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  1. Shucker

    And.... Roll Credits!

    The first (tutorial) one was kinda slow but I still enjoyed it. There's one where you head off to an island... that was weird. Really weird. Other than that, I enjoyed all of it. I still plan to spend hours roaming around discovering things, hunting, etc.
  2. Shucker

    Just picked this up...

    So far, I'm having a good time. Even solo wasn't a miserable experience. I do like that the beginner guns are totally viable and levelled up. At least for the classes I play. I don't really know anything about the game's early struggles but they're actively patching and the community vibe seems to be improving.
  3. Shucker


    I watched a lot of the IGN stream and was completely and utterly bored by what I saw. Everything just seemed so generic and lifeless. A mishmash of various online AAA shooters jumbled into one.
  4. Shucker

    Just picked this up...

    Was on sale again on the Canadian PSN store for half price plus the PS Plus discount. I don't tend to like Battlefield games when playing solo but I have a couple of friends who play it somewhat regularly so I went for it. My first session was really fun, actually. We lost 4 of 5 matches but still managed to enjoy ourselves. I just couldn't get into the WWI vibe of Battlefield 1. The pace, locations, weapons and vehicles are all more appealing to me. Anyone here still playing it?
  5. After countless hours of story and side missions, I've finally finished it. Looking back, I can honestly say this is the best game I've played since Ocarina of Time. Next up... God of War.
  6. Shucker

    Killing Floor 2 Fun

    Who? Me? I'm gonna join for a bit.
  7. Shucker


    They already look very close to that, but only when wet. Once they start to dry, they get kind of cloudy. The last step is polishing and that's where they're supposed to keep that shine. Also comes with jewellery settings so kids can put smaller stones in a pendant or glued to a ring.
  8. Shucker


    We figure it'll help teach her a little patience too since each of the four stages takes about a week. I don't really know what I'm looking for out in the wild, but when we're out and about or at the beach, we keep our eyes open for cool stones that might be worth tumbling. Will try and remember to post something in two weeks time.
  9. Shucker


    I bought my daughter (6 yrs old) a rock tumbler for Christmas. Don't worry, she got many much more exciting toys with immediate gratification. Anyway, even though it's slow going, the results are pretty amazing. Are there any rockhounds or collectors in FG? https://www.amazon.co.uk/National-Geographic-Rock-Tumbler-Starter/dp/B01I56RV0C/
  10. Shucker

    Collective Minds Strikepack FPS dominator for PS4

    You can remap stuff but not with the quick bind buttons for the paddles Via the FG App
  11. Shucker

    Collective Minds Strikepack FPS dominator for PS4

    Paddle changes are done on the fly. There's a small button on the device for each paddle. Hold it and press the button you want to bind it to. Done. Via the FG App
  12. Shucker

    Collective Minds Strikepack FPS dominator for PS4

    Same one. I ended up buying the alternative paddles though... like them better.
  13. Shucker

    FG CoD Custom Games

    Sorry I couldn't join at the last minute. Next time! Via the FG App
  14. Shucker

    'Party Up' Thread

    Haven't played in ages but if it's not D2 raid night, I'll come look for you. Via the FG App


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