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  1. Another US Tragedy

    Wtf...why can't they just sing it properly?
  2. Altered Carbon

    Just finished watching the series, thought it lost its way in the middle a little, or lost me but it wrapped up the story pretty well in the end. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would at one point.
  3. Skool daze

    Heres an addition to that law Trump overturned that was a tweet I saw.
  4. Skool daze

    People outside the US argue that if you restrict access to weapons only the military should own would make this kind of atrocity more difficult. You can be as mental as you like if you don't have access to the weapons you ain't shooting up no school. I personally don't see it as simple as this and not being American I couldn't say I wouldn't want to own such things but I am interested in your personal thoughts on the matter.
  5. Last movie you watched

    Oh yeah, forgot about that movie. Via the FG App
  6. Last movie you watched

    Just watched the baywatch movie, certainly wasn't expecting much but had some amusing moments throughout, no immediately obvious PC nonsense either and was easy on the eye obviously.. surprised
  7. Altered Carbon

    After watching a few more episodes I have to agree, at this point they may as well have just not bothered with a costume budget and im guessing the women decided to burn their bras again 😉 I am hoping Lt Ortega decides to shed her clothes as well though .
  8. Altered Carbon

    Watched the first one so far, found it a little heavy going but im sure it will ease up as the series progresses. Need to find time to watch a few more in a row.
  9. Votes for women

    No your fine lol glad I asked. Futile journey tbh. Via the FG App
  10. Monster Hunter World

    From gameplay I've seen it looks extremely repetitive with long ass frustrating battles and clunky controls.
  11. Votes for women

    Adam asked but I'd like some clarification on what you are hinting at here, if you care to elaborate.
  12. Resistance dlc thoughts

    Don't know about that as for me personally that game completely sucked in every way 🤣 Via the FG App
  13. Black Ops 100,000+ Players

    Krahu on YouTube plays the old cod's and he said exactly the same thing about MW2. Im guessing the numbers are not too good for ww2, especially when you jump lobbies and are put back with players you recognise.
  14. Iron Banner Season 2

    The melee grenades challenge is pretty hard, im only on 20% looks like it's 100 kills and I found today it doesn't always count them. Not sure if sword kills count.
  15. Resistance dlc thoughts

    Totally agree I don't mind reskins but they should be additional to new maps imo, 3 years to develop shit was better and had more content on old gen consoles. Where sledgehammer are concerned though I guess reskins a better bet as their own map design sucks. Once again though people lap this shit up so who are you going to blame, I'd sell the same shit to people packaged differently if they continually bought it 😂

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