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  1. techno

    Nightfall rank

    Think I've done 1 nightfall in year 2 😂
  2. techno

    The Dawning 2018

    I got mine earlier today, not much of a grind tbh just the gambit and crucible milestones and the flashpoint yesterday
  3. techno

    Patrick Mahomes

    I know you like your NFL @Baabcat , don't know about you but I've enjoyed watching this kid and the chiefs this year. @GazzaGarratt you were looking for a team lol From the last game but he's been doing this shit all year.
  4. techno

    Destiny 1 revival week.

    I have as well, if I haven't got it loaded I will see if it will fit, sounds like it would be fun.
  5. techno

    Best Mobile Phone Networks

    But didn't you get 2 days back off your bill 😁 My friend in on holiday with was playing hell about it on Thursday as she had all the holiday details on her phone luckily she had it available offline too. I've been with 3 for years I changed from O2 because at the time they did all you can eat data at reasonable price, been with them ever since had no reason to change.
  6. techno

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 and Season Pass

    I read @Diddums post and I get it, the annual pass for me is no money that's not bragging I spend way more on coffee a week so it is value for money however that's because I also haven't bought games I'd usually be investing time in..(cod/bfv) however other than grinding light in pretty much over the pve, last raid I completed was kings fall, in playing pvp mostly now I actually enjoy the PvP challenge seeing how I stack against others, sometimes I will grind some pve for a weapon but fine are the days I go through all milestones,I barely bothered with dreaming city and use tangled shore for materials only.
  7. Im using the AMG GTR. Fastest lap was with traction control set on 4.
  8. First attempt I've got down to a 1.44.3 no way is it a clean lap, I was a second up on another run but the ghost car put me off into last corner Decent time for me though
  9. techno

    The ozark

    Not sure how many people have seen this I think it was a recommendation from @TigerBurge which got me to watch the excellent first series, well I just watched the second series at work and it is way better I particularly loved how Wendy evolved through the series very Walter White esque... I'd certainly recommend it.
  10. techno

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 and Season Pass

    Similar for me, the story is just a few missions I have to put up with to get to the stuff I want to do, I do hate how you have to do it on all characters. Destiny fills the spot at the moment left by cod and bfv being garbage, it's the game I can hop in and out of easily and still the most value for money game regarding time spent I've owned. It's also probably lucky Im only interested in a very few types of games.
  11. techno

    Black Armory Info and Detail

    I must admit I prefer the quest stuff as long as it isn't too stupid. The seals would be worth going for if they weren't linked to RNG that aspect is too stupid.
  12. techno

    Black Armory Info and Detail

    Yay 3 types of weapon I don't use 😁😂
  13. techno


    Yeah I wanted to let people go but got the controls mixed up so killed everyone 😁
  14. techno


    I need to get back into it. I rushed through GTA5 but im not going to do it with red dead. What type of player are you ? good or bad? Chances are im killing everyone.
  15. techno

    Daredevil cancelled

    Im seeing this all over Twitter some form of backlash aimed at Disney and their new streaming service


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