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  1. The link ain't working. Can you give me the URL instead of the picture? Thanks.
  2. I have orthopedic problems and wanted to know which gaming chair would be ideal for me? I suffer from FND and Sleep Apnea as well as Asthma and Arthritis. What chair does anyone recommend for my gaming set up?
  3. Hi everyone, I bought an expansion pak and plugged the console into one of my smaller TVs and now I can finally play on my N64.
  4. As you have seen in my previous thread, I have two N64 consoles and I've decided to give one to my Dad and I was wondering what games he would like for his N64 console I am giving him. He has a PS2 console and a NES console as well, he plays mostly shooter, army/war battle, action/adventure, SCI-FI and martial arts fighting games. This is what I have found so far that I think he will like giving his interests: Fighters Destiny Mortal Kombat 4 007 Golden Eye Perfect Dark Turok Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Doom 64 Duke Nukem 64
  5. Hi there! I was unpacking some boxes in my new home and found two N64 consoles, I tried plugging them in and switching them on but it keeps showing a blank screen on my TV. I thought this was to do with my console not having an expansion pack or a HDMI converter so I have ordered an expansion pack and a HDMI converter. I have both a scart plug and AV cables, I've tried blowing on the cartridge and the cartridge holder in the console but nothing works. I asked for advice from Yahoo Answers but people kept trolling me.
  6. I'm still new to this website so I apologize to admins & mods for adding this thread to the incorrect section. So it turns out there's already a YouTuber with "dojo" in their name, when I added "dojo" to my new YouTube name, it was suppose to mean like a "safe place" or a club for people in general who share similar interests. I was on YouTube the other night and found there's a YouTuber called "GameDojo", he is actually pretty cool and his streams are fun but anyway, I think it'd cause massive conflict or confusion if I added "dojo" to my new YouTube channel. I just wish creating a name for a channel wasn't so difficult. I couldn't create my PSN either and ended up with something I didn't like. Hopefully my channel will be available soon, I have finally moved into my new place, it has lots of space, I just obviously need to get my computer studio equipment set up and everything will be done.
  7. I bought a Japanese Grey SEGA Saturn as well as a UK PAL black version and I wanted to ask other people who have actually owned these consoles whether or not I need a power converter for my Japanese Grey SEGA Saturn (model HST 3200).
  8. Yep, instant chat will be added once my new YouTube channel is verified Everyone will be welcome, I'll need to hire some mods/admins to help monitor the chat for me so let me know if you or your friends will be interested in volunteering
  9. I am moving soon and creating a mini studio with my large laptop, I shall have a miniature fluffy boom microphone's like news reporters have and big 80's styled wireless Bluetooth headphones. I'll be wearing a forehead camera to film myself playing video games as if you're there playing it yourself, it'll be like a simulation featuring music from classic arcade games. Oh and please let me know what music tracks you'd like... For example "Chemical Plant from Sonic 2", "Super Mario Bros. theme from the NES console" etc. All video streams will be uploaded from 9-11pm UK GMT from Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. Also I'll be doing my very own gaming talk radio sessions Dojo FM, guests are welcome to ring me on my business mobile to be featured in the chat, my face is hidden though and if anyone prefers a voice changer option, I can use that. So yeah, lemme know what y'all think. Keep on gaming, brothers & sisters.
  10. Thank you all oh so ever much for making me feel right at home here... I literally just sent @SPFreely a PM expressing how surprised I was from how well everyone accepted me, I guess my full honesty and kindness DID get me this far and yet I haven't been given a warning or a ban which is good... As mentioned before, I do have some very bad psychological problems, mostly from child abuse, sexually assault, fat shaming etc, a lot has left me with PTSD and sometimes my Depression clashes with my Autism. I am on the Asperger's spectrum, a lot of people see me as every other adult and I may seem very intelligent & independent but I have a mental age of a preteen (possibly 11-12 years of old) and I have very poor social skills so when things go wrong, usually on the "friendly forums" where admins know me well they usually talk to me and I eventually calm down, people do report my suicidal tendencies which is good because usually it's more me crying for help and not really me wanting to leave this world and sometimes I struggle with life when I feel isolated so if you see anything, just kindly report it to an admin and I'm sure if the admin talks to me I'll probably will delete my content and be OK within less than an hour but usually admins just delete the sad, depressing posts but I'm going to try my best to avoid any sticky situations as admins have other things to do than look after a 31 year old who is mentally disturbed... Sadly that's what mental health services have called me "emotionally unstable" or "mentally disturbed" and said I do not have Autism at all and that I'm just a "spoiled brat" and I'm a "threat to society" but really I am just a "gentle giant"... People who know me locally have branded me as a "gentle giant" and think it's "disgusting" how I get treated both online and offline, even my best friend of 13 years was sick to his stomach by what people have done to me. But water, bridge... My favourite animes or mangas are: One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Death Note and Eden of the East... I also like Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad along with video game based anime like Poke-Mon (Original 90's series), Virtua Fighter & Devil May Cry. The first anime I ever watched was Sailor Moon (as embarrassing as that sounds but I'm sure plenty of guys like SM). The games I play are usually Nintendo, SEGA & PlayStation classics... Right now I'm very into: Virtua Fighter 2, Shenmue 1, Sonic 2, Power Rangers (Gameboy Advanced), Dead Or Alive 2, Tekken 2, Mortal Kombat (complete series), Super Mario Bros., SvR 2006, The Revenge of the Shinobi, Midnight Club 3 (Dub Remix), Grand Tourismo (First Game), V Rally, GTA 3 and Crazy Taxi. My favourite consoles are the Super Nintendo & SEGA Saturn.
  11. Hi, I'm going to be dead honest, I don't want people to think of me as a "troll" or "fake" or "scammer" etc so I'll just be open about everything... My head is a mess right now due to mental illness, finances, relationships (family wise) etc so ignore my rants or suicidal posts. I'm also Autistic and a lot of webmasters/admins have been cruel to me about my behaviour by giving me temporary or permanent bans or warnings. I have a verified account with YouTube and Twitter but people keep bullying me and reporting my content to try and get me kicked off. My legal name is "Aimee" but I identify as "male" so I go by the name "Alan" but due to excessive bullying and harassment, I no longer have a name, I wish I could have one but people only judge or see me by my flaws or misunderstandings so I feel unwelcome in society, especially online. I don't know if I will be welcome here or it's the right place for me but I'm going to give it a try. I've been a gamer since I was a toddler, loved anime since I was a preteen, I'm not sure if it is allowed on here but I'm interested in buying games or game consoles and memory cards with game progress completed. Right now I'm looking for a pre-owned original PS4 console that's UK PAL but modified so it can play region free discs/games. I would save up for a better TV or a PS4 pro but they're so expensive. I'm a legit buyer but I've been blackmailed and harassed because I wouldn't pay some guy £300 upfront by PayPal during Christmas period, I explained to him that if I did a bank transfer it'd be faster but he didn't listen and now he has like £1,500 pending to his PayPal account. I'm 31 years old, I own a SEGA Saturn & Mega Drive, slowing saving up for a Dreamcast, I have a PS2 (Original & Slimline) and one of those plug in play mini consoles. I think I have an N64 somewhere, I definitely have a NES. Well, this is me... If you like me and accept me, thank you, if you are creeped out or feel uncomfortable of my presence then by all means report me and I'll happily accept being banned from here like every other online community... Unfortunately I don't have Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg doesn't want me to have it. there you go
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