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  1. Shucker

    How are you playing Red Dead 2?

    I like fishing in most games, even WoW, but I don't like it in RDR2. I think there are just too many other interesting things in the world I want to experience.
  2. Shucker

    What do you do?

    Sounds like you're not afraid to "pay your dues" to climb up the ladder over time but if there's no room to grow, sounds like it's not the right fit. That's too bad...
  3. Shucker

    Read Dead 2 tips and tricks

    This would piss me off in any other game but for some reason, I absolutely love the crazy situations I find myself in.
  4. Shucker

    How are you playing Red Dead 2?

    Oh, and I was watching a YT video to see why my run from Strawberry to Saint Denis was failing and the guy put in the biggest damn spoiler ever, which has already ruined the ending for me. Unbelievable.
  5. Shucker

    How are you playing Red Dead 2?

    I've put in a ridiculous amount of time and am only on Chapter 3. So much to discover. I don't do every random event that pops up or every camp with smoke on the horizon either. I do some challenges, do some legendary hunting, a little of this, a little of that. Haven't touched Blops since this dropped, unfortunately.
  6. Shucker

    Black Market BS

    I've never understood the appeal of character skins. I'm rarely alive long enough to see anyone else's anyway. Overwatch was the only game where I found them somewhat worth grinding for since the TTK was longer and models we're bigger and more interesting. I won't lie, I do like weapon camos and paint jobs but at least they're on screen for the whole game and in killcams and Play of the Games. Via the FG App
  7. Shucker

    PC Raid Sherpa Run?

    Do we still have PC players? After getting Horror Story, my light is at around 565 and I'd love a Sherpa run through the raid or any high level activity someone if possible. xoxo Via the FG App
  8. Shucker

    What's Your Controller of Choice?

    Perhaps worth looking at if you just want the paddles: Via the FG App
  9. Shucker

    What's Your Controller of Choice?

    USB hubs, even BUS powered one, work on the PS4. Via the FG App
  10. Shucker

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    I hear Stephen Fry does voice work for the audiobook. Via the FG App
  11. Shucker

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    Ditto. Is there room in that dark corner for one more?
  12. Shucker

    Crispys Controller Hospital

    Nice! Thx! Thought the missus would have put the return addy on the box. I'll PM you. How can I pay you for return shipping? PayPal?
  13. Shucker

    First Impressions

    Why I love this game: https://v.redd.it/ricf1670mzu11 Via the FG App
  14. Shucker

    First Impressions

    I got fast travel but I don't really need it. More than happy to trot around everywhere and experience the wildlife, random encounters and amazing weather and atmosphere effects. Oh... and the zombies. Via the FG App
  15. Shucker


    Lenny? Lenny! Where you at, Lenny? Lenny?!

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