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  • How did the ornament get addicted to Christmas? He was hooked on trees his whole life


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  1. Looking forward to this to be honest. Are we just doing one run or see how we will get on? I'll make sure I have all the quest chains as well if we can do a full clear please x See you gents at 9pm.
  2. Ok buddy, I’ll get a 1h to level it up ready.
  3. J&B

    Hey everyone :)

    Hey Tom, welcome to the group and hopefully you enjoy your time here. Great bunch of gents to have a laugh with. Started my first online gaming with legend of mir ( Pheonix server ) and Dark Eden also . Good old dial up with the two step lag There is a small group of us currently playing wow and I believe there is a post about it. So feel free to join in if you like.
  4. I can do Friday, just not sure on the time currently. what level is best for a warrior and I’ll make sure I’m as close as can be. Also I’m guessing I’ll need to pick up a sword and shield? I have not tanked for a very long time, so some wipes will happen....
  5. Has anyone found a guild yet? Also I’ve made a Dwarf warrior. what are people’s Battle.net names so I can add you all.
  6. I do not mind on the server or faction. Pve would probably be better for me as it’s a bit more casual friendly. As for class I’ll have a think and update you or wait to see what others pick to fill a role.
  7. Hello all, I finally been able to step out of the middle ages and back into the 21st century! ( that's right the new home has been connected to the web) I've managed to get the old rust bucket running and fingers crossed it will continue to do so with no problems. My Characters name is Melkos and is in the guide on the server Flame Lash who is currently a level 4 garden ornament..... (Warlock) Looking forward to seeing you chaps online for a good laugh. PS any spare bags if you can send them over until I can get myself sorted See you all soon.
  8. I’m not bothered what faction, so will just follow the group.
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