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  1. Just Cal

    I am dithering. Dither dither dither

    I admire bussisness men like you so much. OT: I'm not a gun owner but I've always been fascinated by them. On aesthetics, I'd go with option 1. On % of fitting smoothly, option 1. Then you have the famous vs unknown factor. I always like to help out smaller businesses and hope that one day, they'll be regarded as a famous company. I'd go with option 1.
  2. Just Cal

    GTA V - Heists!

    So after a year and a half of waiting. Heists are finally here! This would be fucking fantastic if my PS3 didn't decide that today was the day it wasn't going to work anymore. Lads, I feel like crying here.
  3. Just Cal

    Dying Light

    Trying (and failing) to become a success at life my friend. I hope to be caught up with you lads soon
  4. Just Cal

    Dying Light

    I need this. I need this so bad.
  5. Just Cal


    Congratulations man! She's absolutely adorable
  6. Just Cal

    GTA V - Heists!

    I don't own a computer 'ard enough to run GTA but it actually REALLY annoys me that they slip the (4th) delay for the PC release in with the release date for heists. I got excited for these again when the trailer was released but I'm not going to get excited again until the update is installing
  7. Just Cal

    Minecraft 1.8

    Damn, what were you making to crash it man?
  8. Just Cal

    Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

    Hahahahaha the comment section felt dirty, I'm only a peasant but I know the social order! I'm doing ok man, been working up in Northern Ireland so my gaming time is weekends only now when the little one goes to bed Still working towards that sweet sweet PS4. Has to happen soon. I feel disconnected from the whole gaming world. When I can play, it's GTA so I need to start checking up on games more. My lady friend bought me Far Cry 4 for christmas.......for the PS4 hahahaha she knows how to motivate me.
  9. Just Cal

    Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

    So this looks quite good as a cinematic. Big surprise is the no subscription. Feels weird seeing console players thanking the PC master race for beta testing a game for them whilst paying a subscription.
  10. Just Cal

    Minecraft 1.8

    So that code/text you posted in the OP, how would I insert that into my own game?
  11. Just Cal

    Minecraft 1.8

    Oh so diamonds spawn at any level before settings changes? I saw you can go into the custom editor but didn't know they done that anyway. For shits and giggles, turn off or minimize all other ore and set iron and diamond to the max. The colours man....the colours. If you happen to find a new server, hit me up Bart.
  12. Just Cal

    Random Pictures

    I now know why Tam has a moth phobia. Fuck
  13. Fair play to ya man! Not entering the draw but it's a cracker of a game that more people need to experience.
  14. Just Cal

    The Interview

    I agree. I'd understand if they made a fictional figure head but to use Kim's real name is almost asking for retaliation
  15. Just Cal

    GTA V on PS4

    Ballad of Gay Tony is the game IV should have been in my opinion. It was absolutely fabulous hahaha


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