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  1. If you aren't set on getting a gaming chair, have a look here https://www.2ndhnd.com/, they fix up and sell second hand chairs for a fraction of the price. I'm using a Steelcase Leap V2 which I purchased from these years ago when they first started up on eBay.
  2. I haven't watched that yet. Funnily enough, I first liked her in Jurassic World, without realising who she was. It wasn't until I liked her character in Merlin that my partner pointed out they are the same person.
  3. Sorry I bailed after only a few races. My daughter was in desperate need of my help. It seems like a great game to play online and it's carnage with you lot. Hopefully I'll be able to stick around for longer next time.
  4. Just a thought but should the following threads maybe be moved to the new Health & Fitness forum? http://forevergaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/6243-running-cycling/ http://forevergaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/7684-how-are-we-keeping-fit-and-healthy-in-isolation/ http://forevergaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/7876-home-gym-uk-strongest-novice/
  5. GOG.com WWW.GOG.COM Download the best classic and new games on Windows, Mac & Linux. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies and 30-day money-back guarantee. HITMAN: Absolution is currently free on GOG
  6. Get Snake Pass for free WWW.HUMBLEBUNDLE.COM For a limited time, get Snake Pass for free and keep it forever, courtesy of Humble Bundle! While supplies last. This is a good game, requires a controller and can be a little frustrating but worth it if you don't get easily annoyed.
  7. I can now add Merlin to my list. Even though I mainly watch it for Morgana.
  8. Games wise it didn't really sell it. The console itself looks very nice. I won't be able to afford it this time round, maybe in 2-3 years I'll hope to be able to consider it, by which time they'll have better working versions and the game library will be decent. And it would be disc all the way, especially if it turns out to be backwards compatible. Plus digital on consoles is stupid expensive when the discs can be had much cheaper.
  9. This bundle may interest someone. It's a huge bundle containing indies games and other goodies, yes most will be rubbish but considering the price and the huge amount of content, it's well worth it just to actually play indies in which you otherwise wouldn't have even knew existed. Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality by itch.io and 920 others ITCH.IO Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality: 1162 items for $5.00
  10. So are you playing this on PS4 or PC? I haven't changed my UI yet, the only things I've done is hotkey rebinding. Anyhow, here's my character I want to make another one as a main healer class with the first name Morgana but I can't think of a second name for her yet.
  11. Sega announces Game Gear Micro, the strangest retro mini game device yet WWW.POLYGON.COM It comes in four colors, with four games on each handheld Some more info and seems more like a waste of money. 4 different editions, each handheld only containing 4 games....
  12. I'm enjoying this game, I'm around level 18 and just arrived at the next two islands, ready to go out and explore more later today. I did start out on PS4 but I found the clutter overwhelming and confusing, which isn't helped by using a controller. As soon as I switched over to PC, it looks better, runs better and it doesn't look as much complicated. A good thing with this game being on both systems, means you can easily go from playing on the PC to the PS4 on the same subscription. You still need to buy the game for both systems you wish you play on but at least you don't have to pay twice for the sub and your characters are saved across platforms. I like the idea of not needing to level up a bunch of different characters to use different classes, so while I'm currently running with Archery, I may pick up healer at some point. If I had any gripe with this game, it would be the lack of voice acting and the amount of reading you have to do to get through even basic none main story quests. When you get to the cutscenes however, they are rather enjoyable. Oh and the stupid amounts of rain in the starting island.
  13. @GazzaGarratt @Middle Class Caveman well graphics come second for me. But if say 1-3 are considered the worst then I'll probably skip them. I doubt I'll get around to completing all of them, but I can try! So if I concentrate on the ones people recommend for a newcomer, it would shorten the list of games I look at. Do the FF games follow on from each other story wise? or are they all like their own separate stories? As I mentioned in the above post, I'm currently playing FF V because it's currently the only one I own (I don't know if or how FF XIV Online ties into the universe). I'm still in the very early stages of the game though and my characters are around level 11/12. I'm still getting my head around the abilities / jobs and what I should go with for each character. I've met Harpy and Shiva but I was really under leveled at the time and don't think I'm ready even now, I'm now at the point I need to defeat LiqudFlame but he's a bugger. One thing that did surprise me with FF is I thought the combat was turn-based. So after learning it's actually active turn-based, it makes it a little more difficult.
  14. I only caught it during the benchpress but they all did great. Chris was unlucky on his last benchpress and Danny looks like a beast his lifts look great and the way he added on to the end to make up 200kg, does he do tournaments too? What does a spotter do? Is it just someone to make sure they don't hurt themselves? Overall it was a fun watch and you should update this thread if you have anymore streams coming up.
  15. What's this? Do you run a weightlifting competition, is it just for fun? I'm watching
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