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  1. I get that but that's bungies design strategy it seems, tbh I very rarely see the need past what you said to use smg's, how often do you snipe, use bows, sidearms etc I only use certain weapon types for bounties, maybe there are just too many options. I'd rather less options but more usable perk combos
  2. Utter nonsense once again good titan stuff gets nerfed and hunters get to keep their bullshit. Leave shit alone. As for recluse imo it didn't need a nerf. Having used it it took a certain kind of playstyle that didn't suit everyone. Bungie need to focus in other areas imo
  3. It's all very interesting but it really can sometimes depend on what life throws at you, and while in the past circumstances meant I had to watch every penny these days or while in still working i don't so much and it's really refreshing. Also if I'd had a similar approach I can't help thinking what I might have missed out on. While I hope I need money for the future I don't worry about spending it today to have fun.
  4. I know @Diddums hated it so wasn't too bothered and as I was on a plane I thought I'd watch John wick 3 and actually enjoyed it plan on finally watching avengers endgame on the way home
  5. I watched an eight thoughts video last night that highlighted the fact the challenges were broken.
  6. Will look into this when I get home especially if it can be picked up on the cheap.
  7. techno

    FG Raiding

    When im back im definitely up for dedicating more time to raids but as usual only Fri/sat/sun due to work. The newer ones that are relevant would be best but whatever as I haven't really done any since leviathon. Hopefully they're fun more than a chore
  8. Never played the game but this just looks good and I'll definitely give it a go especially as im always looking for Netflix stuff to watch at work.
  9. Who and when did people ask for something different that isn't cod? Claymores are a problem if people are getting half there kills from them in a match or as I suspect everyone is using them. I haven't seen a single video in which they are not being used. No that's a lie the battlefield youtuber jackfrags, also he's the only one with anything positive to say I also like the fact the maps are so shit people are actively looking forward to old maps It's a shame because I do agree that the gunplay etc seemed pretty good. Time will tell if they can turn this around, I'd like to see it but I just think it's too big a job.
  10. @GazzaGarratt yes there's always been camping but not to this extent, not even in boots on the ground cods. The spawn camping is awful that I've seen. They can alter the spawns and make dead silence a crutch perk but the game is flawed. Will they remove claymores? Will they change all the call outs ? Doubt it. However one thing wil not change and that's the maps, the maps will still promote sitting in dark corners and a slow playstyle and that's not Cod, you cannot rush. I also would probably play 95% solo so the playing in a group isn't a consideration it's am extra. The fact it's been stated that playing in a group is the only way to have fun proves it's fatally flawed imo.
  11. Maybe it's because people defend the fact it's an unfinished product at release they will continue to put profits over quality. From what ive read and more what I've seen im so glad I didn't buy this game, this is not CoD. I don't want to change my play style to suit whatever this game identifies as, I want to play call of duty how I want that's how I have fun. I may pick up this when it's cheap for the campaign.
  12. Only in private matches wtf. Just another nail right there in not being sold tbh.
  13. Is it true there's no kill confirmed? Can't stand camp death match and only ever played it previously for challenges. Cod was always a fast paced twitch shooter who decided to turn it into battled?
  14. I haven't played it, im waiting for reviews and so far what im reading on Twitter is its MP is horrible and pretty much mirrors what I thought of the beta the maps are atrocious. However the campaign is getting great reviews which might mean trying to get a cheap copy one day to do that.
  15. techno

    The Return

    Welcome back, if im not mistaken I believe I played some GTA in the past with you and cal
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