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  1. Sennex


    Yep, back where we were in D1 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Sennex

    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

    cool! I am not that familiar with 5th ed. So I am unsure how they handle XP for non-combat stuff. which means ignore everything I posted above about XP lol
  3. Sennex

    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

    A lot of "new" gm's don't realize that XP can be given for damn near everything that happens in game. There are even mechanics for giving 1xp per GP found (HORRIBLE mechanics by the way that rewards the players for being murder hobo's). Most think that the only way to progress is through combat, as thats the really obvious activity that makes people stronger. wait, I just realized, are you guys playing Pathfinder, 5th ed, or an OSR deriviative?
  4. Sennex

    Getting a Dreamcast

    Blue Stinger, House of the Dead, and Soul Caliber are my games! Never actually played Crazy taxi
  5. Sennex

    The July Update - Destiny 2

    Yea I don't stay on top of Destiny news, sorry man. If I see something on google news about it, I share it here with you guys, but half the time I don't even read it. I just C&P it for you all
  6. Sennex

    The July Update - Destiny 2

    so the 400 light stuff can't be infused into other things? also new LL of 600? I really just don't understand the decisions they(Bungie) make at times.
  7. Sennex

    The July Update - Destiny 2

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2018/07/18/so-how-is-destiny-2s-big-pre-forsaken-july-patch/#4a3954f2227f Yesterday, Destiny 2 rolled out a rather large patch meant to introduce a few new aspects into the game and lay the groundwork for larger changes with this falls Forsaken expansion in two months. I’ve been playing over the course of the last day, and while I haven’t experienced everything the update has to offer (I’m not a Prestige Raid Lair guy), here are my thoughts on what I’ve seen/done so far. Bounties Bounties are one of those things that got taken out of Destiny 2 from Destiny 1 where no one really understands why exactly that happened. Now they’re back, giving you daily tasks to complete in strikes and the Crucible, and for the most part they’re pretty easy, a fountain of free tokens where completion gives you four each. So in addition to whatever else you’re getting from these activities, that’s 20 tokens a day from bounties alone, a full rank by itself. They also give you shaders (please, no more shaders, my postmaster can’t take it, and can also give you legendary engrams, but I’d say it took about 20-25 completed bounties for me to land one, so it isn’t often. Bounties are…fine, just a bit unexciting and not really necessary for someone like me who plays a lot and already has an enormous excess of Vanguard and Crucible tokens anyway. I don’t see a reason for them not to exist, but I sort of wish they were harder to complete/gave better prizes. These are just sort of…there. Destiny 2Bungie Catalyst Stuff The drop rate for Heroic Strike catalysts has supposedly been buffed, but buffed from what to what is anyone’s guess, given that Bungie doesn’t share that information. I can’t really judge this change in one day as no, I haven’t gotten a strike catalyst in my first ten strikes of the patch, but that’s hardly surprising. I already got myself the Sturm catalyst after doing I think, a single strike on Nessus, so that one doesn’t seem too hard to get. Playing with Sturm and Drang again for the first time since launch has…not made me like them any more, even with recent changes, and I doubt this catalyst will solve that. Fetch just isn’t going to happen with this thing, Bungie. I am more than a little miffed that the Sleeper Simulant and Telesto catalysts are tied to Prestige Raid Lairs. I will be lucky if I do either of those activities once, much less be able to farm them for catalysts, so this is hugely disappointing given that those are two of my favorite exotics in the game. Really not a fan of raid-only catalysts, though I suppose I understand why they exist. Still, I wish I had an alternative to get them. Destiny 2Bungie Exotic Buffs I have not been able to play around with every newly buffed exotic so far, but the changes I’ve seen so far have been good, even if I’m not sure if any of my core builds will fundamentally change. The new Hunter Stomps are hilariously fun, turning you into Air Jordan. It’s not quite Bones of Eao, but it’s a similar feeling as you will get an incredible amount of air with these on triple jump now. I have not tried the new tripmine gloves but I hear they make that grenade more viable in PvE now. The new Titan Dunemarchers are interesting with their 400% PvE damage buff. It does some pretty solid work but it’s a little awkward because there’s no animation that starts when you’ve activated the perk after 1.5 seconds of sprinting, I feel like it needs some effect there like when you’re about to shoulder charge/hammer strike. The sprint speed increase is really noticeable though. The new Doomfang Pauldrons are actually pretty wicked and can make your super a trash-mob clearing machine by constantly refreshing the timer while you’re rampaging around doing damage. It’s not arcstrider, but it’s really close now. Warlock stuff I haven’t gotten to yet, but I’m hoping Karnstein is actually good again as that used to be my favorite set of glvoes. Hard to know if anything could ever actually make me use Starfire regularly but who knows. Destiny 2Bungie Heroic Strike Nerfs Bungie essentially nerfed all the most annoying Heroic Strike Modifiers. You don’t take as much damage with airborne now, you don’t have your health and shields nerfed as much in Glass, and you don’t automatically get one-shot by blackout melees. Granted I’ve only experienced airborne so far, but it is…way less annoying, and I have to imagine the others will feel similar. Hopefully the blackout change will make me not automatically skip blackout day entirely now. The biggest problem with heroic strikes right now is that we need more fun positive modifiers besides heavyweight, and that hasn’t been fixed yet. Still, between these changes and the heroic strike catalyst rate, farming these just got less annoying. Destiny 2Bungie 6v6 Crucible I don’t know where I land on 6v6 Crucible at this point. I hated it at first, then slowly have been warming to it, but I’m not sure how I feel now. I feel like on most of these maps 6v6 is just too chaotic, making the matches less tactical and more Call of Duty kill/die/kill/die in rapid succession, which I’m not a huge fan of. You get less power ammo now since there are four more players on the map to grab it, and you get killed by more supers, which is less than enjoyable. I just don’t know where I land on this. 4v4 was always an odd call because of fireteam sizes in the first place, but you can’t really design maps for 4v4 then jam six players into them all the time. Far and away my biggest problem with 6v6 has been lag, which is way worse than ever. Not sure if the player count alone is causing this, or if adding new players from more places is doing it, but it’s been pretty unbearable in a lot of games, and really turned me off. 400 Light Yeah…things are a little weird with this 400 light idea. Players can land 400 light level weapons from prestige raid lairs now, but they can’t infuse them into anything else. Players will be able to earn 400 light level armor from Solstice of Heroes, but also can’t infuse that. So the entire point of these additions are that you’re earning a single set of weapons and armor that can take you up to a level that will really not help you in any significant way other than sounding cool, and doing so a month before Forsaken launches and takes max power to 600. I don’t know, seems a bit pointless to me, and if I’m excited for anything, it’s the Solstice armor ornaments and replaying the campaign on a harder difficult. 400 power seems like a gimmick to me with no real purpose and some weird restrictions. That’s not everything in the patch, but it’s most of the major stuff. If you’re playing, how are you feeling about it?
  8. Sennex

