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  1. Spacedeck

    Community Calendar: FG PC Night

    I should be good for this. From them games I'd be up for L4D2 and RB6. Could potentially download ArmA3 and Payday 2. Does anyone have Overcooked! 2? The latest game has multiplayer up to 4 and a real blast to play. Another game could be Burnout Paradise: Remastered? Releases on Origin tonight. Also if you log on to the Origin website (https://www.origin.com/gbr/en-us/store/burnout/burnout-paradise-remastered), you should be able to click the banner at the top to buy the game at 75% off. I got it for £4.49.
  2. Spacedeck

    Not a newbie

    Working on a shuttle sounds like a pretty amazing job. What was it like?
  3. Spacedeck

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PC Rainbow 6 Night

    Does FG have a discord? If not, it might be worth while getting one if more PC players are turning up?
  4. Spacedeck

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PC Rainbow 6 Night

    It's that bad, huh? Am I missing out if I don't get any of the yearly passes? Did they release any new maps with each season?
  5. Spacedeck

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PC Rainbow 6 Night

    Well I'm on and I've sent some FR out from this thread for Steam and Uplay. I see you guys play this via Steam though, hopefully I can still join.
  6. Spacedeck

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PC Rainbow 6 Night

    @phil bottle doesn't the free play end tomorrow? Not sure if I should pick up the Standard Edition for just over a tenner on Ubi store. Can get a 20% off code for 100 Ubi points.
  7. Spacedeck

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PC Rainbow 6 Night

    @GazzaGarratt @phil bottle @crispymorgan @The3rdWalker Anyone going to be playing this today?
  8. Spacedeck

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy

    Only if this is corrected to put the games on one disc. I knew this was going to happen due to the out pour. I'd rather have a finished product if I get this physical. I am a little gutted though as the initial release date was on my birthday 😞.
  9. Spacedeck

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PC Rainbow 6 Night

    It's a good job you didn't have me on your team then 😂. I'll play the game tomorrow when I get time and see if it has any tutorials I can run through.
  10. Not sure what's downloading. Downloading this on uPlay. Only managed half way through the download so far.
  11. Downloading this now on PC... 60GB though
  12. Well I will always prefer FPS games on PC but I'm open to PS4 is someone has a PS4 and not PC. I'd need to make extra room on my PS4 if we did choose that, so PC is overall better for me.
  13. I'm thinking more along the lines of how many people are willing to download the game and on which systems. I have zero interest in being the best in the game, I'll try it out with some of you guys on whichever is getting most players. Not sure I'd want to download on both though.
  14. Okay I guess that settles it. Can we pre-load on the PC and if so, when does it go live?
  15. Spacedeck

    Console Emulators

    Well I used EP for most of my ROMS, even got Premium to support and better downloads. I need to obtain my retro games again though, so looks as though I'm in search for alternative sites, if you know of any trustworthy sites that are still decent?

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