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  1. I’ve got my old 32” which shouldn’t be too much trouble to bring. It’s more of a contribution than your mum has made
  2. It isn’t too complicated when you have it in front of you. The only important for now is most of the game is trying to bullshit reasons why you’re aren’t a nazi. With some of the gobby lot in FG I think it would be funny enough sober nevermind pissed.
  3. My brother in law has it, I’ll have to ask him nicely if I can borrow it.
  4. @ChaosGladiator yeah we do have Secret Hitler here. It is such a fun game and could be funny with the amount of bullshitters in here.
  5. Missed that, sorry Phil. Don’t snap at me, have a hearts, it’s Friday afternoon and I’m tired so have some patience with me.
  6. @GazzaGarratt I don’t own it so it was a general question as to if anyone else does. If not, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get it. The site that we used for our own deck included the ability to get them printed so maybe we could. @phil bottle How about Poker? Rummy? Gin? Crib?
  7. Does anyone have Cards Against Humanity? The few games we did on PC were fun so can imagine in person it could be a laugh too. I’ve got (or got access to) a few board games but don’t think we’ll ever be sober enough to play them
  8. Neither, to lock you in one by one That way you can all go home with a bit of Greboth inside of you to remember me by.
  9. Ahhhhh no, you’re put in to a random lobby depending on your DR (Driver Rating) and SR (Sportsmanship Rating). If we were all the same DR and SR then maybe. Though the chance of that happening depends on how many lobbies are created for each race which I don’t know.
  10. Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, yeah we could all enter the same online race. Not the official gt sport races but any public lobby or a private lobby we set up then yeah.
  11. oh God! What have we let ourselves in for? I really hope there’s locks on the doors!
  12. Nice idea. Makes me wonder if there will be anything strong enough to mount my wheel to. As I could easily bring that too if anyone fancies a go.
  13. Wheel! Wheel! Wheel! Wheel! Wheel! Wheel! Wheel! Errrrr I mean the decision is yours. To be fair, braking on most wheels is a little odd as they use a spring for resistance rather than pressure. You can get load cell pedals but then you’re getting in to silly money.
  14. I can understand that @GazzaGarratt I decided against doing the full sessions. Still going for half distance though so a decent number of laps to race. The frames look good and I’d love one but I don’t have the room for one. Still most wheels allow you to clamp them down to a desk which is what I do. It isn’t perfect and I can’t place the pedals quite where I’d like. However a wheel does add so much to racing games and it is easier to drive more consistently. If you’re interested in racing games then I’d recommend a wheel to anyone. I think the only difference between console and pc is graphical. I haven’t really looked at the console as I wasn’t really paying much attention to the game but it does look lovely on pc.
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