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  1. I use Summoner or Gnawing Hunger in PvE and PvP. With the buff to 600’s they’re both pretty beastly.
  2. Actually I’ll edit that post. The pictures from app don’t say what the mods do
  3. Year 3 armor for PvE (until they fix some of the old armor to equip new mods). All my armor is MW but more importantly it all has warmind mods on each piece. Mods from the artifact, bunkers or seraph towers. My build synergizes with arc subclasses that proc warminds off of mele or grenade hits. When there’s mobs me or my FT shoot them to wipeout entire rooms. The blast radius is ridiculous. For bosses I let the warmind stay out there for extra DPS on bosses. If you haven’t toyed around with these mods yet then you’re really missing out imo. Below is my equipment helm to bond with a description of what each mod does.
  4. While it can be sweaty its not as bad as it would be if most of the sweats didn't got over to PC. Either way, running as a group we can have a good time while completing the quests.
  5. Looking for a core group of people that want to run comp to get the Lunas Howl and Not Forgotten hand cannons. There are no set number of players needed, I'm just looking to see who all would be game so whenever certain people are on we can all work towards getting the guns. Forty6_N_Two, Lee, Capn_Underpants and myself (AceBoogie239) are game. Post below if interested and feel free to add me on PSN. Thanks and look forward to playing with the people I've played with in the past or the new ones that I have yet to meet in game yet.
  6. A few things that can really turn this game around quick: *I'm ok with static rolls but the one thing that can flip this game upside down is the mod system. The potential there is unlimited. Hardcore players could have something to seriously grind for if done right. *We need specific loot for activities such as strikes, sectors, adventures etc...We need an incentive to do them which currently just isn't there at all right now. *Exotics that truly feel exotic. The game is missing guns that feel like they have the potential to be iconic. In D1 we had infamous guns like Gjallarhorn, Ice Breaker, Thorn, Hawkmoon, also Vex Mythoclast and Suros in the beginning. Were they OP they sure as fuck were but for a good 6 months we got to tear shit up with them before they got nerfed. That was fun. We all remember those guns. Nobody is going to look back on D2 and be like "hey that game sure was balanced", but you'll damn sure look back on D1 and the few guns I named and be like those were memorable times. *Raid gear: imo needs to have raid specific perks attached to the gear. Right now theres nothing special about the weapons armor. There needs to be something that also separates prestige gear from normal gear and no a fucking shader doesn't count. *PvP: ya 4v4 is a really good model for the competitive scene. However not everyone is MLGyoloswag420noscoper. Bring back 6v6 for quickplay. Let us pick which game modes we want to play weather it's clash, control, supremacy. Bring back rift and mayhem. Give us more options so shit doesn't get stale.
  7. Captain Underpants, TigerBurge, Lee, 40oztoFreedom, Cripled Viper, Diddums, and a few others since vanilla Destiny
  8. Just popping in here to say hello. I've played with quite a few people in FG for a few years now. Great group of people. Thanks for the invite Lee
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