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  1. Shucker

    1.03 Update

    PS4 update is just under 5gb
  2. Shucker

    Crispys Controller Hospital

    Hey Dr.! I had an issue with my DS4 about a year ago. From what I recall the trigger stopped responding properly. I ordered replacement pads as it seemed like the trigger had cracked the rubbery/silicony pad which stopped the button from pressing. You can kind of see it in the image below. What I don't recall is why I was unable to get it working after I got the replacements. I have some extra triggers and button pads you can have as well, if you want (see photo). Anyway, do you think you'd be able to take a look sometime? Cheers!
  3. Shucker

    What's Your Controller of Choice?

    I have a lovely white PS4 DS4 that I tried to fix and never managed to get working. I might have to put it back together and see if I can recall what was wrong with it and see if the good Dr. can assist.
  4. Shucker

    'Party Up' Thread

    Yeah, so I've noticed. I'll be on a fair amount this weekend, I hope. Likely solo tonight as it's FG GTAV night, which I find pretty "Meh" myself. @Dan94 Is usually pretty keen, so that makes three of us...
  5. Shucker

    What do you do?

    I got my first start in graphic design in a large Canadian book retail company working closely with people like yourself. Sadly, the American exchange rate, taxes, etc made it very difficult for retailers to compete with the likes of Amazon, Costco, and other online retailers. Company went bankrupt. Now look what you've done. You've made me all sad and depressed. Via the FG App
  6. Shucker

    'Party Up' Thread

    Still pretty exhausted after a 10 day stretch of illness but I expect to play more over the next couple of days. Hope to get a group of 5 or 6 again like we did earlier this week. Do some pub stomping. Via the FG App
  7. Shucker

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    And this is the beauty of Black Ops. Via the FG App
  8. Shucker

    What's Your Controller of Choice?

    I'd really like to try having paddles on the back for jump and slide. I'm used to bumper-jumper but don't like having to take my thumb off the stick for sliding/crouching. I think once I go Elite of Scuf or any controller with rear paddles, there's likely no going back to stock PS DS4.
  9. Shucker

    What's Your Controller of Choice?

    Didn't take me long to get used to the KFreek but I go with shorter slightly concave on left and taller convex on right. I can't play an FPS without them now.
  10. Shucker

    What's Your Controller of Choice?

    The newer slim ones (with lightbar on touchpad) support a USB connection. That sucks. You think they'd be able to detect things like that or rapid fire or titan skating when the input is faster than a human's reaction time. Not sure how a faster reload would work, unless it does something like a reload animation cancel. Recoil negation sounds like it would move the right stick down on trigger press or something? I wasn't aware until recently that Sony licensed a controller/mouse accessory. That's cray-cray. I've looked at that one and almost pulled the trigger, so to speak. But still felt like I'd want something to let me use it on the Xbox which means an adapter. Then, I have to hope it doesn't get blocked or get me banned somehow. Xbox Elite would also let me use it on PC, which is nice for some games that I don't want a kb/m.
  11. Mine's nothing special. Red PS4 slim controller w/ USB connection for lower latency supposedly, and a set of KontrolFreeks. I'd like a Scuf but can't justify the cost. Considering an Xbox Elite controller (half the cost of Scuf) and using some kind of adapter to allow it to work on the PS4. Cost would work out the same but then I could use it on the Xbox One as well. What's your loadout?
  12. Shucker

    'Party Up' Thread

    I think they were working on a fix for the PS message hacks that were freezing people's consoles. That's okay, I spanked those bots and got to test out the SMGs a little. Would like more power but was happy to discover that suppressors only knock 10% off of damage range for all weapons using them.
  13. Shucker

    What do you do?

    Printers and networks and emails, oh my! <fingers crossed>
  14. Shucker

    'Party Up' Thread

    PSN still down (9:45pm BST). Stuck playing offline vs bots.
  15. Shucker

    Guess I'm New...

    Now we've found Nemesis #2. Fortunately for both of you, I feel more pity than outrage. Nah, who am I kidding? I feel zero pity.

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