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  1. New World!

    Basically is breaks blocks as they are. Dig a dirt block with grass on with a normal shovel and you end only get dirt but silk touch will break it with the grass still on. Same applies to things like picks, break a stone block and you get cobblestone but with silk touch you'll get a stone block. It has limited uses though as if you break ores like diamond, emerald or redstone you'll end up with the block (like you do for iron etc.) rather than the actual diamonds, emeralds or redstone dust. Thanks man, not my house but I'm sure I can find them
  2. New World!

    If you don’t want the silk touch shovel, I’ll take it off your hands. I’ve been after silk touch for a while as I want some grass blocks.
  3. I created it and remebered I can't do Sunday either I deleted the calendar but I guess it doesn't delete the associated thread also. I'll arrange something for next week I think as the calendar is pretty full this week already.
  4. Event Title: Minecraft get together Event Author: Greboth Calendar: Community Calendar Event Date: 02/18/2018 08:00 PM to 02/18/2018 11:30 PM We've recently reset the Minecraft world with the new world only having been up for around a week so it is a good time to join in. It would be good to get a few people on together and maybe join discord too. I know a number of people have also said about joining and I'm happy to go through the instal process of mods etc. to help people get up and running too. Minecraft get together N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  5. Road Work

    I like the design but I think it looks a little out of proportion being too wide for its height, I'm wondering if, similar to the stairs, the tunnel should be 3 blocks wide with the spruce pillars being on top of the polished andesite. The problem then I think is it might look too narrow
  6. New World!

    I'll set up a calendar event later, see if we can organise something to get everyone on who keeps saying they mean to join. Also, I changed the sign outside your house
  7. Road Work

    I’ve done some work in the tunnel to make it look better. I’m not 100% on the design but worth a look when you’re on to give your opinion.
  8. Windmill!

    Spot any windmill?
  9. New World!

    I don’t think there is a need to tear down your house at spawn as I moved the nether portal. I’ve been playing around with different blocks instead of sandstone for the roads. Polished andesite seems to be the winner at the moment but still messing around but might change out all the sandstone at somepoint as I don’t think it fits the design of our village. Also cool for the monsters, though I know I’m going to run in to a cave as I’ve forgotten
  10. New World!

    I've been thinking about it some more and I think I will build it outside of the middle of spawn. If it is in the middle then new players or teleporting will put you in the middle of the nether portals. Also, building it off to the side somewhere gives the room to build it with the water around it etc. so I think I'll branch out West from spawn and build it off there somewhere.
  11. New World!

    I was thinking we have 4 roads leading in each directtion so we could have something in the middle of the crossroads like a netherportal building. I hoped in to creative and came up with this, though we can't have the water around it as we don't have enough room but we could still have the middle building. Obviously in this screenshot the portals aren't lit but they would be in the world however as you need to stand in them to be teleported you can walk through them without a problem If not directly in the middle of spawn then I can build a side road off west of spawn as no-one has built out that way yet.
  12. New World!

    I’ll build some more roads and stuff Is there any plan for the sandstone area in the middle of spawn? I have an idea for somethibg but it mean tearing some or all of it down.
  13. Mob spawners

    XP wise I don’t know if there is any difference between the mobs. Drop wise though, it is only really skeletons for the bows, arrows and bones and witches for their glowstone dust and redstone dust. Maybe spiders too but I can’t see anyone needing to craft a huge amount of bows. The string can make wool blocks but a sheep farm is easier. I don’t think we need large amounts of gunpowder and rotten flesh is useless to everyone so we can probably ignore creepers and zombies. I haven’t used a mob farm for xp in a long time but I think the general method is the same. Use a water elevator and then drop them. It’s something like a 25 block drop kills them so drop them 24 and you can one hit kill the mobs with anything. If you drop the mobs on to a half slab with a hopper underneath which runs off to a few chests and all the drops will get stored for you too.
  14. Weird Error - please read (Minecraft related)

    I never noticed that problem I used the map loads to begin with but obviously not in a while as I haven't noticed the problem. Still, any of the unbound keys away fro your WASD would work.
  15. Weird Error - please read (Minecraft related)

    Strange. I’ve accidentally hit Q a number of times and lost items so I changed my drop item key to J. Maybe worth other re-binding the key to avoid accidents, especially if the items now get deleted

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