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  1. Downloaded last night just had a quick session and I have to say my initial thoughts in the first match were ok graphics ok gun sounds etc ok then you get this And more and more and realise the map design and colour pallette etc is awful not bad truly terrible, whoever decided that these were how cod maps should be should be fired you get shot from everywhere with no time to react, I want fast paced not having to walk around like im in a swat team. No real mini map in core is also a dumb ass decision. How hard is it to make a cod game FFS it's not like there isn't enough things in the past to draw from. I was thinking I'd buy this to play with the guys off here but at the moment and unless I see more favourable reviews ( which I doubt as that's the game on release) then it's a hard no, I can't back this franchise. Eight thoughts sums it up. Edit ..I will add it's 2 gamemodes I wouldn't choose to play normally.
  2. That's a nice chair, mines a corner suite
  3. Being away this weekend chances are I won't get to try it but just going through Twitter and, I've read very few positive comments it's being heavily criticized even in replies to posts.
  4. I really don't think you want government sanctioned speech etc The human race gets worse it seems as technology gets better
  5. Me neither, unless it's full multiplayer I ain't interested.
  6. Though it's a nice car I'd be surprised if it worked over here other than a nice cruiser.
  7. Having watched that the game is more interesting to me as its first person, nice find.
  8. It's just chicken and chips and you even have to go up and order. For me a few breasts and a Maggie bag is just better but each to their own.
  9. These days it's either TGI JD ribs or miller and carter for steaks and both do chilli chicken starters. McDonald's is used for coffee only when I can't be arsed to go to Starbucks
  10. Driftor brought it up in his good bad and ugly video.
  11. Hello and welcome Elliott. Just checked out your Instagram and it reminded me of a documentary I watched recently about Westside barbell, wasn't sure about it but it was pretty interesting.
  12. I actually did get all 3 sets and the glows but it was a terrible grind but fortunately the weather has been shit lately so it was something to do. The EAZ has been one of the worst parts of content ever in destiny, utter crap and I never want to do a patrol ever again I am glad Lee mentioned getting the glows because along with the tiny sparrow it's some of the best free shit from eververse.
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