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  1. I'd be up for some. I've also got 25 comp games to do for Redrix.
  2. Defintely Discord for me as it's ideal for gamers, works on multiple platforms, has PC and Xbox integration built-in (what's playing on Xbox, not chat... yet). I expect all next-gen consoles to have some sort of integration next year. I can also be logged in to PC, tablet, and phone all at the same time. WhatsApp only lets you stay logged in on phone and one other platform.
  3. Yeah, the fact that I only get credit for minibosses I hit really sucks. Not worth my time. Hope to find someone to cheese with.
  4. Hey man...sorry I missed this. I totally forgot I posted in the forum and never came back to check. The cheese is basically to go in with two friends (or solo with the date/time change hack) and find a session where you have 3 cabal bosses to kill. You kill 2 and leave one so the round never ends. During this time, a yellow psion is dropped in and he's considered a mini-boss. You take him out and another one drops in every 45 secs or so. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  5. Anyone interested in cheesing the EAZ minibosses today/tonight?
  6. I'm in no rush. Happy to do it when you've got time.
  7. I'm on the last Thorn quest strike now. Anyone else need to do it too?
  8. I was thinking about starting my Warlock but then realized that I don't even get through my weekly powerful engrams for my Titan alt. That, an the fact that it's a dirty warlock.
  9. I'm down for some D2 tonight (2 July) if anyone needs an extra body for some quests. I'm no sherpa but am good at drawing aggro and gunfire.
  10. Stupid real life. Had the game downloaded all ready to go and somehow ended up spending 2.5 hours sorting out the garage.
  11. Gonna try out Heavy Rain: https://uk.ign.com/articles/2016/03/04/heavy-rain-playstation-4-edition-review
  12. Cheers but I haven't touched that game in probably 2 years.
  13. Sometimes I get too deep into a game or a small rotation of games and never give others a chance. Ones that came with PS Plus or others I may have gotten in a Humble Bundle. I mean... I could choose to spend time with family. Nah, that's crazy talk. Anyway, I think I'm gonna us this time as an excuse to give an hour or two to something new and see how it goes. Just throwing the idea out there to all y'all. Will report back on what I choose to go with and how it works out.
  14. Gave it more thought last night and couldn't come up with any ideas in that regard. Couldn't find any suitable third-party solutions either.
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