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  1. Greboth

    Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    That is what makes it all worth it Everyone has a tough time once in a while and what sort of friends family would we be if we didn't look out for each other.
  2. Greboth

    Escalation Protocol

    It does make you question some of the decisions Bungie have made with this game. Generally it seems people like the Escalation Protocols so GG Bungie but why make it 9 player if you can't group up as a fireteam of 9 Oh well, good that people have found a way round that problem though I'll try and level up as quick as I can then I'll be down giving it a go.
  3. Greboth

    Heroic Strikes

    Obviously I haven't tried the strikes yet as I'm still at D2 Vanilla levels but it is good to know they are a challenge. At times in the past the heroic strikes have been too easy in my opinion as with a decent team you could spend an entire evening doing strikes and not wipe. It does seem stupid about the drops from the Strikes, I sort of see why they did it as if it dropped up to 350 you could grind strikes to level up quickly but equally to drop lower level stuff is pointless.
  4. Greboth

    GTA Racing

    It was another fun night of ..... can I say racing? and it was great to see so many people on, the races are a lot more fun once you have a 8-10+ people on together. The highlight for me was a race on Double Helix in which I managed to knock about 6 or 7 people off the edge Annoyingly my Elgato crashed during this race so I don't have a proper recording of it but I saved the clip on the PS4 so I need to see how much of the race I actually have. I also seemed to spend a lot of the night hitting @MrBiron I guess you just spend too much time near the front
  5. Greboth

    PS4 FG Raid Night

    Sunday's are the only evening that I can't do and very rarely will ever be able to do to ticked all the other days. I can't remember what level I am or what you need to be for the raid(s) so I'll need to log in and see where things are.
  6. Name: Breaking in the newbie Category: GTA V Date Added: 2018-05-10 Submitter: Greboth Highlights from last Friday's GTA Race night which was @Shucker first GTA Friday but plenty of action all over. Breaking in the newbie
  7. Greboth

    Breaking in the newbie

    Highlights from last Friday's GTA Race night which was @Shucker first GTA Friday but plenty of action all over.
  8. Greboth

    New World!

    I dunno, have the first rule be not to break any blocks and look what happens The next two are, let’s say more logical so you may fair better at them. I’m in the same boat, I originally was only using the converter and powering it by what I mined but I connected a condeskr and forgot about it until I almost had a chest full oopsie.
  9. Greboth

    New World!

    Well that took waaaaayyyy longer than I expected but it's done....well sort of done. I still need to build a roof and some decoration-ey stuff but it's done enough that you lot can go see what I've built. Just follow the road the runs East out of the North end of spawn and you should find the new building and what awaits inside
  10. Greboth

    FG Free games sessions

    Well I’m glad I downloaded both of those games then Crossout sounded good though so I’m tempted to still try it anyway.
  11. Greboth

    FG Free games sessions

    I'm going to have get creative with my storage (or finally get a hdd upgrade) as I'm still running the OG 500Gb drive but I'll get them downloaded and ready
  12. Who knows maybe you will get lucky and actually spawn near everyone else for once
  13. Greboth

    Warmind DLC2

    Bungie's marketing has always been on point and I don't think this is any different, that looks fun to play. Esepcially at it seems you could just wander in to while in the open world. I really should get back on Destiny to figure out what has changed and any new mechanics before this dlc drops.
  14. Greboth

    PC gamers - thoughts please

    GMod Prop hunt is pretty fun game but like most is best enjoyed when everyone is partied together. Just looking on Steam is currently £7 so nice and cheap I can't see anywhere on there about player limit but from memory it is high number (I want to say 64 but it may be more than that).
  15. Greboth

    GTA Racing

    The more footage the better The anount of footage I have I might make a longer video or 2 videos, we shall see. But another good night of racing, lots of crashing and smashig The highlight for me has to be the race we were in first person for; Dave in the lead me in second, hit the last checkpoint and see the finish line ahead, I tap Dave’s car and he spins and finishes I think seventh sorry not sorry @Diddums

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