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  1. Although I bowed out early, I appreciate you organizing it!
  2. Yeah, you can join a friend or rando's world and move stuff back and forth. @Capn_Underpants and @The3rdWalker and I are friends and can visit each other's islands if we're online at the same time, can send messages with items, etc.
  3. We take turns playing. You can have multiple people on the same console on the island at the same time but it's lame. The main character plays normally and the one that jumps in can really only do basic things like fish, collect items etc. and they'll get teleported if the main character moves away from them too far. No split-screen. You can switch the main character on the fly but it's a crappy mode. None of us like it.
  4. One Switch. One shared island. I started it so I'm the main account holder that kinda of sets the tone for things. It's a little weird. Would have been nice to have the option of each of us having our own island.
  5. Our whole family is addicted to it. Working out well so far, but once we have to really start thinking about villager buildings and layouts and my 7 year old's ever expanding beachfront property... well, things might get ugly.
  6. Bought Anthem off of Amazon for $15 in hopes that the rework of the game is a success. Had some genuine fun with it last night.
  7. Well, they didn't... until now.
  8. No worries, the cable cover is scheduled to be painted. I still can't 100% chill in here with it like that.
  9. Surprisingly, it doesn't make me a better gamer.
  10. Spent the afternoon setting up the office in the new house after the missus did all the painting. Dear smart asses, please note that the purple walls are the before shots. https://photos.app.goo.gl/vGFvFY42vGZa5QSb7
  11. Thanks @Kemp210 @reaper-2201 and @GazzaGarratt for helping me get it!
  12. If anyone can lend a hand tomorrow with the Pyramidion strike/quest tomorrow (Sunday) I'd really appreciate it. Happy to run any quests, Crucible or whatever if you need a hand with your own stuff.
  13. Anthem showed just how difficult it is to pull off. And they had the benefit of hindsight in seeing where Destiny faltered. The Division 2 is the only thing that ever came close for me.
  14. Yeah, he was pretty miserable in Div2 as time went on. Glad he found D2.
  15. If you love Destiny and if you love yourself, you'll watch this video. All 40 minutes of it. And you'll probably go back and watch it again.
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