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  1. Didn't see this update, cheers for the share James. Replacing is probably because they don't want to split player count. But I still can't see any feedback anywhere to say why the standard mode wasn't working and OSP is better. Answers on a postcard, please...
  2. Happy birfday My name is Dylan! @Dylanimo16
  3. This year's OW Winter Event is from December 10th to January 2nd. 3 separate week's worth of skins and sprays to get again. This time round it seems to have a slight variation of the snowball fight mode from last few years. Snowball Deathmatch will be a separate gamemode to choose in the Arcade mode. Also, noticed that Mei catches a snowball thrown at her - I'm not sure if that's just her ability or a common one for everyone which should be what's happening. I must admit although it's not really different to the last few years, I've always found the snowball fights to be some really good lolz with everyone. Could even be a great FG party night between us all the OSK (One Snowball Kill) about.
  4. They do say your mind isnt ready to go to bed if you dont doze off within 20 minutes. Whilst reading is good another way is to 'reset' your body by getting out of bed and re-doing your going to bed routine. No, not turn on the PC and playstation and play for another 5 hours but just small things like going to the toilet, checking your lunch is done for tomorrow and locking up the house. You need to free your mind of other things that its thinking of to help it get in the mood to turn off. I'd also totally do @Middle Class Caveman idea of listen to rain. We've recently put on Alexa to play calming rainfall forest music and its brilliant. People do pay for a calming app out there but Alexa is cheaper after you buy an Echo Dot for your room.
  5. I've not seen this survey and I'll go as far to say it's up there with the best CoDs we've had. Dont go slating it down straight away when I compare it to your favourites, I'm sure whichever CoD favourite is yours it has major issues which you raised at the time. Also that survey must be based at a small % of players that have traded the game in or something because its worded like they know for a fact they've stopped playing. Any game should send a survey out saying thanks for trying us, shame you stopped, let us know why please some can try and make it better. Hell, I did that a while back with FG. Always gotta get feedback to know how to improve no matter how bad OR good the game is.
  6. It was worth a go Elliott. Abit double standards though to say migration was available (for an unknown period) and may be available again at some point (for an unknown period). For a company as big them they should be clear with dates and availability personally. I mean you do pay a subscription for this service every month so I'd expect their support to go abit further than that conversation.
  7. Omg omg omg. I've asked for the remaster of RE2 for Crimbo as its added so many great things and now the one RE game I actually completed on my own is getting the same treatment! Looks incredible and I cant wait to get it. Also, dont miss out that the game will come with the new RE multiplayer game which apparently amazeballs. I might start a thread on that one as its severely underrated apparently.
  8. I'm aggressive when I play CoD but it felt like too much easy stuff to pick up and throw/put down as traps. I got killed by a random weapon different to mine every single round so maybe it was my luck.
  9. I'd still give it a bash by directly emailing the support team and advising them you're a longstanding player that has numerous playthroughs. I bet that move you over. Same for @Diddums @J&B and @Misneach_ Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  10. Yeah, but they're as consistent as your gaming availability. Work, work, work and all of a sudden you're online!
  11. Hang on, when did they stop offering migrations? Surely they must still be active as technically it's unfair that you have that character tona certain level. You tried to ask Blizzard @Middle Class Caveman ?
  12. What would that have helped? Kept our levelling and character?
  13. It's more the fact that it's not a level playing field for me. You could pick up completely different weapons and the cool thing before was everyone had the same. Also, now I have to think a little more which means it's not a pick up and play gamemode like it was. I have to REALLY switched on now as opposed to turned on with a dimmer switch. Do you think theres too many hand grenades and bouncing betties?
  14. James is right, go hardcore on HQ and that might do it. Tbf, I get excited about double and triple kills on this game as it makes me they're more rewarding - fuck the quad feeds, so overrated.
  15. That was pretty eventful then! Lols for the fact they couldn't see that coming. Surely they should've but I do not see what rebalancing they could've done to make it better...other than going back to Phase 1 and forgetting the rank system. I'm glad you get all of this stuff so good spot for sorting out a new server. We dont do all of this BS.
  16. What in the fuckety FUCK did they do to Gunfight?!!! Since when did a decent pick and play gamemode that didnt have many issues with the gameplay at all get feedback to change it to a complete mess? Tom @LordBaguette and me jumped in a quick game and waited for the guns to show. No guns, just fists. We were like, who nicked them?! Then I could see they were dotted around everywhere AND it does not look like its equal on both sides. So many weapons, grenades, traps to pick up it just doesn't work for me at all. My biggest concern is that it isnt a fair starting position. The beauty was that you knew it was same guns for everyone at the start of a round. Luck of the draw for everyone but on the same level. Now, you have different gun fights and theres so much stuff around to pick up you can't cover everything. Has anyone else tried it? I've never heard any feedback saying "I wish I could pick up guns". Gutting as the gamemode was a shining for me.
  17. Mine original game seems to already up to date so will gladly give it a go this week at some point we all get on.
  18. Well, I don't know what your PC problem is bud but i'm pretty sure WoWs graphics won't have an issue on your PC.
  19. Agree, but its a lose/lose situation. Bring a map back from the dead exactly how it was - people say it isn't new content and they haven't done any work for my money. tweaking the map by showing they are trying to enhance it a little further can upset people if they focus too much on the 'new' bits on the map. Overall, you'd think we would all want back a loved reprised CoD map if we had the chance. I haven't found Crash to be that bad so far. It felt slightly bigger and could dominate with the FG party we had. Maybe solo could be different.
