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  1. Community Calendar: GTA FG Races

    Do you get hyped before hand by watching old episodes of top gear? Via the FG App
  2. CoD WWII - Who's getting it?

    Nope. Wasn't even having fun in the beta. Via the FG App
  3. What’s wrong with Destiny

    Don't mind the static weapon rolls much, but mostly agree with what's been said. Bring back the Heroic strike Playlist and make it a viable loot choice. I keep expecting them to add an update that does this. Minor complaint, but Wtf did they do to the vault system. It was damn near perfect at the end of D1. They are using too many recycled weapon and armor skins imo as well. Hopefully that changes with updates and dlc. Example, they have this sweet new iron banner armor and recycle every gun model. Come on man. I actually enjoy crucible alot this time. All and all I'm enjoying myself, but I can see the hardcore players running out of shit to do. Via the FG App
  4. Iron Banner

    Whoa. Via the FG App
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer #2

    Yeah. It's gonna be epic. Via the FG App
  6. Destiny 2 Tips

    It's a blue quest flag by Devrim. Via the FG App
  7. FG Merchandise Section

    Yeah, a hat or beanie would be sweet. Although like Bart says, I don't need it to fit my 6 month old daughter, I want it to fit my head. Via the FG App
  8. Trials of the Nine

    It's a free gift. Not bugged. It's ment to be infused. Via the FG App
  9. Public Events

    Yeah, the last one seems to be random as far as which door opens I think. Via the FG App
  10. First FG Raids

    As far as getting power levels up, the Nightfall is pretty much a cake walk this week, so do that to get you some good gear. Via the FG App
  11. Destiny Lore

    Well maybe not all. But I remember reading something about it. I can't find where now damnit. Especially with regards to guardian exos. Via the FG App
  12. Destiny Lore

    All exos were humans at one point iirc. Via the FG App
  13. Forever Gaming Shirts!

    You want a sled? Via the FG App
  14. Story Verdict - SPOILERS SO BEWARE

    I'd like to think that's another race. Doesn't match anything we've seen. Maybe it's "the darkness" or something. Smells like dlc to me. Via the FG App

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