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  1. IRaMPaGe


    Welcome! Nice of you to join us.
  2. "A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse" Was part of my signature on the old forums.
  3. "Once the toilet paper of experience goes depleted, the arse of reason goes unwiped" This random strange quote only got better with the TP shortage some places had during the Pandemic.
  4. IRaMPaGe

    Season 4

    Yeah it's pretty sick, the people who cancelled have to redownload the full game. 200gb
  5. Well it is what it is, some people like Treyarch, some like IW games. At the end of the day I think it's unfair to blame Treyarch for a game that's not released or made yet, in which as stated they had to "Rescue" from Sledgehammer/Raven who abandoned/bailed/fired whatever it is. I think people should revisit last October, now MW on launch was the worst ever? They are still fixing things in it, the updates are getting bigger the sbmm feels higher. The game lags more after every update. It takes longer to search for games, I struggle to get a game below 70-90 ping MMS most of the time. As for recycling maps, Crash/Shipment/Vacant/Rust/ Backlot etc So what did MW give us for innovative new maps? Shoothouse fair enough. Atlas Superstore, gee thanks I will just grab a tent and hide in a shelf like the rest. Base maps: Low in numbers and unsatisfying. Picadilly, Azhir Cave, Ramazaa, I would state more but that's literally half of them. Now I'm no anti or pro either developer, but I'm all for fairness. I'm sure IW had some time for MW and didn't exactly blow everyone away from launch. Some people quit at the beta. The newer engine is nice, the gunsmith rocks. Took them a ridiculous time to add warzone, which I don't really care for but others wanted it. PS no BO4 campaign doesn't bother me, the game was cartoony, was full of specialists, OP DLC guns. But the maps flowed pretty good for the most part. I enjoyed the game, but probably because I hadn't played in years and it was my first game back. If advanced warfare or infinity warfare were one of the games I cameback on, who knows I might not even be here lol.
  6. Plain scones, cream + jam no sultanas. Don't care what's on first, still tastes good. Now people who make tea and put the milk in first before the bag that's just deranged. I totally understand where this guy is coming from.
  7. I just couldn't get along with Ghosts. I have said this many times. To me it was absolute dogshit. Think I even lasted till January before I retired from COD because of Ghost's. Didn't touch another COD for about 7 years. Cameback with BO4. All the old COD's were superb. Cod 4, World at War, MW 2/3, BO 1/2. Always have fond memories of those games.
  8. XclusiveAce has a video on it and that man is one of the most useful sources of information. Everything new about the launchers are here. Most of the launchers got buffed one way or another. The RPG lost 1m of splash radius, but 1 rocket close to someone's feet (not direct impact) does enough damage to kill someone on Warzone with full health and armor.
  9. @Plumbers Crack I've actually heard them covers before. It's interesting 2 nu metal bands do a Pink Floyd and Adele song. Works well tho.
  10. I'm gonna watch it too! I saw a YT title "Warzone saved it" from Scump.
  11. I loved the original Tony Hawk's. Always had great music and interesting songs. For me the 2nd was iconic. I played it more than any other. I remember playing it at my best mates all the time, smoking endless amounts of doobies. I swear my mate could hit huge manuals, ridiculous scores. As soon as you see the school, and hear Anthrax/Public enemy bring the noise. Yes!
  12. Must say I'm considerably jealous. Looks so delicious and frothy. My morning routine is pouring hot kettle water into a mug of frozen instant coffee granules. Tastes like mud straight from a swamp. The taste of bitterness and cheapness reminds me my own life choices aren't always the best.
  13. I mean the co founder of rock n roll itself. Hope Slayer/Messugah/Mastodon,Lamb of God etc give him a shout out to him at the next gig!
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