  20. Err, yeah totally all over it I haven't got into a routine of using it for some reason. Didn't help i'm last by a mile! I'll put it down as a thing to do now so at least i make those Man Utd subs to get them out of my team ffs.
  21. It was about time we needed a little refresh of sorts for our home to keep it fresh and take the FG baton speeding into 2020. So, I've spent quite a while updating most of the applications and features here but of course, as you can see we now have a nice new feel! Whilst there's still lots to do and updates to be done across many parts of FG still, this is a nice way to go into the Christmas period with a swanky pad befitting all your needs. You'll see you can now directly choose Light or Dark theme at the top without reloading, change the header to your own one on your Profile at FG and even change the theme colour if you want to (our FG red is the default). The videos section is a brand new section to build on, with options to add live streams that you are aware of. We can make collections when required to do so - go and put some reviews on some of the videos here! We also have Articles which is brand new. This is very similar to the blog space we used to have years ago but now its incorporated and if you feel like you have a good lengthy story to tell rather than in a post, lets hear them! You'll see we already have a number up and waiting to be read so dive in and let us know what you think of it all. There's lots more around so i'll let you have a look around and find stuff out, equally any questions please shout up. I'd urge you to go and visit via your browser or PC if you can so you appreciate the full changes. If there's demand we can do some simple guides to navigate, etc. Lots of the pages and spaces we have are due to be fleshed out a ton over the Christmas and New Year period so you have any suggestions as always, please try and use the tracker so we can get some use out of it. You might've noticed I've been a little quiet of late - I appreciate every single one of you being around for my Grandad/Dad (more in my PPR if you need more info). Not enough words can be said for what this family does for each other and i'm forever grateful. Its why I love spending time making our home the best place for all of you and any new FGers that come to stay. Sound off below! GGFG
    What. A. Video. I've missed you 😘😂😂😂
  22. The new Season of Dawn is nearly upon us. And as we get closer to the ‘shortest day of the year’ (22nd December if you wondered) some gamers are struggling with the same lack of daylight we are used to, or content in the case of Destiny 2. A beautiful trailer as always by Bungie displayed less content than some Destiny lovers hoped for. Then the Bungie stream felt even more sparse with information as they attempted to go back to allowing players to find new things on the launch day rather than give every single bit of info out to the general public. Where the problems seem to lie now for Bungie is the capability of being able to meet the evolving expectations of some of the Destiny community to deliver what is seen as new enriched endgame content on a regular quarterly cycle – without the help and support from Activision and studios like Vicarious Visions (who made two very good seasons might I add). I think as soon as the words ‘Raid’, ‘Trials’ and ‘Dungeon’ didn’t feature in the latest information the whole season became a huge let-down for the masses. It's not even here until December 10th. I won’t try and explain Game Development and how hard it is as I haven’t been one. However, I do get system development and releases work which isn’t too far away to game development cycles. You can’t just magic up Raids, new gamemodes and Dungeons within 3 months. You need Requirements, Options, Solutions. Then it’s Build, Test, Build, Test, Build, Test, Fault Fix, Test, Get Ready to Release, etc. Maybe because someone thinks they know exactly what everyone wants they can just build and forget testing it because Benny over here knows best. Things take time and you can’t just turn the ship around if they think the next imminent content is not going to land well. Equally, getting more employees isn't an answer that solves problems overnight. However, going towards the Season model of dropping a portion of content each 3 months will automatically change mentality in how gamers will fundamentally play the game. FOMO can immediately kick in so they rush through content as quick as they can. I've felt this big style. No one is a fan of time-gating content, but hey, with ravenous gamers not taking in any of the time and effort spent on well-made content I can see why they do it. That’s not endorsing it though. They’ve set their own expectations by committing to 4 drops rather than 3 in a Season Pass all with less developers and less income streams. There’s no wonder why Eververse has so many thing on sale for Silver only. They have to continually make money somewhere. ‘Who gives a Rat’s-Ass Thursdays’ Well, seemingly not many players. But that is the world we live in. No matter the fact that Bungie have explained very clearly early doors that content will be readjusted and spread across the season because they can’t build things as quick as they could. No matter the fact that Seasons cost generally less than previous ones and cost approx. £6-7 when you have the pass. No matter the fact we don’t know all the content for the next 3 months as they want people to discover it on their own. No matter the actual content that is being delivered is still considerable when you list it down. No matter…oh you get the point. Datto put it very well immediately after the stream. People don’t care how much effort goes into making good stuff. They just want to know when they’ll get it and is it good. Just like they don’t care how long it him to make a YouTube video or you not caring about me writing this essay. They just want the good shit. Well, if you have those expectations, unfortunately you need to ste; back into the real world. Just because what you want isn’t there doesn’t also mean that the content is bad. We have to be more realistic and start reminding ourselves of what skills we learned or experiences we've had and adapt. Like when you we’re at school and we actually listened to people so we could understand how the world works. Or even if you were a D1 Guardian and played hours and hours when there was dramatically less content AND no regular updates. Just strikes, crucible and a few raids. Good to take stock at these points.
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