    New Xbone?

    https://www.engadget.com/2018/07/18/microsoft-new-xbox-hardware-gamescom/ Microsoft promises 'all-new Xbox hardware' next month (updated) Don't get your hopes up for an Xbox Two. Microsoft is bringing new Xbox hardware to Germany next month for Gamescom. The news comes from Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, who teased "all-new Xbox hardware and accessories" in a blog post this morning. What could it be? Well, there have been rumors (and leaked images) surrounding a revised Elite controller with three-way hair-trigger locks, tension control for thumbsticks, a magnetic USB-C connector and new grips since January, which makes it a good candidate. The last Elite controller was released in 2015. Or, it could be a new SKU of the Xbox One. While it'd be nice to get a One X with more than 1TB of onboard storage, it's more likely that Microsoft will show off an even cheaper One S instead. The previous model was released almost two years ago to fanfare from critics and players thanks to its svelte design and better performance. Now that 4K TVs with HDR are becoming more commonplace, the value proposition for the One S is a lot more tangible. A lower price could make it even more attractive for first-time buyers -- a market Microsoft would be keen to exploit given the Xbox One's current position in the console landscape. Whatever happens, we don't have to wait too long to find out. Gamescom begins August 21st, with Microsoft's opening keynote scheduled for 10:30 AM Eastern the same day. The event will be livestreamed, and we'll be on the ground covering the biggest news and coolest games all week long. Update: Microsoft is backtracking on this announcement. Hryb tweeted that the wording in his original post ("all-new hardware and accessories") was inaccurate, saying that Microsoft would instead have "bundle and accessory news" to share in Germany instead.
  9. Sennex

    New PS4 model

    I don't mind Far Cry 5, as other than the arcade mini-game, you can play the whole thing offline without an issue. (Its how I play it) Watchdogs 2 was the one that gave me issue when it came to offline play though. They eventually fixed a lot of it, but still, it wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been. Skyrim and Fallout 4 have their issues as well with always on connectivity because of the modding and creation lab crap. GoW, and HZD were both amazing though. Also Witcher 3 was just perfect.
  10. Sennex

    Moderation of Speakers Corner

    Phil deleted it himself
  11. Sennex

    Moderation of Speakers Corner

    I didn't moderate it. give me a second here
  12. Sennex

    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

    Yea, i have a really hard time dealing with players that don't pay attention. Unless they are kids, I cut kids a lot of slack. I ran a game for a coworker, his wife, their daughter, and my wife. The daughter was 14, all she wanted to do was play Table Top WoW. She had absolutely zero interest in a 3 way civil war wrapped around slavery and religious persecution. Which makes total sense, I helped her roll a night elf hunter (Ranger) and have a huge panther as a mount. She frequently lied about her dice rolls and never paid attention. As the GM I just recorded half damage for her, pretty much always, and had all the important NPC's ignore her moire ridiculous actions. The game was a lot of fun, but it didn't last, as my coworker ended up getting fired.

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