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  1. Shucker

    Weekly Reset

    Here's the dilly-yo on this week's reset...
  2. Shucker

    Weekly Reset

    To be fair, I'm also using old, non-2.0 armour. I also win most battles by one bullet and the skin of my teeth so that loss of damage and protection makes a difference for me.
  3. Shucker

    Weekly Reset

    Iron Banner can screw right off. I was resoundly spanked with everyone 40-60 levels higher than me.
  4. Shucker

    Weekly Reset

    Here's your weekly reset infographic. But more importantly, @Shuckerwants that Osprey rocket launcher and there has to be one or two others who do as well. Anyone wanna run some NFs this week till it drops?
  5. Shucker

    Weekly Reset

    Reset deets for all y'all...
  6. Xur reset deets for Oct 4 to Oct 8
  7. Oh, good question! It'd be worth it to me if I didn't have to keep the disc in at all times. Lemme know if it ends up letting you go fully digital.
  8. Yup, Eastern time zone now. TBH, I just moved here to get more Shadowkeep time today.
  9. Shucker

    Weekly Reset

    Shadowkeep is finally here! Flashpoint on the Moon and the D.F.A. is up for grabs in the Nightfall. What's not to love?
  10. I won't be this time around. I prefer the pacing of Black Ops 4 to this one. Hope to still see some MW: Remastered Fridays from time to time though.
  11. I'm all in <pushes chips to middle of the table> but am starting off on PC only since I was able to save about $10 bucks on it. Figured there's a ton of solo play I'll need to do anyway. Will get Shadowkeep on PS4 in a week or so. I've been spending money left, right and centre since I moved back to Canada and figured I'd give the old credit card - and the wife - a bit of a break.
  12. Need to do all the raidz and am pretty flexible as to when I can run them. #notasherpa
  13. Name: Gun Game: MW w/ FG Category: Call of Duty Date Added: 08/31/2019 Submitter: Shucker Friday night FG shenanigans taken with my new Elgato HD60 S. Would welcome any recording/setup/encoding tips. Gun Game: MW w/ FG
  14. Friday night FG shenanigans taken with my new Elgato HD60 S. Would welcome any recording/setup/encoding tips.
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