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  1. JBR-Kiwi

    Blackout Beta September 10th

    Cheers fella 😃
  2. JBR-Kiwi

    Blackout Beta September 10th

    Haha sorry mate! Work and the now fiancé are keeping me extremely busy. Blackout does seem seem to be a lot of fun especially if you manage to get a squad together. Hit detection does seem to be pretty good from what I’ve seen. However it does seem to take a lot of bullets to take someone down so make sure to work on your accuracy. I also seemed to run out of bullets very quickly despite spending half my time picking up bullet packs. The inventory system stem is a sack of shit at the moment and I think they know that.
  3. JBR-Kiwi

    What phone do you have?

    What’s people reviews on the onePlus 6 or is it worth waiting to see what the 6T brings to the game. For a phone that hat is half the price of its competitors but near the top for its specs it’s definitely an interesting alternative to the usual IPhone/Samsung nonsense and wallet rip off
  4. JBR-Kiwi

    Blackout Beta September 10th

    If anybody wants a PS4 code I have a spare one 457J-J8N6-87N7 i has a quick game yesterday and got to the final 7 in my first game before getting railed. Asides from a few stuttering moments it seemed to cope quite well although the map was giving me BF2 flashbacks with riding a quad bike across the entire map before being attacked by some bush wookie Couldnt find a weapon in the first 4 buildings I checked though which was quite frustrating. Trying to read things in the inventory was a bit difficult as well
  5. JBR-Kiwi

    Happy Birthdays!

    Cheers mate 😃
  6. JBR-Kiwi

    Happy Birthdays!

    Cheers mate!
  7. JBR-Kiwi

    Happy Birthdays!

    Haha cheers mate! I crashed out at about 9 last night
  8. JBR-Kiwi

    CoD Bragging rights

    Haha cheers guys. To be honest I was on for a 50 kill TDM the other day but the host dashboarded and it kicked everybody from the game. Aiming for a V2 rocket at some point but just need to get the right lobby
  9. JBR-Kiwi

    CoD Bragging rights

    Yeah sorry mate. Recently got a promotion and its quite taxing on the brain at the moment. Just dont have the energy for PS4 like I used to Hopefully we can get some games in soon!
  10. JBR-Kiwi

    CoD Bragging rights

    Heres a cheeky little screenshot of my combat record as well for you guys to have a look over
  11. JBR-Kiwi

    CoD Bragging rights

    So dont have a lot of time to play PS4 atm thanks to my job but heres a cheeky little 40 kill TDM on Gustav. I've cut the gameplay down just because it was quite long but i tried to keep in the main bits.
  12. JBR-Kiwi

    COD WW2 - First Impression

    I can’t be the only person but does anybody else suffer with the game not showing them the replay of your death? I thought i must be pushing the square button without thinking but I ended up videoing my hands for a couple of games and at last a quarter of my deaths are never shown as a replay. Just something I have noticed
  13. JBR-Kiwi

    COD WW2 - First Impression

    I have it somewhere in my saved clips 😃
  14. JBR-Kiwi

    COD WW2 - First Impression

    Yep my 6 man flamethrower kill on the forest map was beaten out by mr XxX420_ChocolateStarfishLickers_tinkywinky impressive hardscoped 1 kill...
  15. JBR-Kiwi

    COD WW2 - First Impression

    Mate I get so fucking irate. I’m a heart attack waiting to happen with this poxy game. I would play the the crash bandicoot game I got for xmas but that little red cunt will push me over the fucking edge. No way was it that difficult when I was a kid!!!

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