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  1. igotmollywhopped

    First FG Raids

    Ladies and gentlemen me and Corey have completed the freaking raid! Via the FG App
  2. igotmollywhopped

    First FG Raids

    I don't have a pc. I don't think I can use the calendar [emoji26] Via the FG App
  3. igotmollywhopped


    We had probably a couple minutes to spare and we died like 10 times on the last phase . Via the FG App
  4. igotmollywhopped

    Weekly Nightfall

    If anyone ever needs help I am down to help. Just shoot me a message ladies and gentlemen. Via the FG App
  5. igotmollywhopped


    Me and Corey first to complete week 2 nightfall [emoji39]. It's very easy Via the FG App
  6. igotmollywhopped

    [D2] Xûr Megathread

    Well I guess it's back to looking like a homeless man Via the FG App
  7. igotmollywhopped

    Fantasy Football 2017-2017

    Lol. At least we don't flop on the ground after getting tripped [emoji39] Via the FG App
  8. igotmollywhopped

    Fantasy Football 2017-2017

    Not this girly kicking bs Via the FG App
  9. igotmollywhopped

    Fantasy Football 2017-2017

    Nevermind. Lol I thought we were talking about the real football sport Via the FG App
  10. igotmollywhopped

    Fantasy Football 2017-2017

    Is there room for an American? Via the FG App
  11. igotmollywhopped

    Fantasy Football 2017-2017

    How do I get into fantasy football. I'm down! Via the FG App
  12. igotmollywhopped

    Forever Gaming Shirts!

    Via the FG App
  13. igotmollywhopped

    Titan, Warlock, or Hunter?

    Female hunter for me [emoji3] Via the FG App
  14. igotmollywhopped

    A gift from me to you FG

    How many American dollars? [emoji3] Via the FG App
  15. igotmollywhopped

    A gift from me to you FG

    I'll buy one! Via the FG App

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