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  1. The original roll was N100 but that would have been flat out the whole way round this loop so re-rolled to N600 which seems far more challenging.
  2. I don't know about anyone else but I struggle to race in this heat! But that doesn't stop the combo's coming GT Sport: Car Class: N600 Track: Tokyo Expressway Central Inner Loop Assetto Corsa Car 1: Lotus 2Eleven Car 2: BMW M3 E30 Group A Track: Nurburgring Sprint
  3. I think you’re bang on with the PS5 though I think the xbox will be £449. Or more accurately £449.95 or £449.99 as they’ve got to creep it under the whole pound. I think MS will want the market share back so will undercut Sony but equally MS have the more powerful console so I don’t think it will be that much cheaper.
  4. It really doesn't make sense why there were such quantities of amonium nitrate were stored in such a way especially in such a built up area. I guess it probably happens alot though and we only hear about it when things like this happen. The crazy thing is the damange caused but from a military perspective the blast wasn't that big. There's conventional bombs that are 5+ times the size and that's without going nuclear which can be 1000's of times larger.
  5. I’d never condone cheating....unless you can get away with it
  6. Well I didn't pick them, thank the randomiser for that Though yeah, agree the 86 is great, turn up the differential locking and you can hang the back out so much Driving last night, I knocked a few tenths off and got my ae86 time down to 2:04.065. Though my theoretical best is a 3.7 so might give it another go some point.
  7. Glad you said that as I’ve got the Peugeot down to a 1:19.082. My perfect lap would only be a 18.986 so don’t think I made too many mistakes and so don’t think there’s much more time in it for me.
  8. See now I’m conflicted, I want you to beat me in one of these rounds but now you are I just want to go do more laps and beat you
  9. So I tried out the AC combo this week and the cars are so different. The AE86 is a blast to drive, if you overcook it the back comes out but it's very controllable. Though as ever highlights my need to practice my heel and toe more. The P1 is just mind bendingly fast, the brakes on it are better than the AE86 but you have to brake so much earlier for corners just because of the speed you build up. Still, got a 2:04.485 with the AE86 and a 1:41.999 with the P1. My theoretical best time for both is faster though so I think there's more time to be found.
  10. I don’t think the VGT is faster anyway, managed a 21 something with it as my best lap in 10 laps but got a 1:20.455 with the Peugeot on my second lap.
  11. C-c-c-c-combo breaker Round 5 GT Car: Gr1 Track: Autodromo Da Interlagos AC Car 1: McLaren P1 Car 2: Toyota AE86 Tuned Track: Zandvoort
  12. 1. Destiny - Don't play it these days but that's me not the game 2. Horizon Zero Dawn - One of the best SP games I've played 3. Overwatch - So many great (and frustrating) nights playing this 4. CoD Blops 3 - 5. GT Sport 6. No Mans Sky - Say what you want about it at release, it now is a brilliant game 7. 8. 9. 10. I'm sure there's more so I'll think of the other 4 and update my list.
  13. It probably doesn't help that you also bought the game twice
  14. I doubt we'll get free tracks as the problem with new tracks is that the tracks are the one used in the Blancpain GT Series and the GT4 series uses the same tracks. So unless ACC gets licence for JGTC (for example) I doubt well see new tracks but then it'll be sold as a JGTC pack. But tbh they aren't taking the piss with the number of dlc packs and the prices have been good value so I'm more than happy to buy the dlc is this continues.
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