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  1. Thanks for all the warm welcomes guys. I remember seeing your name plumbers crack from the old forums. I joined the original forum during the MW2 lifecycle. And continued on during BO 1/2 MW3 also. I used to post loads of little clips because it was fun. But yeah, add me up Gazza and you too Tommy! PSN: IRaMPaGeIsBaCk
  2. It's great to see familiar faces, we definitely had some awesome games back then! Has just been a bit rough getting back into it. I mean 7 years without playing cod since BO2. Also switching consoles as well lol. Sounds good Chris! I have MWR in my library, but haven't downloaded it yet. Will have to at some point. Really looking forward to the new Modern Warfare also, looks absolutely amazing from the video's I've seen.
  3. Hello I'm a returning member from like 2 forums ago. I used to game under the name MDMA_RAMPAGE_UK on Xbox 360, yeah that long ago. Got a PS4 and currently playing BO4 for the last 6 months. Tigerburge got me here, thanks dude! Any OG's remember me?
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