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  1. techno

    Division 2 Beta

    Actually it's worth what you or anyone else decides it's worth to them tbh. You see the same thing trotted out about destiny, " I am not paying xyz" which is fine yet others will as they will get many hours out of it making it value for money. It's not worth it to me because I don't think I will based on gameplay and moreso by playing the first installment, the same went for anthem. To me if it was first person I'd probably give it more of a chance.
  2. techno

    Gucci done goofed

    Maybe when people stop apologizing and just tell the moronic permanently offended fools to fuck off?
  3. techno

    Division 2 Beta

  4. Well did a modest 2.26 but im trying to go exclusively manual, after doing some more missions manual transmission is just more involving and as such just makes the game infinitely more interesting. I even won one of the mission races.
  5. techno

    ''There are only 2 genders''' BAN!

    If you are able to define or invent your "gender" at will from a seemingly endless spectrum then surely the term " gender" loses its meaning somewhat?
  6. techno

    Je suis Liam Neeson

    Hopefully 😁
  7. techno

    Super Bowl LIII

    Most boring superbowl I've ever watched, I don't watch live so I can skip half time bollocks but couldn't wait for game to end. 2 great defenses but there was only going to be one winner.
  8. techno

    Community Calendar: GTAV Races!

    I've downloaded it, will see how it works later hopefully
  9. techno

    Community Calendar: GTAV Races!

    Im guessing I can't have discord chat
  10. techno

    7 Years of Developement

    I actually thought destiny and division mashup but I agree with the sentiment, no more pre-orders. Infact I want to be more than merely satisfied.
  11. techno

    Division 2 or Anthem?

    Well from what I've seen anthem looks dull and runs slower than destiny when there's lots on the screen and division 2 well the division is one of the few games I've actually traded in and the second one doesn't look much different. With the better weather around the corner in expecting no hoping for less time to play so no plans to get either, however as playing with you guys is most of the fun I'll see how shit goes, at the moment out of those I can't see past divvy 2.
  12. techno


  13. Would have been worth a go if it wasn't for work
  14. techno

    Family Guy wtf

    I didn't particularly watch it but it's a sad sign of things to come for future entertainment.
  15. techno

    Division 2 - gameplay footage

    Watched a couple of videos earlier and saw nothing to get excited about tbh I saw no real difference to the first other than location and a couple of game modes. Im not a fan of 3rd person though.


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