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  1. I suspect that the answer is going to be there is nothing I can do but recently trying to play this game has been almost impossible due to the packet loss squares appearing on the side of my screen almost non stop during a match. is there anything g I can do to help this at all?? being jerked back and forth across the map is putting me in gunfights that I will always lose. I’ve checked all my connections, run various tests and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with my side unless I have overlooked a setting or port forwarding setup that someone can recommend?
  2. After struggling to even get this update actually installed (think it ended up taking about 6 attempts) I finally got it sorted. im not a big battle royale person despite liking the concept, and I really disliked playing the BO4 version solo but this I’m really enjoying. 2nd game in playing solo winner winner chicken dinner!! slapped two 3 man teams to secure the win
  3. JBRKiwi131 if anyone wants to have a game
  4. I think you are probably correct with that. I’ve become so used to a certain flow of map and traffic moving around it that is difficult. The strange thing is I’m actually doing better on the more open maps then the traditional style maps that this game has! I'm just so used to moving around a map that this massively reduced style really grates on me...
  5. I can’t go through a doorway because I have to check 16 spots that overlook it before getting claymored or shotgunned anyway I cant make my way through a map because I make the sound of a thousand elephants no matter how slow I go which leads every prick to pretty much watch me through the walls i don’t get spawned anywhere on the map asides from one area where my team is already getting battered time after time after time SBMM is a fucking joke. Majority of my games my lobby is full of people thousands of miles away. Are you honestly telling me there isn’t a better connection with people from the UK?? Enemies are difficult to see, not aided by the fact that every map is littered with shite to hide behind we still don’t have a reasonable change to the shotguns if anyone has any tips on how to enjoy this game please for the love of god tell me because I’ve never been so unhappy playing a COD game as it stands right now
  6. just finished a game of TDM where I got 13 assists 13 assists... 13 FUCKING ASSISTS IN A GAME WHERE YOUR LIFE IS MEASURED IN FUCKING MICROSECONDS. I’m fucking sick of having to sweat every single fucking game just to vaguely go positive. This isn’t fun. This isn’t what made COD great. Everybody had to take the lows with the highs when they were new. Everybody earnt their bumps when they had to learn. Nobody held my hand when I got online. I had to learn and practice to get better. Now every cunt can have a million fucking places to hide surrounded by claymores, clutching their shottie like it’s going to give them the love their parents never gave them. Just because IW feel new players need a “safe space” in order to keep them in the game It’s pathetic
  7. JBR-Kiwi


    Just wow... I’m so glad IW have recognised the need for such an overpowered weapon in this game and still have not balanced it accordingly...
  8. In all seriousness the Bizon is a ridiculously good gun. Low recoil with high rate of fire means you can absolutely beam people across the map. When shotguns get get their nerf expect to see this weapon appear a lot more
  9. My main is a 725 mate because I am a fucking fantastic player who corner hugs like a sweaty nonce near a primary school
  11. I really don’t understand this game. If your idea of fun and excitement is holding an angle on a single corner for an entire match, then I truly worry for your sanity. I really don’t mind having to slow down how much I move through the map, but it is soul destroying trying to find the enemy only to get fucking obliterated by someone sitting in a corner with the 725 listening to you move throughout the map in your divers boots, which you can’t do anything about until you get dead silence. Even if you get that you are still about to get royally raped from 60 different directions if you dare to move thanks to the shitty map design. Coupled with a spawn system that means that you are likely to still be trapped with your team mates in a spawn trap getting fucked over and over again with no lube. It’s pathetic... In all the years I have played COD I have never had as many TDM games go the full time distance as I have in the sub 100 games total I have played in MW. This truly might be the first time I will ever trade in a COD game
  12. My first impressions. Maps: Some are good, but others are shockingly bad. Now maybe I have always played COD over Battlefield, but some of these maps feel absolutely ginormous. Which is fine if you are playing an objective game, but I got into a game of FFA on a map the size of a small country (Aniyah Palace), with a hundred trillion buildings, and the game went the full distance, and the winner only having 8 kills. 8 kills... Other maps I feel there is so just so much going on. I struggled playing Domination last night, becasue everytime I get on a flag, I have to cover 30 different vantage points where I could get shot by, and despite all that, there is another 15 spots that I didnt realise and had no chance to inspect. Maps are full of stuff for people to head glitch over and like @GazzaGarrattsaid, I am really struggling to pick out enemies, even with perks and attachments that are supposed to help me. There is just too much crap, too much going on that it just doesnt give you a good feeling when you are trying to move through the map. Picadilly can go suck a big fat one. This map is horribly designed and having spent 10 mins of TDM trying to fight my way out of my spawn and the game refusing to spawn us elsewhere, i have a deep hatred for this map. Gun feel: This I REALLY like, even though the game does punish you quite hard until you get them leveled up, and you can start slapping on some attachments. Good variety of weapons with the added bonus of customising it via the gunsmith, even within an actual map being played. Major like by me on that. Perks: Whoever took away Dead Silence as a perk and put it as a Field Upgrade deserves a slap and a bollock twist because this game punishes you for moving. As a rusher ever since COD2, this game heavily penalises me for a style of play that has been around for years. If you play with a headset (and I really advise you to do so if you arent already) you can easily hear everybody clomping around the map like a herd of elephants which brings me onto Dead Silence. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK!! So i now have to earn dead silence to make my footsteps quieter, but wait! Whilst reducing my footstep sounds for ME, every enemy can still hear me clomping around like the rest of the herd?!?! Not seeing the reason why it was designed this way. Plays like the following for me are not going to happen all that often. https://youtu.be/aReXx58UScU Movement: The game genuinely feels good. It feels smooth however I dont like the fact Soldier Chubby Buns can only sprint for 5 steps before the life of cheeseburgers catches up to him. Not asking for Marathon Pro, but when some maps are massive, it takes a very long time to make your way from spawn... Its going to take a while to get used to this game. I just dont know if a lot of the player base is going to stick around in its current state...
  13. Yep I have it preordered and should be ready for me as soon as I finish with a meeting at work
  14. And as soon as i bloody say that the sodding code comes through!!
  15. Hmm strange it seems to have logged me in on a login that I wasn't actually aware that existed!?!?!
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