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  1. With all the terrible reboots and sequels and all the identity politics in trailers these days this was a nice change, loved the original for the jets the rest as far as im concerned was just pointless padding, this trailer had the hairs standing up, I've had very little reason to be hyped for any film recently so if done right bring on the nostalgia
  2. techno

    Builds to try

    Going to definitely give this a run out
  3. Im fine with loot specific having to use the specific gamemode bit all round weapons it would be nice to have multiple different ways to achieve them.
  4. I don't mind if it's a fun quest as most infact all get stuck in the collection and never get used. I have an issue with how grindy and how your forced to play modes that you'd normally avoid, it's definitely designed that way bungie have always wanted you to play their way. I wish they would give multiple routes to new quest loot.
  5. If stuff gets done while playing it does, still hate that seals are linked to RNg so not interested in that. The game has plenty to do casually for me eitherway. The grind for some of these pinnacle weapons and moreso catalysts is dumb and puts me off.
  6. Good call. What did you do to level up your character? Mine are around level 30/32. Crucible to start then just patrols and public events etc
  7. techno

    Weekly Reset

    You run up the hill along the ledge and jump up tomthe right through a small cave ( that's what it looked like to me) My chest spawn notification fell in a game of crucible
  8. I'll be driving if anyone around here wants to car share, though it would mean putting up with my driving and shit tunes
  9. Level boost the characters to level 50 then you can use any weapons for the story. My hunter is 730 lol I just haven't done the campaign's
  10. It can be done solo but I have a sweaty hunter to put through forsaken
  11. If possible I'll be there, I like traveling to foreign countries.
  12. techno

    Solo zero hour

    After last night's pathetic (by me ) attempt I thought I'd go looking for help and came across this, you may have done the mission but I found it quite informative but also unusually interesting as well.
  13. I really do but even I got a win for a change
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