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  1. ChaosGladiator

    Football (Played with Feet)

    Without De Gea, United would be pretty shit. Easily one of the best GK’s in the world at this point with his only real competition being an injured Neuer and an absolutely insane Jan Oblak who has a much better defence ahead of him. Lukaku is just a faster Giroud... Sanchez is done. Mata isn’t good enough any more. Bailly is the only one in the united defence who can be world class on his day. Pogba really hasn’t lived up to his pricetag and expectations... Matic is really good though. I can’t see how Mourinho will fix this team by bringing in Willian... Dude’s turning 30 and is far from a long term solution. Then again, with Mourinho you get a trophy and then he ruins everything somehow. Sad to see a club like united reduced to what they are today tbh.
  2. ChaosGladiator

    Football (Played with Feet)

    Fucking Arteta?! That’s it, I’m gonna start watching the Calcio A rather than the PL...
  3. ChaosGladiator

    Black Ops 4 Reveal

    Yeah, as I expected I’ll be staying away from this. Even the zombie mode looks shit...
  4. ChaosGladiator

    Have all my dreams come true

    Haven’t tried it, but seen gameplay of it. It’s a seperate gamemode. The gauntlet drops as a meteor in a random location on the map. Basicly if you want it first, have insane luck and be where it drips, or stay in the air for as long as possible and go to it. Seems the best way to kill Thanos is a skybase in the lategame.
  5. ChaosGladiator

    Have all my dreams come true

    Gonna be interesting to see what they do with this... I’d suck a dick for a Deadpool skin 😂
  6. ChaosGladiator

    Season 4 is here

    Prison is only halfway destroyed, but mousty has been made much better
  7. ChaosGladiator

    Season 4 is here

    Not a bad spot to drop every now and then, but no point in doing it every match 😄
  8. ChaosGladiator

    Fortnite: 13-year-old is game's youngest professional player

    13 year old me would have fucking jizzed his pants if I got offered a contract to play videogames for money
  9. ChaosGladiator

    BO4 Multiplayer Rumours

    Never been a fan of Treyarch games, but this seems extreme. Might be another cod I avoid like bo3 and the one before.
  10. ChaosGladiator

    Football (Played with Feet)

    Fuck off Phil. (Nothing personal, but I love Arsenal more than I like you ) I honestly hope the job goes to Tuchel. There's a lot of talk of Vieira, Henry and fucking Arteta... I really hope none of them gets the job. Maybe, just maybe Bergkamp, but my preferrances would be Tuchel or Simeone. Overall I have mixed feelings about this. I'm sad because it's a loss not just for the club but for football in general. But it was also about damn time with how the results have been lately. Now my only hope is that whoever takes over gets the financial backing needed to compete in the league again, I mean honestly, how the fuck are you supposed to compete with United, City and Chelski with the money they toss around and you keep selling the best players? Hopefully the rumors from january about Özil signing a new contract are true and he'll stay and whoever takes over can get the best out of him, Auba and Lacazette. Wishlist for next season would be a replacement for Cech, (Please football gods, give me Oblak to Arsenal) an actual CDM and not a bunch of central mids who can't defend worth shit without getting red cards. And finally a world class centerback that can rotate with Koscielny and Mustafi so we don't have to watch Rob Holdings numerous mistakes, Mertesacker trying to run or Monreal playing CB and failing to head a single ball cause he's short as fuck. Anyways, next season should be interesting.
  11. ChaosGladiator

    FG Throwback Thursday!

    I miss the old B4Btage that Jake did from BO1... Shame it got taken down. Anyone know if he still has the footage?
  12. ChaosGladiator

    No campaign in BO4. Battle Royale instead.

    Just let CoD die already.
  13. ChaosGladiator

    I just cannae do it, captain!

    I agree the maps are a bunch of linear pieces of shit. But can't say I've seen much camping tbh. Mostly people rush around unless it's a sniper map.
  14. ChaosGladiator

    New Map Replacement?

    There has been talk and rumors for a while that there is a new map coming. But if what he has is real or not I dunno. I still also think the comet/asteroid thing is 100% bullshit too. I would not mind a new map though. Pretty much know the current one by heart now 😄
  15. ChaosGladiator

    Football (Played with Feet)

    I think the german machinery might just beat Real. Robben and Ribery are getting old, but the defence they have is in my opinion the best in the world, even though Kimmich is not on Lahms level yet. Then there’s Lewa and Müller up top who just always seem to pop up in the box at the right time to get a goal.

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