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  1. God fucking damn yes! The fact I made it in to the list of activities is frightening and exciting
  2. So@Diddums, why haven't we seen you in TD2? Via the FG App
  3. fg_cal

    Trophy hunting

    So is anybody going for the platinum? I was looking at the list and it doesn't seem too bad to be honest. The trophies for skirmishes and the dark zone seem to be the hardest on the list. Those and reviving someone who has called for backup. I joined someones game today, he got downed so of course I revived. No trophy. Via the FG App
  4. Ok I found it on the browser. Dave is now winning
  5. I can't see the poll but I'm voting Dave because the greatest man on earth is a Dave. Oh, and David Attenborough as well as Diddums Via the FG App
  6. Ah I lived there for about a year on and off in a little place called Burnfoot. Warm rain is the best!
  7. Took this while rained in the other day. Good aul Ireland what?
  8. One of my favourites so far from DC
  9. I've no problem starting a second character man. I'll have a woman, I was planning on doing it eventually anyway. At least then you won't be alone. I just ended up doing matchmaking while i was rolling solo
  10. Pretty cool map I stumbled across. Very handy for the mask wearing cunts and various art and shit. https://division2map.com
  11. It's very cheap now isn't it? I may just pick it up to join you, I only ever played the beta but I've been curious ever since.
  12. Fuck me I'm loving this server. Had the game for over a year I think and always got bored quick fast. Playing with you lads has got me addicted to the fucker
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