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  1. Gonna take a look, seems plenty of people pushing it as something different.
  2. Im the same to be honest, I have no time for the modern ones especially the Daniel Craig films but I could chill and watch some of the older ones especially Roger Moore.
  3. I did finish the first episode, lately with various series though I've moved straight on to the next if available, I didn't. I went back to generation kill
  4. So far im struggling through the sludge that passes for the first episode. There is so much good TV at the moment it's not really gripping me
  5. It will catch a dose of @Diddums and we'll all be saved
  6. Im definitely going to have to give this a watch, try to put all the political bullshit out of my mind. I didn't rate the next generation films but loved the TV series.
  7. Depends how far you want to venture the north (east) is nice on the right day and if you want to venture farther north the west side of Scotland.
  8. I agree right up to the last sentance, I can't vouch for bo4 but bo3 had some good maps. I also know it's an individual opinion
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 123 seconds  
  10. One springs to mind above many others John McLane - die hard
  11. It does say alot about the state of a game that people are hoping for old maps to be added, usually it's something we want in addition to new maps. Seems like one more nail in an ever expanding coffin for infinity ward, the fact that people agree they are incapable of designing quality maps.
  12. No, not really and thought that's what he meant rather than like the camera work in Bourne.
  13. Not sure what he means by that tbh
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