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  1. So what guns are left? I actually quite liked the bizon, I had a few different setups and used it in core. I had a "shipment" class which was all about agility but used it on other maps too. 84 round mag, stippled grip, no stock, 5w green laser, steel barrel I think the lightest one. Thing shreds up close.
  2. Damn man, your killing the camos. I have barely done any. Not exactly grinding Damascus, but I'm impressed with the amount of guns you done! I like your little reviews of the guns after you gold them.
  3. Yeah sadly the xp is not needed for me as I'm already max level. But I got the rank progression badge done. And 2 different mission challenges done. Cornerstone and engineer possibly? Anyway 3 different things done that the glitch was holding back.
  4. Yeah was just playing and an in-game update arrived after a match. Update was quick and made me curious, so I decided to try it and it works. Not like before when it didn't track. Have fun completing mission challenges and rank progression badge.
  5. Saw this and was shocked, personally I like the k/d in-game scoreboard. I'm used to it. If I notice I've died a lot, I will switch class and try something different. To charge $20 for such a feature. As James said, it was free for years. I find it disgusting and won't buy it!
  6. FIFA world cup 1998 I do believe. Blur: Song 2.
  7. Yeah I mean don't get me wrong, playing solo probably exaggerates some of the minor problems. A bad game is often heightened while struggling, especially if your playing OBJ modes. Some pleb on your team is Camping a rooftop on Hackney yard at "A" Dom while your playing HQ/Hardpoint. I have seen me wipe a few players around an OBJ and have no backup or follow-up. Definitely need to get a few games man, usually play in the evening. Don't really play many other games at the moment. So if I'm online, good chance I will be playing MW. I don't mind mixing game modes. My favourite is KC/Dom a bit of TDM, will play HQ/Hardpoint. Not played much Search or Cyber attack on this game.
  8. That's one of the funniest things I've read in a while. The bit at the end with Hitler and Stalin's ashes left me creased. The survey looks a bit desperate indeed. They don't have an "other" option. Or the "Your game is ass, and there are better/other games on the market" In all seriousness, I play MW. But it's not the same as COD used to be. I literally didn't play MW pretty much all week until the other night. With all the updates and work and "Life" in general. I just didn't find a good time to play. And when I had a spare hour or 2 one of those nights. I choose not to play, the urge wasn't there. Now I didn't play IW, AW, BO3, WW2. But you bet I played the shit out of the other titles till max prestige and beyond. I have no guilt saying that MW is the 2nd worst cod imo after ghosts. Listen to this, I bought BO4 In January. 3 months after release. I didn't play cod for 6 years. I went from an XBOX 360 to a PS4. My internet originally was absolutely bollocks as well. No joke, felt like Michael Jackson thriller the way people skipped and froze about the map. Now aside from cheesy specialists and horrible micro transactions. I absolutely loved BO4, gameplay felt smooth (After I sorted my internet) The maps, Guns etc, challenges, the grind. All fine with me. Even with a "Different" controller and out the game a long time. I didn't spend a penny on BO4 and still had a good time. Even playing solo all the time too!
  9. Yeah messing with the old maps we love and cherish is dangerous. It's like ruining good memories. Oh you could you imagine Vacant with the old pre nerfs 725. Would of been absolutely disgusting to say the least. Vacant isn't all that bad a map, small and pokey. Sonic boom frag x3 was too good on the original COD4. But yeah what will they do to it? And Shipment like you say. Dread to think tbh bleh.
  10. Crash is also slightly bigger than original map imo. Just a little, also a few headglitches added and I think at least 1 set of new windows I seen. Really IW? This is just getting silly, people would be happy with the way it was. Even with old maps, they can't help themselves to alter and make them worse. Some IW staff better get fired for this state of events from launch onwards.
  11. Shoothouse 24/7 replaced with Crash 24/7. New groundwar map added. No shipment or vacant added atm. Probably one at the end of each month drip fed imo. Maybe we will have all 3 of these "new" old, whatever maps in 2 months time. Can confirm it tho for real James!
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