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  1. Greboth

    Yo yo!

    Welcome welcome, always good to have another OCUK'er join the FG fold. Even better I already have you on PSN so less work for me
  2. Greboth

    The big FG Photography thread

    Hi Rob, unfortunately the D5100 is a cropped sensor though shipping to the USA wouldn't be cheap anyway. As for my prime, it is a Nikon 35mm 1.8DX.
  3. Greboth

    The big FG Photography thread

    @Spacedeck I’m out at the moment so can’t check the box but looking at Manfrotto’s site. I think it’s this one (If it isn’t, it’s one extremely similar). https://www.manfrotto.co.uk/compact-action-aluminium-tripod-with-hybrid-head-black Edit: I'm home now and can confirm it is this one.
  4. Greboth

    The big FG Photography thread

    I can’t say I know of any to specifically recommend as it depends on what comes up for sale. All I can say is go for a branded one and not some cheap one. I had a cheap one when I first started but it wasn’t all that stable and it has quite limited adjustment. My current one was about £60 new and is far more stable and much better quality. I’m more towards specific photo trips though where possible I’ll always take my camera just in case.
  5. Greboth

    The big FG Photography thread

    @Spacedeck From memory, all the bird ones are cropped except the duck one. All the others are as taken. Though depending on the photo some have sight level adjustments etc.
  6. Greboth

    The big FG Photography thread

    Sort of, as a general rule DSLR’s will just take better quality photos regardless because of the larger sensors in them than standard cameras / phones. However where DSLR’s have a massive advantage is changable lenses. In none of the bird photos was I actually stood that close, I simply was using a zoom lens. Equally changable lenses are also what makes DSLR’s a pain.
  7. Greboth

    The big FG Photography thread

    So now comes the showing off bit 😛 these have been taken over a number of years but they are some of my best and favorite photos; DSC_0350 by Chris Roe, on Flickr DSC_0289 by Chris Roe, on Flickr DSC_0016 by Chris Roe, on Flickr DSC_0050 by Chris Roe, on Flickr DSC_0409 by greboth_666, on Flickr DSC_0034 by greboth_666, on Flickr DSC_0244 by greboth_666, on Flickr DSC_0201 by greboth_666, on Flickr DSC_0252 by greboth_666, on Flickr DSC_0327 by greboth_666, on Flickr DSC_0351 by greboth_666, on Flickr DSC_0972 by greboth_666, on Flickr DSC_0394 by greboth_666, on Flickr DSC_0417 by greboth_666, on Flickr
  8. Hi all, With Spacedeck joining and talking about his interest in photography it has spurred me to make this thread as it is also an interest of mine. I'm sure there are others on here too so I thought I'd create this thread to show off you photo's, talk about them or for anyone looking for advice on camera's to composition. So I guess as I started this thread I should go first so I've been into photography for years finally upgrading to a DSLR about 10-12 years ago. A few different ones until getting to the kit I have below. Though I am thinking of making the change to a 7000 series Nikon but that is more of a shiny new toy itch rather than any actual need. My preferred photography is landscapes or people though as you'll see I take a lot of pictures of birds (the flappy flying kind not the female kind ) My kit currently consists of; Nikon D5100 Nikon 18-55mm kit lens Nikon 55-200mm zoom lens Nikon 35mm Prime lens Manfrotto Tripod Yongnuo Speedlight Skywatcher Star Adventurer star tracker Various remotes, reflectors, ND filters etc.
  9. Greboth

    FG GTA Racing

    It was a good night, it took my a few races to get my groove back. Especially as I hadn’t raced some of them before
  10. Greboth

    Newbie Alert

    That is a nice entry level camera and a nice selection of lenses You should be able to get some nice pictures with it. It is cliche to say but it really is a case of going out and taking pictures and finding what you like. I went on holiday earlier this year and took about 400 photos but there is only (I think) 16 that I was happy to post. I keep meaning to create a photography thread on here and it would be good to see some of your when you feel confident enough
  11. Greboth

    Who's Pre-Ordered?

    I’ve done the same as Phil, pre-ordered on Amazon just to get the beta code. Short of the beta being fucking amazing which let’s be honest - it won’t, I’ll be cancelling it.
  12. Greboth

    WANTED | A Video Guru

    I’ve never had a problem with it though I’ve really only used it in the last few years. I was rendering on a 3770 so not massively more powerful but maybe working with already compressed files helps. I really don’t know that much about video files. @Diddums how did I know you were going go link to that one! Forget that though, go full spec with dual socket threadrippers or xeons, a couple quaddro cards Can the FGFG fund stretch to £50k+?
  13. Greboth

    N00b saying hi

    Nice introduction! I’m far more into my cars than bikes but anything with an engine and wheels is an interest so good to have more petrolheads on here. You seem to have a hood selection of games which overlaps with most if what we play. I’ll try to remember to add you later on PS
  14. Greboth

    Newbie Alert

    Welcome to FG, it is good to see another OCUK’er join the fold. Don’t worry about being shy, the amount shit some people on here chat you’ll barely get a word in even if you want to Though most of the chat is related to taking the piss out of each other, moaning about something or other or telling to @Amnotright to stop telling his terrible jokes. Tactics and strategy are something other people do On the subject of photography, what camera do you have? Any particular things you like to photograph? It would be cool to see some of your photo’s.
  15. Greboth

    Another newbie

    Welcome to FG. It is always good to see fresh meat......I mean see a new face around here. It is good to have more PC people too.

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