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  1. SPFreely

    Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself... Again

    Hi @jordie1892. I just joined up myself. It sounds like you're a legend around these parts 😎. Well it's good to meet you!
  2. SPFreely

    Physical or digital?

    Digital in my case. I had to breathe some relief that I had Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition on Steam, before Gearbox decided "hey, we don't want you to have that anymore". I found my Duke Nukem Atomic Edition disc while tidying my room, it was scratched up beyond recovery. Digital if you're careless like me 😀.
  3. SPFreely

    GTA V Photorealistic Mod

    😲 Well I'll be damned. I didn't know whether to believe this is real or not? If we've come this far then the future is already here. Roll on Holodecks and characters you can touch!
  4. I normally don't give games of this type a second glance, but I thought I'd satisfy some curiosity and I'm so glad I did. This game is seriously addictive and I like games that don't make you jump through flaming hoops, or the gaming equivalent, to earn rewards and experience. I could quote Path of Exile as a bad example of that. I'm not really invested in the story of MS2 at all, but the gameplay, interspersed with mini-games and other tasks you can perform keep me coming back for more. Anyone else here play and what do you think of it?
  5. SPFreely

    Just introducing myself

    Welcome Gaz, it's a pleasure to have you aboard!
  6. SPFreely

    Fortnite Season 6

    Oh cool, thanks for explaining.👍
  7. SPFreely

    Leftover Humble Keys

    Oh I got more than enough copies of it already. One on Steam, GOG and DRM-free...although the last two are pretty much the same. It's something I hope to get around to soon.
  8. SPFreely

    2018/2019 Football Predictions

    Interesting, Wolves in 4th. Well I guess it's very possible. There is a great chemistry between their attacking players.
  9. Oh damn, I meant to post this in the football section. Apologies!
  10. Hi people, what are you thoughts and reactions on the games that happened over the weekend? The reason for the title is that I watched the Fulham vs Arsenal match and I heard the colour commentator singing the praises of goalkeeper Marcus Bettinelli for earning an England call up, as if it gave us hope for the future of English goalkeeping and...what does he do? He goes and let's 5 past him! It looks like Pickford will be carrying that burden all by himself for a good few years.
  11. SPFreely

    Fortnite Season 6

    I hear the term 'Season' banded around a lot with popular trending games, but I want to know what it denotes? Does it refer to significant updates whereby it would diminish their importance by calling them updates, or am I talking about something completely irrelevant to what it means?
  12. SPFreely

    Leftover Humble Keys

    Hollow Knight seems a good deal on Humble Bundle, both Steam key and DRM free, although that might be an offer exclusive in the Sept subscriber bundle, I'm not sure...
  13. SPFreely

    Retro gamer looking to start a streaming 'career'

    Thanks @McNasty. I would probably go for a lot of the same games myself. The PC ones I've already got in my collection, except Grim Fandango.
  14. SPFreely

    Retro gamer looking to start a streaming 'career'

    Well I love Manchester and gaming, I'm down with that! Anyone else? 😀
  15. SPFreely

    What do you do?

    I work as a Personal Assistant and Support Worker for a Social Worker. It's a unique experience. Without being a social work student you're getting a first hand look at everything, whilst contributing in a small part. My primary role however is to provide support for a Social Worker who is dual impaired in eyesight and hearing. Unfortunately, my job is up in a couple of years and I can choose to either forge a new working relationship with another client, which will prove difficult or my ideal plan of turning Twitch streaming into an income of some form. I just wanted to say this explains why you're all such a well rounded bunch of people. You all do really interesting, worthwhile and essential jobs here.

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