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  1. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    I had a few laps in the Alfa 4C while waiting for Odubs to update earlier. It is quite oversteery too but I found it useful when I took the perfect line as it allows you to carry so much speed. Only set a 1:50.2 I think it was but certainly room for some improvement on that lap time.
  2. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    New combo time and this time it is a slow one Track: Dragon Trail Gardens Class N200
  3. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    Nice on Phil, always nice getting down in to the next second. I said the combo’s would run for 2 weeks so this one has another week to go yet. Unless people want to change combos to weekly.
  4. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    I haven’t managed to get on to try this again, I keep getting distracted by ODubs pc. I think I’ll have to though as a precaution in case you get too close. I like having some breathing room. The Gr.4 cars aren’t to bad with 0 TC, especially on the super soft tyres. I find 0 TC on Gr.3 a bit tricky on some corners but Gr2 or Gr1 I have to run some TC still.
  5. Greboth

    Overwatch FG Updates

    I am enjoying playing Odubs again and on PC it is different. It’s fun playing Widow or Ashe and being able to aim so accurately. Though frustrating to walk round corners and get headshot before you can even register there’s a Widow or Hanzo. Using a kb/mouse is so weird though and I definitely need more practice. In the the middle of fights I completely forget which buttons are which.
  6. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    You’re definitely closer these days than the earlier rounds. I’ll just have to get on it and set a 2:17 then I was doing some the Gr.1 sport mode races last night too so coming back to Gr.4 is going to feel sooooo slow.
  7. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    I know that pain, I’ve set a few fast laps before realising BoP was off. I gave it 10 laps in the BMW and got a 2:18.5. Definitely some time on the table as I mess up the corner before and after the bridge almost every lap.
  8. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    Nice one, I’ll have to have a quick few laps later as you’ve set a target to aim for. Glad you’re finding manual gears easier though. Nice to see the improvements people are making. I usually stick to the 458 on Gr4 as it’s a car I know but I think it’s time to try a different one as I have quite a few Gr4 cars.
  9. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    I think I might have driven one of the sainte-Croix layouts online but it doesn’t stick in my mind. From what I remember, it’s a track with quite a few fast flowing corners so perfect for Gr class cars.
  10. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    Close but not quite; Class Gr4 Track Circuit de Sainte-Croix B II
  11. “It’s not about winning, it’s about ruining everyone else’s evening” should be the official FG moto
  12. Greboth

    The state of gaming lately

    The issue is people are dumb. No-one I know or ever seen has said they like loot boxes or ever come up with a succesful arguement for why they’re good. Every discussion is around this games loot boxes are terrible, this other game does it better for whatever reason. Like battlefront loot boxes were terrible and OW do them better. So what? that’s like saying crabs is better the chlamydia - you still want neither. It is simple marketing, if no-one bought them then they wouldn’t be in the game. So if no-one likes them why is anyone buying them!? The only reason I’ve come up with is people are dumb. The same applies to F2P games - look how much games like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans made/make by people playing a ‘free’ game.
  13. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    Ohhhh that’s just my mine, I was just digging it out to gather resources I have no plans for the hole except for mining it some more. The bedrock the other end to the beacon is as far as the beacon reaches so no instant mining past that point. Though the effect goes that far in all directions so plenty of mining left before we need to move the beacon. The little walled off glass area was a test for a slime chunk but the farm’s been built at the hole you tp’ed to and helped dig (which reminds me, I need to hook up a nether portal to that still.) If you need any picks for mining, I repaired all the ones from the slime farm dig which your welcome to for your help with the dig. I think they’re in one of the single chests in my house, just have a look around and take what you want Same goes for anything else too, diamonds, quartz etc. that’s in my house
  14. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    Nose around for what? and how big does what hole need to be? I’m confused.
  15. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    Whoops didn't see this, sorry Dave. You mean the enchanting table? I moved it upstairs above the villager trading hall. I thought I had posted it but I can't find it so maybe I didn't sorry. I thought we could use the old enchanting building location as a nether portal room (it should still link I hope) and include signs with all the important co-ordinates on as I'm already forgetting which portal is which haha. On an update side of things as I haven't updated in a while - I built an all mob mob farm, just a flushing platform one but it is good enough to get all the string I needed. I'm always halfway through building a creeper only farm though as I found it is built in a slime chunk so it's producing some slime too Once the creeper farm is done, I'm planning on building a big sugar cane farm around it. It should be a nice easy place then to make rockets ready for when we have elytra


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