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  1. A couple more cups done working on more tonight and tomorrow since I finally go back to work tomorrow
  2. Thank you all for welcoming me. I'm new to gaming.
  3. @GazzaGarratt my 30oz cups are $35 usd and my 20oz cups are $25 usd and yes I will ship any where the customer covers shipping. And im starting out small and will go from there. This is something I started just to pass the time while I'm laid off of work .
  4. Another custom tumbler done!! This one is a Harry Potter theme!!!
  5. I do all of my tumblers custom. The customer tells me what they want and I make them.
  6. @tronic44 its an alcohol ink drop infused with epoxy resin.
  7. So during my lovely quarantine I have picked up a new hobby!! I can't wait to do more and show you more of my work
  8. I already know a few members. My boyfriend is apart of this group. Our safe word is pineapple. I like to joke around and have fun.
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