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  1. Dissidia Final Fantasy

    With the exception of the story and arcade modes, yes.
  2. Star Wars Poster - Disney Removes Gun

    Plot twist: Entire movie uses only finger-guns
  3. What D1 weapon would you bring to D2?

    Exotic: Either the Ace of Spades, or The First Curse. (Even it's twin, The Last Word) All three of those guns were fun as hell and pretty unique in comparison to the rest of the guns in D1. Legendary: The Supremacy My go-to sniper rifle in D1 and the rarest gun in the game, I really miss it.
  4. Far Cry 5

    That was exactly my reasoning for it, even if it turns out that the campaign is lackluster, you can never beat the feeling of you and your pal taking on the world. Co-Op has never technically made anything worse, in my book. There is a lot in this game that even some people are worried there may be "too much".
  5. Destiny 2 Road Map Updates

    I miss striving to find a god-roll, I miss re-doing the older raids (pre-Age of Triumph) just for the sheer fun of it. D2 just doesn't have that. Static rolls, boring as fuck raid, just generally dis-interesting endgame. This game was so heavily balanced towards catering to casuals, and the competitive PvP crowd that they lost touch with everyone in between. The "Infinite" Forest was the PERFECT setup for a horde-type mode, and even the locations very name was quickly proved to be bullshit. That being said I still have the game installed because DLC 2 is already paid for. I am nearing my breaking point with this game, honestly.
  6. Far Cry 5

    Picking up the Gold edition for this one. Honestly Primal never interested me and FC4 was boring as fuck. This one's got the ability to undertake the campaign in co-op, no minimap, no view point-esque towers, extensive UGC tools, creative DLC ideas (for Far Cry), AND Far Cry 3. Already a massive step-up from previous titles and it has me legitimately excited for it. Something I haven't felt since FC3.
  7. Destiny 2 Road Map Updates

    The only real reason I will get back into this game is if it adds worthwhile content and an actual reason to keep playing. That is all.
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    I have no idea how to embed here, I forget completely. (Lee - It does it automatically if you copy the link in) So yeah.
  9. Dissidia Final Fantasy

    In comparison with the older games, it's a step back in some aspects, and a step forward in others. The story is relatively lackluster if you preferred those of the first two games, as the game itself is focused on competitive 3v3 multiplayer. That in itself is fine in my book. I loved the previous campaign and enjoy this one. There is also an arcade 'gauntlet' style mode. The only multiplayer mode is ranked. I am disappointed there's no 1v1 mode but that's no big deal. Characters are based on classes (Assassin, Vanguard, Ranged, etc.) as opposed to having a vast amount of moves for each. It's easy to get into, but hard to master completely. As a fan of the previous, I really enjoy this but there are a few drawbacks as stated. If you have no past experience in the previous titles, I'd say it's a very accessible and enjoyable game.
  10. Ghost Recon:Wild Lands

    I used to have it for a while when it first came out. It was a solid game that was pretty expansive and even hard in parts. I don't have it anymore though.
  11. Anybody well versed in java wanna give a guy a hand with a little summer exercise?

    1. GazzaGarratt


      I'd love to dude but won't know where to start. Can you elaborate on what help you need?

  12. So, I've started drawing again.

    1. tronic44


      and you're pretty damn good! You should make a thread with them.

    2. RLPK


      Might do when I get a chance. I need to take better quality pictures of them, that and work is fairly hectic.

  13. What are you listening to right now?

    A little teaser for the debut album of a band I've been listening to since they started. I'm hyped. https://youtu.be/q2niMOFTh8I
  14. Pre-order bundle arrived yesterday.. Hells yeah.

  15. Any decent horrors worth watching?

    1. McNasty


      Every time Obama speaks

    2. Sennex


      I will ask my wife, she does a horror movie marathon every Easter. This year the focus was Exorcism movies

    3. cyberninja2601


      any presidential debate


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