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  1. Longest gaming streak 24 hours got to be forge farming.
  2. I haven't played this in so long I really need to get back on as I was definitely enjoying it. Still confused by BOP
  3. Anything that deals with dementia gets my vote as I've also seen the affects it's had on others so im down with mind
  4. Lol I get what your saying I might have a different view if I lived in the Midlands
  5. Nah id travel alot but this is my home, especially if you have family to leave behind.
  6. I watched the film on Friday, im glad it's been long enough so I didn't see the twist at the end but knew it was coming. It's a pretty enjoyable crime drama and pretty original which is good. Decent characters too. Oh and though it pains me to agree Isla Fisher and a solid 7/10 If you like a film with a solid wow I didn't see that coming twist may I recommend the prestige
  7. techno


    I think only that mix playlist is connection based. You can't deny the waiting times and the people some of these YouTubers are connected to. It's also usual for Devs to deny SBMM because of the backlash to it, why they insist outside of comp in using it is baffling. I get the noob thing but tough shit it doesn't help anyone and seems now to drive people away.
  8. techno


    I've noticed alot of comments about SBMM in destiny, mainly today mtashed and destiny fun police. It looks worse on PC but even on console I've noticed much longer matchmaking times. I wonder what people think, my personal opinion is that SBMM in pubs should never be used, it should be connection based only.
  9. Maybe it's racism or Boris or Russia by the weekend it will be trump or aliens or....ah fuck it, why people are losing their minds over these clowns to such an extent is just the way of the world to these days I guess. No doubt some reality TV crap will come along and things will get back to whatever normal is that week.
  10. 2 was bad but I enjoyed 3 personally which isn't a surprise after dids trashed it
  11. Actually if you've upgraded the obelisks enough you get more than 1 weapon, im droppin 3 per run. Also if you reset links it just means you can link a different obelisk to obtain a choice of those weapons after running sundial. I've also got 2 obelisks linked now so I get to pick 3 weapons out of the 4, I think kempy said he gets 4 picks per run so it must depend on how upgraded each one is. It is a bit confusing and while up until this past weekend I was just doing bounties. Also you don't spend fractaline on bounties running sundial and there's 100 for completing 3 runs per week per character.
  12. It's been a while since I've seen that will find time to give it another watch.
  13. techno


    Ah so your the guy I met int tower t'other day welcome aboard
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