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  1. No campaign in BO4. Battle Royale instead.

    I noticed on Twitter the usual dick riders are already saying what a great move it is as BR is the future and extremely popular. Tbh all I need is a solid multiplayer but it all smacks of a bit of a fiasco at the moment.
  2. Destiny 2 Road Map Updates

    Always said PvP in destiny was kind of broken but once you realise it and just play it for fun take the hits with the misses then it (control) was pretty enjoyable. Now wether 4v4 or lack of gamemodes or how weapons categories or any number of other things D2 PvP sucks
  3. Destiny 2 Road Map Updates

    I think quite a few are looking forward to the may update to see if it's worth returning regularly, however there is going to be added competition around September and the end of the year which could kill it once and for all.
  4. Random Rolls & Weapon Slots (& Content)

    The thing I find about the raids is they hit it out of the park with vog just the right mix of difficulty with experience, ceota was fun but then I feel they went to far and threw all these mad mechanics at it and ruined the experience for more casual players 8n order to make it more challenging for the YouTube teams etc and the fun aspect was replaced by frustration. I never did wrath and haven't done whatever this one is and to be fair I didn't care where as I wanted to run the others and to this day I would do those old ones again . Nightfalls also used to be fun then they put a stupid timer on it, why?
  5. Random Rolls & Weapon Slots (& Content)

    Im just watching a video by unknown player on this .
  6. Last movie you watched

    Watched the hitman's bodyguard really enjoyed it, finally a film that had funny moments in but with Ryan Reynolds and San Jackson I did have high hopes and one film I've put off watching patriots day but have to say enjoyed that too.
  7. How about a meetup in this place?

    I'd definitely hit that place up again well worth the visit .
  8. What dream car would you buy?

    So many to choose AMG a45 McLaren P1 And 2 wheels
  9. GTA Racing

    Hell even i won, and there was some seriously close results, great fun.
  10. Go Faster Update - 1st Sandbox Change

    There are normally a few to choose from over here as long as you want conquest large that is.
  11. Go Faster Update - 1st Sandbox Change

    Agree with your first paragraph, if there was some draw then it would be dead, hell I've gone back to BF4 🤣
  12. Go Faster Update - 1st Sandbox Change

    Sounds like they removed everything from D1 and are slowly putting it back into D2 and calling it an update. I know we'd like it to be good again etc but I just can't see it reaching anywhere near how it used to be, bungie seem to be beyond incompetent.
  13. NFL 2018

    It is Osi is pretty funny (providing they leave the politics out of it)
  14. Man Convicted of Having Racist Dog

    I know it's kind of died but this is worth a watch And possibly this

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