from leaks about he game development. Enjoy and stay clear of the tall grass!
  10. Quizzes!

    I don't know any german pornstars, past or present. Unless you count the video's my german ex and me made? >_>
  11. Quick Quiz!

    100% and having to guess on the Destiny and Minecraft questions, lmao.
  12. Quizzes!

    Oooohhh... Can we do them on just about anything? Cause I will unleash my inner geek here and do some hard ones that you will not get unless you are a geek like me or you google it xD
  13. Fortnite Sniper Shootout Mode

    Played a bit of it with randoms. I hate the revolvers now. If you do decide to push someone's base, you need your team to go with you, or you are so screwed as the revolvers slow fire rate will only knock down 1-2 people before the rest of the team start destroying you. Sniping aspect is good though.
  14. Activision need to fuck off every studio but Treyarch.

    MW2 and MW3 are still my favourite CoD games. BO1 was shit for about 6 months until they fixed several very big issues, like getting an actual party to work, then it was a decent game. BO2 is the worst CoD I've played along with what ever the fuck the first exo-suit game was called. Fucking bullshit hitmarkers from sniper shots to the chest, getting killed around corners as if every bullet is straight out of that Angelina Jolie movie and some of the most boring maps I think I've played on any CoD. WaW was good for 6 months then everyone and their mothers managed to hack it and treyarch couldn't fix those issues. In the end they stopped even trying once most of the players moved on to the newer games. I didn't bother picking up Bo3 and the other one. If I wanted to fucking jump around like the people in a house of pain music video, I'd go play Halo. But in the end, it all comes down to preference with this, I know a lot of people who love the treyarch games and hate the others and vice versa and it's just about which games they did well on and which they enjoyed the most rather then which game actually worked better.
  15. COD WW2 - First Impression

    Just had a tdm match where half the enemy team were camping with snipers and the other half were rushing with shotguns. On gibraltar. I left...

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