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  1. I actually registered on here ages ago, then forgot about it. Oops! A post Diddums made on a facebook page we're both on reminded me of this place. Hello again!
  2. I see a lot of love for Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen on here... how about No Man's Sky? I've been putting a lot of time into it, and the Beyond update is coming a week today. That'll add VR support (I don't have VR though) and apparently full-on MMO style multiplayer where you can randomly bump into people, instead of the lobby system from before. So... who else on here has No Man's Sky?
  3. Heh. I also have a chrome insurgent with purple neons. It's been nicknamed the DESTRUCTOBLING by another mate. Whenever I drive it in a public lobby, the amount of hate it attracts is hilarious.
  4. I do not have a PS4, no. I have a reasonably capable gaming PC and a reasonable Steam library. Mostly been playing GTA V lately though.
  5. Sounds good! My matching games from ones mentioned above: - GTA V - Garry's Mod - Payday 2 - Minecraft - Left 4 Dead 2
  6. Aha, you do have a GTA V thread on here! I'm always up for finding more people in-game (I'm such a loner...) I'm SupernautBB on R* Social Club. I'm also level 129 because I've had it on Xbox360 since release, then just transferred my character. Having a minigun online is troll-tastic.
  7. Would anybody else know who the hell I was on about though? I didn't want to bore everybody. Fuck it. Do you remember El_Gato_Negro? The super-creepy guy who spent all his time trying to be pally with everybody while gleaning as much personal info as he could? He came back, or 're-membered' as they say. That's usually an insta-ban anyway. Nope. He got to stay. He spent all his time in the chatroom harassing me via PM to unblock him on facebook. However, he was more subtle about things in public. He seemed to put on another new mask and say "oh I'm so sowwy to the admins" and they let him stay. Not only that, he ended up round Mrs_Doyle's house for dinner... twice. This all happened before his new username was even outed as EGN. Even worse, he sent me PMs telling me that he had been outed in the Certs section of the forum. Yes, there is a Certs section, and it used to be a secret. Now BlackSheep is telling non-Certs what's getting posted in there! Oh yeah, btw, BlackSheep now runs the site, as Clive stepped down back in December. In summary: Creepy shape-shifting motherfucker comes back as a re-member and gets welcomed by the senior admins with open arms and even gets invited round for dinner. I go "WTF?!" and leave.
  8. Aw, damn it, you got me! Would you be interested in a little story as to why I'm no longer on that other forum, via PM, or not? It's a good one...
  9. ...motherfuckers! (if you read Sniff Petrol you'll get that reference) Anyway, hi! I've been a member on here a while, but not exactly active. I'd like to change that though. I think at some point I called some of you a bunch of dickwads for something you didn't even do, so I apologise sincerely for that. Feel free to shoot me in the face repeatedly in GTA Online for that one (or help me with getting a heist crew together, please!) I heard about this place through Diddums being a member on another forum we were both on. As you may have guessed from my title, yes, I'm Scottish.
  10. Thanks for the ban from the server for no apparent reason, dickwads. Forgot I had an account on here already. Won't be using it though.
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