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  1. Chris (TigerBurge) told me some video of mine was posted Can't believe it's been over 8 years since that was made...spent basically 4 years of my life gaming with the PS3/forum crew and some I've heard are still around to this day, nostalgia Much love Rich, miss the old days when my only responsibilities were class, part-time job, and mostly CoD Dave, I tried going into the ninja business like my fellow yellow folks, turns out Dead Silence isn't IRL perk so I failed the test...
  2. My only connection to CoD these days is following competitive, which I see you still keep up with as well, Euan. Great matches / event as usual, can't believe EG and OG got knocked out of the money, particularly with EG getting swept by FaZe. nV deserved the win though, they were absolutely dominant the whole weekend with Formal and Nameless in particular playing outstanding.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome fellas, good to see old friends again Harrison, Dave, Euan, Spectre, and Dave. I'm enjoying my new college as academics and social life both went very well this past semester. Using this break to literally just hibernate and be a bum as I am burned out from school and could use the relaxation.
  4. Good to see you both, Chris and Jason. School went well this past semester, finished with 3 A's and 1 B+. I know I know, B+ = fail for Asians. I bring shame and dishonor to famry!
  5. Boy, didn't realize how long it had been since my only post on this forum updating from school. Anywho... For those who do not know me, name's Kyle, ex-mod on all the previous forums this community has been at. PS3 gamer who mainly plays CoD, although I own and play (occasionally albeit) Borderlands 2, GTA IV, and Saints Row 2. I am on winter break for a little less than a month so decided to try and check in with new and old faces on here while I have time. Have practically no knowledge of what's been going on with everyone since I was last on here back in August, hopefully you are all doing well. Take care friends.
  6. Hey guys, sorry I haven't had a chance to post since the forum changes and everything. I've been ridiculously busy since moving into my college dorm last Friday, but it's been the good kind of busy. Already met and befriended a ton of wonderful people, mostly other transfer students (meaning they're closer to my age) who came in for orientation activities. Those of you who know me a bit better know that I'm naturally an extremely introverted person, but I have made it a goal and mission of mine to break out of my social shell and be more engaged with the college life here, especially since I'll be dorming as opposed to commuting like I was at my community college. So far, so good Really won't know for another few weeks how much time I'll be able to have for the forum once classes get into their normal groove and I figure out how my time allocation goes, but I'll do my best to stay in touch no matter how often that is. Regardless, a big congratulations to Diddums, fellow admins, the mod staff, and all members for upholding the high standard our community has set and making the transition seemless. Take care everyone
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