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  1. SPFreely

    Last movie you watched

    The last film I saw was a weird one, which I watched with a bunch of friends. It's called The Bear, released in 1988 and I found it so confusing I didn't make it the whole way through. It involves two hunters obsessed with hunting this adult grizzly and come close to killing him only to just wound the animal and miss their chance. Now, while you would think any animal would scarper, the bear decides to go after them, killing two of their horses, badly injuring a third, making it PERSONAL. The bear befriends a young cub that for some reason makes childlike noises and has nightmares about the death of its mother, albeit through the art of claymation. I don't know, I just got so confused that I had enough by that point. If someone did see this please tell me I'm not exaggerating.
  2. SPFreely

    Advice needed for low profile GPUs

    Well I have considered the 1050ti, I certainly hope it's better than the 1030, urgh horrible GPU right there. No end of problems. The gtx 1070 sounds like it's worth a gander too. Thanks for the suggestions guys, some very helpful info indeed.
  3. SPFreely

    I'm New Here, I Suppose

    Greetings Echo! I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. This place is fantastic, from the friendly people to the awesome content. All gaming bases covered imo.
  4. SPFreely

    Advice needed for low profile GPUs

    Cool. I mean I can theoretically sacrifice a couple of slots for a GPU. I have a DELL refurbished machine I got my eyes on which I think has more room for manoeuvre. Don't ask why a refurb, I'm just mad and have an affinity for fixer uppers lol.
  5. SPFreely

    Advice needed for low profile GPUs

    I mean small case and small expansion slots. I'm sure you will notice with some GPUs with a VGA out port, they can be discarded for a smaller bracket with just an HDMI and DVI. I guess I used the wrong words. What I meant was Graphics Cards with one tier of output ports, if that makes any sense? So anything powerful (if possible) and small enough to fit inside a small PC case?
  6. SPFreely

    Advice needed for low profile GPUs

    Hi everybody, I own a bunch of low profile PCs, opting for this solution considering space is not an option where I live, but I have also found it limiting in terms of what I can upgrade my PCs to in terms of hardware. I was wondering what you guys could suggest along the lines of low profile, possibly one slot GPUs?
  7. SPFreely

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

    I wish I got to meet the man. What a brilliant creative mind and such an influential figure in comic book media and beyond. He will never be forgotten, but I hope for the current generation who have been passed the torch, that they will make him proud and make Marvel great again. I feel they've lost focus, but if there's one incentive to get back on track, it's to do it for Stan. He now joins the likes of Bob Kane in the greatest Hall of Fame of all time.
  8. SPFreely

    YouTube Sink To New Low

    I still think we're losing focus here, exactly as detractors of game violence would like. Not one single REAL woman has been injured throughout this entire fiasco. If there were solid evidence that this game inspired hundreds of people (I'm not going to say thousands, that's just stupid) to go out and commit violence against women then there would be a legitimate argument against exhibiting this particular content of the game or for removing this portion of the game completely, but I don't think there is and I don't think there ever will be. The so called negative influence of violent games, is the same as blaming aspects of the television, movie and music industries for why kids grow up to become maniacs, contrary to more legitimate reasoning such as abusive upbringings, peer pressure, gang culture etc.
  9. I was wondering if we could curate a collection of free and open source games that we could make available on here or at least signpost to the sites where they are available to download. Stuff like Chromium B.S.U & FreeDoom which I have played and can tell you they're good and addictive. It could be fun? Also, did anyone ever suggest a chatbox in the past?
  10. SPFreely

    YouTube Sink To New Low

    At the end of the day it's just 3d models beating up on other 3d models. How can anyone with two or more brain cells to rub together be unable to see that? If it starts here, then where will it end? Will this out of control crusade end up with every copy of Street Fighter 2 having Chun Li removed or giving Doom's Spider Mastermind a set of balls to ensure that no harm comes to any female in video gaming. We don't know where this will end and this is why we can't let those Politically Correct, s*** for brains, f***heads have this victory! By the way, I wrote the above before reading of the U-turn, but the sentiment still stands.
  11. SPFreely

    YouTube Sink To New Low

    None of it is real! Is most of society whacked out on drugs or something? What next, ban the sale and screenings of Life of Brian?
  12. SPFreely

    Guess I'm New...

    Welcome @yelropS . Well for someone who doesn't game as much lately, you still play all the right games. You'll never be at a shortage of fellow players or relatable discussions here. Welcome aboard! 😎
  13. SPFreely

    GPU upgrade

    Phwoar! That is a beast! I'm scared to see what your case looks like lol.
  14. Dude you can never have too many copies of the Torchlight games, just saying 😀. In all seriousness I hope this isn't it, because even Humble Bundle had the good sense to freshen up their Humble Trove after a while. One thing I do like about the Turbo selection is that you don't need mind blowingly good PC specs to run most the games. They picked a selection most people can enjoy. Since I'm downgrading my GPU for sound and video issues I could very well be counting on that lol.
  15. Discord has decided to make it's foray into the world of game retail and I for one couldn't welcome an alternative to Steam and GOG any more. However, this move has been made more awesome by the introduction of a new $9.99 monthly Discord Turbo subscription, which gives you unlimited access to an incredible library of games. Rest assured, I don't work for Discord, but I'm on there frequently throughout the day and if this is a legit alternative to Steam, hopefully with some unique games thrown in the mix, I'm all for it. Either Discord recognizes the solid connection between their service and Twitch or they are following in Twitch's footsteps to one day introduce live streaming themselves. Who knows? Maybe you do. Well let me know what you think about this?


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