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  1. Yeah it seemed to wreck in void singe strikes too
  2. I have been trying to get recluse for my sins, I have considered in the next season just playing comp only and see where I end up.
  3. Well it's finally over tbh I've been pretty disappointed with series 7 began and I remember saying at the time they might have been better just hanging on and putting both together. The last episode was laughable I mean " we need to punish Jon snow and Tyrion...shouldn't the king choose...ok pick someone" wtf then they let the accused choose Oh one bit I did find actually funny when they were round the table and the master of many grandiose titles wanted to rebuild brothels before ships lol. Overall it's been pretty good with some epic tv moments.
  4. The generic sniper class no streaks game rules .....yeah ok Finally killed by a camper
  5. It was fun last night and let's be honest rules are meant to be broken
  6. Towards the end I was thinking Arya would kill Dany after all she has more lives than a cat, however im glad she didn't get to kill cersei. Im not surprised she laid waste to the city, where else could the story go ( they had an hour and odd to kill) . No wonder armies use air superiority. Im also thinking Tyrion for the throne. Oh and where did the dothraki suddenly appear from?
  7. More entertaining than the actual episode. I've always been amazed by fast travel on TV shows. So loved the comment about leveling up to unlock it
  8. You sound surprised, I mean people not getting the joke, it hardly ever happens these days In the video I posted in the chat he dresses as a blind black man as well
  9. I think Lee hit the nail on the head. I also heard he posted it then deleted the the tweet and apologised. I just read Dara Obrians (however it's spelt) take on it and it's more common sense. There's alot of stuff these days either taken out of context or called racist etc that clearly isn't or isn't intended... especially on twitter
  10. Hell yes especially the 2nd season
  11. techno

    The Revelry

    I tried it in crucible for a few games then put it away it really doesn't fit with the whole 2 shots better my trust. As for arbelast I really have no use for it in d2 it's bygones for crucible and crimson for everything else for me nothing beats these.that I've tried.
  12. I have just watched the trailer yesterday ....mmmmmm eve
  13. I just wanted to add Lucifer and seal team.
  14. A more light hearted look/review Finding out the book material finished a while back probably explains my pov that things have been a little bit lacking in the story starting from season 7. I was quite disappointed with it, and wasn't at all surprised at what happened. Like most long running series there comes a time for it to end maybe it's good that this is the last season before it goes full Dexter.
  15. Oh I think her character has been the best in the show. (Angry Joe mentioned it too )
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