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  1. The sheer amount of techniques on show here are mind blowing. Guy is a god for sure!
  2. Yeah I feel ya Kiwi, I'm oldschool. I relate to a lot of your problems and major annoyances. They just designed the game in a way that promotes a lot of frustrating gameplay. Camping is rewarded and mounting your gun is literally OP. It's just making your peace with the game. What makes a cod fun for you? Is it the just running about doing your thing? Find a new thing e.g gamemode,gun,class setup, equipment Frags/C4 throw an RPG on and decoy grenades for randomness. You just have to make the game more enjoyable for yourself. Camp every so often and earn a few big killstreaks if it makes you feel better. Try sniping or just give something different a go. Most times I play this game, at some point it will turn into a catatonic rage and serious self doubt on one's gun skill. Was it just me that missed a few shots? Was that guy any good? *Proceeds to watch killcam* "OMFG you cock sucking goat fucker! How dare you, you fucking skin of the end of Satan's Scrotum!" Game is fucking BULLSHIT! I'm done........ I'm gonna sell it!!!!! Then at some point in the near future another night playing KC on Hackney yard and you earn a VTOL Jet without even barely realising. "Oh shit my proximity mine just hit a triple" Alrite! Sweet dude. It's a game of 2 halves, quite often I'm on the shitter, dirtier side with the crack on it. Everyone once in a while I'm sitting on that other side, The rainbow with a blunt and 20 ho's. A nice 18 year old malt whisky to chase it!!!!
  3. I usually run UAV/Cruise missile/VTOL. Sometimes switch the UAV with the care package. I hate how the precision airstrike is something your character has to place instead of the map overview way. 50% of the time I get shot trying to place it in a decent spot. Chopper gunner is pretty good and had a few of them. Not always consistent enough to earn them in the regular tho. I also find a lot of cruise missiles I miss because they are "inside" or I catch a roof or building on the way down. The aerial view is much more cluttered because of the maps/layout etc. But yeah I enjoy the UAV/VTOL. Usually a standard for me.
  4. Yeah it's just a totally different pace. Much prefer the fast paced rush like style. You could run a pistol or random gun or SMG and wreck in the old games. On this game, try that running a pistol on picadilly! To be fair tho I had a game of Dom 10 V10 on Arklov Creek and ran a pistol all game. And did really well. Had to play like a sneaky bastard. Finished like 25-6 with 8 caps and 10 defends or so. Definitely helped get the 40 pistol kills challenge as that's what I was doing at the time.
  5. This is pretty ridiculous if you haven't seen it, the orchestra makes it more epic imo. Also the "ruffled" collars are badass.
  6. Yeah it's not something I will play. I'm all about the MP and respawn modes mainly. Like someone else mentioned. I'm all for them having the BR, but it better not dilute the MP. Or spend too much energy on one or the other. If they add it, don't slack on the MP! That's my thoughts atm.
  7. MW3 was good yeah, I really enjoyed that game a lot! Back when maps were actually good to play and fun. This game, the maps just suck ass for the most part. I hope they do some remakes of maps from other cod's. The worst maps on other cod's are better than MW's best ones!
  8. This is the strangest thing I've seen in a while. Basically it's 2 sisters from Bulgaria, singing a cover of a Manowar song. (Heavy power metal band) Anyway the girls are like 7 & 12. Just goes to show anyone can rock!
  9. I do agree with what your saying, but the more people aware of it and/or using it. Will force them to fix ASAP! No rocky. But yeah I do totally agree with your comments James.
  10. She is amazing, she won Guitarist of the year 2016. She also has a form of OCD and has Autism. Did you watch the video of her "Through the years" growing up and playing since 7 or 8 years old. I will post it just incase! So funny the Tina turner tribute ticket, absolutely priceless man!
  11. The guy states ln the video he is posting it so people are aware, but also so the Devs at IW see it. He also says it's possible in 6v6 as well, but GW it's easier to do and abuse. Hopefully this is priority as it's something major needing fixed!
  12. Saw this, thought I would share. Sounds like more broken stuff. Avoid Groundwar!
  13. Been listening to Guthrie Govan again recently, guy is an absolute legend!
  14. Get ready to sell your guitars guys! 16 year old French girl going ham on a Jason Becker song. Flawless imo!
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