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  1. Dumb? Because you don't like it or because of the cost? I assume the latter. Always liked the look of these
  2. @GazzaGarratt no wireless charging as it doesn't have a metal back, they are produced to a certain price it's just one thing to get rid of. Super fast wired charging though.
  3. I went to the shop to query some texts I was getting, no reason to upgrade my s8 I've had since launch but walked out with an S10 lite so far the only thing I miss is the wireless charging. It's got a bigger screen than S10+ a bigger battery ( I'm truly staggered by how long a charge lasts) and decent internals. So happy with it so far.
  4. Hello and welcome to gang.
  5. A positive step towards slot of the community and Scump rating it trash and the worst cod ever. No dead silence is a big negative for me, I just hate the sound of my own footsteps
  6. I was forced to go back to menagerie this past weekend and as I hadn't done it for a while I really enjoyed it. I want to get away from doing stuff just to complete bounties, I still enjoy just running strikes to chill out however PvP really has gone to shit imo and does need some changes ( though I know these things are greatly affected by the community and the way they play )
  7. Some interesting thoughts, sunsetting wouldn't need to.be implemented if they swapped traits and perks around, sunsetting weapons to just go grind for the same gun again is dumb. The whole armour thing is way too complex for me as a total casual,I've never got into what this and that does and personally I don't care,for how I play it barely seems to make a difference, certainly I don't have the time to bring that miniscule chance of dropping what I want with so many variations, hell no.
  8. I actually agree with a lot of what's been said here, and I know Lee that most games are the same thing over and over again. I like the idea of grinding once as the power level.rising every 3 months makes it pointless especially when it tracks. I have no reason to grind power,I think destiny has lost its way, @Diddumshit the nail on the head a while ago. I'm hoping things change for the better in September.
  9. I agree more so about no dead silence
  10. Latest rumours doing the rounds
  11. I currently own an Audi A3 1.8 sline quattro I moved into this nearly 2 years ago from a fiesta st-2 . The wifes motorbility car is a seat ateca I convinced her to go for it I orange. I also have a Yamaha fz1
  12. It's all very odd, I saw what ninja and shroud got, fair play but I've also seen some female streamer crying on twitter going on about her passion. I've never been bothered about any of this and have never watched a stream on any platform and don't understand the mentality behind donating monies to multi millionaires either. I guess right now there maybe some people looking for alternative careers.
  13. Yeah I got into this too late, but it did get me into BF4 which dice need to recreate. I'd be down for trying bf3 remastered
  14. Apart from the connection issues and then what turned out to be a flash power cut in the area kicking me out it was a laugh, prefer the demo rounds to the races personally.
  15. Don't care when it's set, what it's called wether it's realistic or cartoony, has specialists or boots on the ground or all the other bullshit people get hooked up on as long as it's fun to play. If it's not fun to play all.the other shit is irrelevant imo
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