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  1. I’m down for this
  2. Damn that’s close, I might have to put a few more laps in to see if I can go faster. Though I know Sardegna is a bogey track for me, I can never seem to get close to the fast times.
  3. So a few more laps of Sardegna and I’ve managed a 1:19.035. With some more practice and stringing all my best sectors together I’d guess I could knock off another 0.5-1 second off that.
  4. There’s been several updates since this thread, most notably the addition of Spa. There was a leaked image of Laguna Seca which has now apparently been confirmed Laguna Seca is one of those iconic tracks so its brilliant that it is being added to GT Sport.
  5. The R8? I was using the Lambo on Sardegna and the Mustang on Mount Panorama. The mustang understeers massively though so want to try a car with a better front end.
  6. Yes Phil you need to enable BoP. I know the official races force hard tyre but for our TT I’m still using the super softs. Also, to help your ageing memory - remember to turn BoP on
  7. Quickly smashed out 5 laps of both combo's while I was waiting for something to download Mount Panorama; 2:11.478 Sardenga: 1:19.663 There's probably a bit more to come on Mount Panorama but I know that track quite well so probably not too much more. First time driving this layout of Sardegna though so I'm sure there's a decent amount of time to be found there.
  8. Fortnite, King of the Kill, BO4 Blackout etc. are examples of Battle Royale. A large number of players spawn in on a large map and last man or last squad standing.
  9. I’m happy to follow the combos of the weekly races as I’ll (we’ll?) be practising / racing the combos anyway.
  10. Yup, I’ve been looking forward to this since they announced it and the first 2 eps have been brilliant. I’ve enjoyed the previous animated SW series but being live action they have really captured the SW feeling. The end of the first ep was a surprise, that isn’t what I was expecting give the setting. Ep2 was good too, showed off a decent amount of action and who can complain about Jawa’s.
  11. I haven’t played HC properly since MW2 but I did enjoy playing it last night and could see me playing it more often again. I couldn’t get on with the FAL in core but it is a beast in HC. With the exception of one game on Piccadilly and strange game of S&D it seems people move around more on HC which is a bit weird.
  12. I can appreciate the problem is poses and I’m not trying to defend CoD. I just don’t see how other games could get round this problem. Stand really close to a wall and you’ll have this exact problem in real life too. There are some smart people working in game dev so maybe they have found a solution to this - I don’t know. It’s easy to jump on the lol CoD is shit bandwagan especially without presenting any balance to the videos. So yes CoD has this problem but if other games have the same problem then you can’t criticise CoD for it. If it is a CoD specific problem then it shouldn’t be hard to show other games doing it right. For the record too, I’m not talking about any confirmation bias which is what some of these fall in to.
  13. Surely Drift0r’s video is explained the the broken angles video? He mentions it in the video about what causes it so I’d be interested to know how other FPS games perform in the same scenario. As it seems it is a limitation of a single camera perspective which surely effects most/all FPS?
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