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  1. techno

    Tesla 3

    That interior is hideous, best I've seen recently was the new Merc ones.
  2. techno

    New Member

    Welcome Adam , man utd fan you say...your not from the north of England then 😉
  3. techno

    Black Ops 4 Reveal

    And Mr soldier said if you pre order you can't cancel after
  4. techno

    Dying Light 2

    Tbh this is the only game that's grabbed my interest to draw me away from my usual meat and potatoes, I generally give something else a try so I'll be keeping an eye on this after all my usual meat and taties don't exactly inspire confidence
  5. techno

    Black Ops 4 Reveal

    "Yes you can have the free maps if you buy the black ops pass" eight thoughts Lol Activision ...oh and cod points too
  6. techno

    E3 2018

    A pretty quick E3 review 😁
  7. techno

    Cayde's.......Dead. Destiny 2 Story Reveal Trailer

    Well said! Caydes dead oh dear nevermind moving on, what would be better is if you killed them after some big betrayal, you went on some John Wick style revenge massacre and was then hunted as an outcast by loyal gaurdians too.
  8. techno

    Faction Rally 2.0 (Season 3)

    I haven't had the game on in since iron banner, no time with doing other stuff. I don't have the time to put in on time gated stuff so just don't bother tbh
  9. techno

    Battlefield 5 battle royal

    This is just getting stupid now
  10. techno

    World Cup Sweepstake

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to donate to the fund 😃 so im in Now I can go back to forgetting about football again 😉
  11. techno

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 Reveal

    I think the difference here is merely personal, Bart sees better more deserving games which is fine 'if'' those games actually interest you. As you say Lee destiny scratched your pve itch and why you'll defend the game, like me it's merely personal preference. This is just my observation. 😉
  12. techno

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 Reveal

    I just watched dattos video, I don't need to watch loads of videos as they're all pretty much the same but he seems more concise. My thoughts are I like what I saw tbh, I know there are other games out there but they really don't interest me, fps type easy to jump into is where my interest lies and like @GazzaGarratt Id like to see this game get turned around. I like the idea of the separate tracking age of triumph type stuff I gives me something to aim for and I can see where my time goes easily and feeds my challenge fix. Ive also just run one guardian but im considering moving upto 2 after what I heard. I'd love it if bungie allowed you to skip the story after running it once or maybe shortcutting it a little to maybe just unlock sub classes. I know there's a cost involved but I've found even in its present state I've got value for money, so I'll definitely be jumping on this and hoping there's enough of us to start running regular stuff.
  13. techno

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 Reveal

    Tbh it could be a million power level as it means nothing
  14. techno

    GTA FG Friday Ideas

    Last person blowing up my races would all be 1 lap long 😃

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