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  1. Picadilly is awful, but I'm playing it more as of late. It's a terrible map, the longshot opportunities are there tho. If there was a groundwar version I would abuse the JOKR. Yeah there was 2 playlists, the "What Every cod player wants" (10v10 Shipment)" The original playlist I clicked on was advertising "24hr shipment" and turned out being Picadilly, was the ultimate troll gag. I swear Picadilly is a giant meme. Azhir Cave is sometimes on a similar level of frustration.
  2. Must be a glitch for me, I was doing both side operators simultaneously. There was 2 different ones that needed 5 head shots each. I just set 1 side as favourite and after 1 match I had both sides done. Not for me to question, I also had tracker 15 kills and get 3 equipment kills going on at the same time on 2 different sides. I must of broke it.............
  3. Funny thing is I noticed it but hadn't touched it till a couple of days ago. Usually just rock Ghost, but did Otter/Grinch/Minotaur/ On Domino atm. Keeps something slightly interesting to grind and the challenges are fairly simple. Calling cards for the Operators are cool too! I did enjoy using the Uzi for some reason, the challenging nature of it. And boy hunting longshots for the Uzi on core (Without Groundwar) Num num num, absolutely love it! It became a sport, like a hobby for me. Although a rather sinister and twisted way to seek fun, but the reward of hitting longshots Vs M4's and snipers. The Striker feels a bit odd, I don't feel it's conviction. The Grau shreds up close and maybe only loses to an MP5 or shotgun, assuming it's a 50-50 same skill fair fight. Ram just feels nice at all ranges tbh, it just has the punch and doesn't feel slow like the Oden for example.
  4. Was crazy, like you know I love Shipment. It was too much for me, the senses were overloaded. I enjoy the chaos, but well one game I got hit about 3 times in a row with gas or flash after a respawn. Could easily go on a 3-5 insta spawn deathstreak without getting to fire a bullet.
  5. Hey man welcome back! Definitely remember your name from the old old forums. Always great to see someone return.
  6. Nice that you made it here, definitely a cool place to hang. What type of games do you enjoy playing in particular? There are people here who Enjoy COD/Destiny, many other genres like racing or RPG. Also plenty of sub forums for hobbies/music/cars/cooking, building PC's. But we all enjoy gaming, Welcome Matey! Arrrrrr
  7. Just wondered if anyone played any MP cod on the 1st of April? Last Wednesday? I had a shock and a laugh playing some games myself. They had a playlist "Shipment 24/7" Also a disclaimer if you backed out there would be a penalty/delay on playing after it suggested. Anyway it turns out it was Picadilly 24/7 Was absolutely hilarious. Then was the ultimate playlist, Entitled "Every COD players Wants This And It's Disgusting" It turns out it was 10 V 10 Shipment. OMG! Even for me it was too much, RPG's/Flash/Gas Grenades/VTOL's/Gunship/Choppers/ Phosphorus incoming I never saved any of the footage, did manage a Frenzy with a single Snakeshot .357 Magnum. Was ugly as hell and just forgot. Played a few crazy games, but got slaughtered a few times. Did anyone else play or experience this?
  8. Out of these 3 guns it's definitely, Ram,Grau,Striker in that order. The Grau feels more SMG like. The Striker is still better than original Uzi imo.
  9. Although the MW2 campaign was legendary. I'm just not much of a campaign guy. I used to work through the campaign if my internet was down. I'm literally straight to MP asap. Ignore the campaign, maybe I'm a weirdo. Was anyone else this way?
  10. You need to maximize the fun when using it. So yeah wiping out campers and pissing off guys in search are ideal. @datfroggieguy Also not trying to piss you off man. But they fixed the Strela on that last update. Before, amped was glitched on it. So it took over 4 seconds to reload. Now it's fixed to 2.4 seconds, in line or the same as the other launchers! Of course once yourself and I took that bitch to gold pre patch. Memories, stories for the grandkids. What happened in 2020? Coronavirus, and oh yeah I got the Strela gold on MW pre patch 1.18. Tough times......
  11. Yeah the Ram is pretty nuts, the Grau is equally as good. Both are up there with the M4. The M4 is boring to use, I got it gold quick and never used it again. I have about 1500 kills with the M4, probably picked a few up. Although it's my most used gun and I haven't had an M4 class for over 3 months.
  12. I've unlocked a lot of blueprints for guns, and I also have the Battlepass which unlocks even more in the season tiers. Some of them look or sound cool, but truth be told most of them have trash attachments. And when you change them it makes the gun look more and more normal. It alters the look. I would rather level the guns and use my own setup. I do sometimes use them just for the name, my EBR is called "Stay Frosty" from the blueprint. When I kill someone it shows on their screen. "Annihilator","Flood","Dusk" etc. I just hope it confuses them and they don't know what gun it is.
  13. The JOKR is annoying? Your not using it right. It's a beast, really good for choke points and campers. Even better if there is claymores, mines or ammo boxes around. Creates a bigger boom which is satisfying. Imagine there was a danger close perk, or if stopping power rounds affected the JOKR . Seriously tho, use the JOKR in Search. Guaranteed rage from the enemy team. I've had 2-3 kills some rounds, and the language you hear. .
  14. What a legend man, fair play! Is an impressive slog you have achieved.
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