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  1. ChaosGladiator

    Anyone for Ark!!!

    It was over Nutty and Marc killing Josh with a damn turret after nearly killing my Argy first.
  2. ChaosGladiator

    Autistic gaming/web browsing addict

    Welcome to the forum! Hopefully you will enjoy your stay here. As you will see, we have a lot of different personalities on here and I hope you wont be scared by how odd we can be at times 😄
  3. ChaosGladiator

    Anyone for Ark!!!

    Glad your enjoying it! Were you alive still after my attempt at teaching you enough to handle yourself?
  4. ChaosGladiator

    Anyone for Ark!!!

    Tripple EXP and farming boost event happening in an hour boys!
  5. ChaosGladiator

    Anyone for Ark!!!

    I thought someone named him Greg?
  6. ChaosGladiator

    Anyone for Ark!!!

    Sadly @Amnotright would not let me make a gravestone to commemorate his great life of eating, shitting and wandering aimlessly around because cementpaste is too valuable. But I’ll be damned if I don’t make one further down the line 😄 He deserves as much after all the joy and laughter he gave us. Rest in piece Diddus. I also wanna know what the fuck killed him... The death message was just "Your Diddums lvl xx has died".
  7. ChaosGladiator

    UpZz_o Introduction.

    Welcome! Eller burde jeg si velkommen? Bra vi begynner å få litt flere normenn her! Er fra Eidskogen selv, nær svenskegrensa And now so everyone else will understand me, back to english. Sadly I’m one of the few people you wont find on destiny as I’ve never seen the attraction of it. I prefer to stick to CoD where I first met some of these lovely, completely insane induviduals all the way back in the days of CodMw2 😄
  8. ChaosGladiator

    Anyone for Ark!!!

    No problem at sll mate. I just hope you are still alive next time you get on, this game is pretty unforgiving at times 😄
  9. ChaosGladiator

    Anyone for Ark!!!

    I’m seriously loving this game! @Nutcuttlit with the amout of people getting on now it does look like an increase of playerslots is needed. I’m starting to get to a pretty high level now with somewhat decent gear, and the thing that amuses me is when I look at the map to see where I’ve been it’s all on the coast and small dip inland 😂 Oh well, at least that just means I have loads more to explore!
  10. ChaosGladiator

    Anyone for Ark!!!

    You’ll level VERY fast at the start. Lvl 20-25+ is where it slows down unless you build or craft a lot of the more demanding stuff that you unlock around those levels.
  11. ChaosGladiator

    Anyone for Ark!!!

    Have to admit I was sceptical about this, but it’s been very fun! I was also very much clueless like you for the first day or so @Diddums but you’ll figure it out as you go. Or be like me and play 200000 questions with @Nutcuttlit 😂 Speaking of Nutty. Isn’t your tribe getting somewhat big now? Pretty sure we’re severely outnumbered by you lot now 😄
  12. ChaosGladiator


    Well so far when I’ve seen him on he’s been playing with someone else or I’ve had a full squad going. But we’re coming up on another weekend soon aren’t we? (I’ve not yet recovered from the holidays so I dunno what day it even is.) I am usually on a lot during weekends so if your around, drop me a msg
  13. ChaosGladiator

    Ghosts 2 or Modern Warfare 4 next?

    I loved Ghosts, great variety in weapons, killstreaks and maps. Stonehaven was and will always be one of my favourite maps from all the CoD games simply because it was so different from the usual 3-lane bullshit we mostly get. If you wanted to run SMG’s you could easily do that with the anount of cover the map provided, if you wanted to use snipers? Not an issue! There’s a bunch of open sniper lanes, enjoy! AR or tactical rifle? Be my guest, plenty of chokepoints to hold down. The only downsidd to the map was getting trapped in the castle and even then a good team could post up and slay anyone coming into it. I’d welcome Ghosts 2! Fucking bring back the Honey Badger!!
  14. ChaosGladiator


    As long as you know your way around the map and what direction to shoot I’d be willing to play with you. I’m on blackout almost every day and usually have a party going with others. As long as we’re not a full quad you’re welcome to join in. Psn: ChaosGladiator
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