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  1. I finished the driving school today, thought I was doing well on some till I saw @phil bottle times Noticed I need to level some more to unlock all the tracks, so I'll run through the track challenges.
  2. techno

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    According to thunder 5v5 tdm is where it's most sweaty, he's gone to chaos stating it's more relaxed ?
  3. I did the beginners driving test thing to get some cash, I deliberately didn't buy anything knowing reset is coming hopefully I'll be able to jump in this next round. Just also trying to get used to the UI.
  4. techno

    What Power Level are you and what do you want to do?

    Now I've reset gambit in down for helping with anything, Titan around 560-565. Really wouldn't mind the elusive EP shotty and I need help with 580 corrupted strike asap please. I've missed a few opportunities to get the 4 gaurdian kill thing in gambit. Raid yup Always down for PvP Dreaming city stuff ( except ascendant challenge lol )
  5. techno

    Just introducing myself

    Awesome someone else to lose too
  6. techno

    Physical or digital?

    Physical simply because they are cheaper, if they bring down the price in ps store I'll buy digital I very rarely if ever trade in games.
  7. techno

    Just introducing myself

    Ey up fellow Gaz, and from my neck of the woods also. Welcome to world of the fucking strange. 😁 Oh and @GazzaGarratt is a bloody Lee...(my middle name 😙)
  8. techno

    Nightfall rank

    Only done one nightfall, that does however sound like not much reward for the effort tbh. Im finding that to be the case throughout destiny having set myself the reset of gambit. I don't mind a grind but reward had to match.
  9. techno

    FG Crucible Private Matches

    I'd be up for this when the opportunity arose, the COD private matches were fun, especially the grenade only one we did.
  10. techno

    Calling All PvP Players

    I'd be down for doing some as I really like PvP it's just at the moment im pretty much limited to weekends, im not too fussed about the gun but a challenge is a challenge and I do like my trust. Any help I can give hit me up.
  11. techno

    Gambit Mechanics Explained and First Impressions

    Not nearly as much as I have crucible. The reason I've played a ton of it is because I got caught up with getting through the first reset for the drop that's why it pissed me off when the progression changed. As time goes on and people get used to it it's becoming harder to solo stack. Im definitely down when we're in a group though, infact I can see it only being in a group exept maybe just to get milestone on reset.
  12. Ey up welcome fella
  13. techno

    Gambit Mechanics Explained and First Impressions

    I actually find gambit way more annoying than regular crucible as long as its control.
  14. Just got the game at second attempt, will take a look at first opportunity.

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