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  1. That's my bad, the way you do it for complete mod packs is slightly different and I'd forgotten about that. I'll update the main guide in the other thread when I get chance but that will be another day. So to add this mod pack, Download the FTB Beyond zip file In MultiMC click Add Instance Then on the left hand side there is an option to import from zip Click browse and find the zip file Give the Instance a name at the top Click ok and it should download all the relevant files When it's finished, click Edit instance and up the memory and change any other settings you want Then it should work
  2. It should be 191 mods (I think). You need to go in to Loader mods on the left hand side and add the all the mod files. They should all be .jar files
  3. @SpacedeckIt looks like it isn't letting you join due mod incompatibility. Have you got the mods installed properly? They should be this pack: https://www.feed-the-beast.com/projects/ftb-beyond/files/2468604
  4. @Spacedeck Yeah just PM'ed you, I saw you try to join but it rejected you as you weren't white listed. I've whitelisted you now so you should be able to join
  5. Technically the max player limit is 99 but there is no way the server would cope with the mods and that many players. It should be alright for 4-5 people on at the same time I think maybe 6-8 but I think it would start struggling at that. I’ve never run a modded server so a learning curve for me too. It’s all good mate, I’m happy to cover it for the first few months and we’ll go from there, if its worth renewing, how long for etc.
  6. It’s a paid for server so available 24/7
  7. Haha no, I am out all day today and most of tomorrow too so no MC for me I did squeeze in a couple hours after CoD last night so have a tinkers smeltery and access to the mining world already I just headed south from spawn and I’m in the plains biome. I think around z 700 - somewhere round there if you want to see my most excelent (read shitty) starter base I didn’t change it to keep inventory on death. I didn’t think about it but I can change the option when I’m next on. It will sometime tomorrow now though so if you go on today be careful
  8. So we have an FTB Beyond server now You can access the server either with name: FGBeyond.minecraft-crafting.pro or IP: I've only finished setting it up tonight and I've logged on and it seems to be working. The server is similar specs to one I played on previously and it was alright with a small number of players so assume it will be alright for us too but it is easy enough ot upgrade if necessary. You'd probably notice some lag if you're exploring and generating new chunks but I've flown ~500 blocks in each direction from spawn so around spawn should be fine. Other Server details: Mode: Survival Difficulty: Normal Seed: -696216977807959 Seed map: LINK I went through a lot of seeds to find one with a decent selection of biomes near-ish spawn. We have most, the only ones we don't really have that close to spawn are jungle and ice but they aren't all that important really. I've also left the claimed chunk limit as 100 as I don't believe this impacts server performace but chunk loading does so I have limited the number you can chunk load to 5. It is easy to use a lot more than 5 so we'll probably need more than 5. I'd think the server could cope with more however to begin with I'd rather go low and see how the server copes as it is easy enough to increase it at a later date. It is a whitelist server so @Plumbers Crack I've added you as I know you MC username. @Spacedeck I know you posted in the ftb guide thread but I can't remember if your MC username is the same as your forum so if you can confirm I can whitelist you too. Any questions or problems, let me know. IMPORTANT INFO The Ender Storage Ender chest item transport does work on a server but we have to ensure we have different colour ones else we will get each others items. To change the colour of an Ender Storage Ender chest, I believe you can craft the chest directly with the colours. Else, make a default white white white chest and click the white strips on the top with the colour dye you want. To avoid confusion, I will list players and their colours so we don't have any conflicts; Greboth - Green / Green / Green. PlumbersCrack - White / White / White Spacedeck -
  9. Damn that’s cool. Now I want a magic doorway You can build hidden piston doors but the animation isn’t anywhere near as cool.
  10. The ‘official’ way (for lack of a better term) is to use the twitch launcher. MultiMC was created to be a launcher for everything all in one place - different vanilla versions, different mod packs, different mod launchers, different texture packs etc. I just prefer MultiMC as it’s easier to set up, use and set options like RAM usage etc. than the Twitch launcher. I haven’t used the Twitch launcher though in a long time so they may have improved it.
  11. No worries, happy to help. Now we just need a few more people to get in to Beyond and we’ll have a nice little community going
  12. Is there anything else you’d like to see a guide on? I’m aware I’ve missed a number of mods out, especially the magic ones but that is because I haven’t played with them that much to know how to use them properly. At some point I do plan to learn blood magic and Botania but I’m too busy building at the moment
  13. @Plumbers Crack After chatting last night, I've added a guide in the OP on extreme reactors too The automated on/off part is the bit Chosen Architect did weird, the way I posted is much easier and simpler
  14. But what would Crispy moan about then?
  15. Well ... FUCK!!! Ep5 spoilers...
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