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  1. Diddums diddums diddums what have I just had to read You haven’t played D2 in a long time, I can tell. Armour now has completely changed, they have split it into 6 stat roles. mobility resilience recovery discipline for grenades intellect for your super strength for melee The stats above are basically what you’ve just described as what the game needs. If you’re fighting a tanky boss you’ll opt for high stats in something like resilience and intellect. For PVP perhaps you’ll want mobility, recovery and intellect. There are so many builds you can make. Theres multiple ways to get high stat specific roles to drop and yes some are grindy, some are fun. I’ve found the old Levi raids like Spire and EOW drop high roles for PVP builds. Menagerie is brilliant for specific armours and roles as you can direct the chalice to a specific build. The choices are endless. I can’t defend the bounty grind as that is what it is, a bounty grind. You’ve said about raids being too easy and if you die people can just carry on and complete stuff without you. I disagree with that totally. I can’t remember ever completing a raid with only 5men with you guys before...... Imagine every raid encounter being so mechanic heavy that if one person dies it’s a wipe etc. People would be moaning then that they’re too hard. How would new people be able to learn it?? You have to be sensible about it. There should be times where when someone dies the other 5 can carry for a bit. It just makes it harder for the others. Also there’s not a better feeling when youve spent hours grinding a loadout and armour etc found yourself another couple of good players and decided complete loadouts from subclasses to armour stats and armour mods and then gone and completed a raid.... 3man The activities are there. The armours there. The stats are there. The armour mods and weapon mods are all there too. If you don’t enjoy the game anymore that’s absolutely fine but you can’t say they lack stats etc when it’s all there for you to customise your own specific builds.
  2. Yooooo what have I been missing
  3. Bluffin on lunch playing CoD on his phone
  4. Yes I have a scuff with the 4 paddles. I love it and will never go back to a normal controller. If anyone can get hold of Kempy he has a set of back paddles I bought to add to the FGFG fund. They were limited to one per person so I bought my son a set then Kempy let me use his Game account to order another set but they got sent to his house.
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 135 seconds  
  6. Pmsl, you can tell most of mine were guesses 😂
  7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 41/100 My Time 164 seconds  
  8. Good weekend overall for raids etc. We managed to run Ajay through SOTP 3times yesterday and 1phased Riven with swords. The main challenge was getting people to defeat the mean fucker Ghalran, after a few wipes and a few mishaps we managed to pull together and finally do it as a complete FG Fireteam. Myself and Ghost town worked together well, Rob and Chad also but the main hats off goes to Leigh for managing to keep Kempy alive long enough to finally complete the Raid. congrats on your first completion guys. Next runs will be a lot faster and easier now our new weekly reset runs will now more than likely be 3x SOTP, 3xDungeon and 3xCOS and 3x Rivens for keys And to top it off I finally got my Randys scout rifle that I’ll never use
  9. Teenwolf25


    Madmitch, if you see any of us in a party or online feel free to jump in the chat or send invites to us. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I can’t do shit@tronic44, someone didn’t like my raid post..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Leigh has mentioned over the past day or so that hed like to finish the Crown of Sorrows raid. I think a few people tried it with us a few months ago and got to the boss. With time differences etc we were unable to complete it and getting a full team back together was hard with work and life commitments. Tomorrow (9th Jan) we will be running COS from the start. We need another 4 players who want to help or learn the raid. I can teach all the encounters if needed. It’s easily doable and the mechanics are easy enough to pick up quick. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Yes mate, get it planned and we’ll run it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Teenwolf25


    Guardian down is more Kempy on scourge in the safest place on the map [emoji23][emoji23] Welcome to the madhouse MadMitch, how did you find FG out of interest? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Good to see people running them. Clan raids are so much more fun then randoms. I went on last night thinking I’ll try and encourage people to do COS. I was on my own so went to the Darkside with Bluffin greboth etc on COD and got my arse handed to me. [emoji23][emoji23] I remember why I hate call of duty now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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