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  1. F1 2018

    It was a great ending to the race, though while I appreciate the front is what people focus on I do wish they would focus on the midfield more as you see changes in position on the position graphic but you don't ever see the overtake live or a replay. It seems Red Bull have continued where they have been the last few years, close enough to the front to capitalise when something like a SC happens but not quite fast enough in pure pace.
  2. Star Citizen 3.1 - first quartely patch

    Nice to see that they are continuing to patch and update this. It is one reason I'm eager to get my new pc built is to try this out.
  3. Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    I don’t know how much it costs to run these forums but that is a good idea and I’d be happy for some/all donations to go towards running this place.
  4. Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    Interesting that you bring this topic up today of all days... I am 100% behind this though, it is fantastic way to feel good in FG. Unfortunately, as much I would love to, I don't think I can commit to a fixed amount every month but I will try to remember to donate at the end of the month if/when I can With respect to your list, in order 1) I never thought of it before as I just clicked the donate button. It has been a while since I've done so things may have changed but if you send it as a gift / to a friend or whatever it is called then there are no fees on it either end I don't think you can set it up to do it every month though. 2) & 3) I think these are a good point and maybe the most important ones. No-one should feel obligated to give more than they want or to every gift / collection. 4) I agree, you are the Commander in Chief of FG and as such should have final say.
  5. Name: Friday Night is Race Night Category: GTA V Date Added: 2018-04-12 Submitter: Greboth Highlights from Friday nights race night. It doesn't include all the races but the best bits from a few. Friday Night is Race Night
  6. Friday Night is Race Night

    Highlights from Friday nights race night. It doesn't include all the races but the best bits from a few.
  7. GTA Racing

    It's done, I was waiting to see if I got more clips but as we may be racing again tomorrow night I'll get it uploaded and posted tonight
  8. FG WWYD: PC Upgrade dilema

    Can you remember which speed you went for? or did you just buy the one the link takes you to? I'm trying not to compromise too much on the build but equally I don't have an unlimited budget so there has to be some. I think based on things like Star Citizen and that video editing and the 3d stuff all are better with more RAM that it is best to go 16Gb straight off. Speed is the other potential for a little compromise, 3200Mhz seems to the sweet spot of price where it isn't much more expensive than the lower speed but then you start facing bigger price jumps to get up to the higher clocks. Still 16Gb of 2400Mhz is still £30-£40 cheaper than 3000Mhz which isn't too be sniffed at. Either way it is going to be faster than my 1600Mhz DDR3 that I have currently, I think I need to look in to quite how much different RAM speed makes.
  9. New EU GDPR Laws [May 25th 2018)

    That probably covers it, we hold a lot of personal information about a lot of people but in essence have just deleted a lot of data and rather than write or email everyone just put it on our website which we now direct people too if they want to read it.
  10. Overwatch Archives PvE

    It is much more a horde game mode than the uprising which was more an objective/payload match. I don’t think it is anything bad though as it gives some variation as PvP is all about objectives and payloads. Playing last night for a couple of hours and it is a lot of fun. I really like the way it is done with moving along then the horde at the end though the difficulty steps up so much at the horde. I like the new ‘characters’ too, the sniper seems quite similar to widow but the Reinhardt/Bastion love child and Tracer/Genji assassins are something different. Though I do think the assassins do a little too much damage or have a little too much health. We tried both the story and any hero modes and managed to get it completed on legendary. We tried the hardest difficulty (expert?) and that is difficult. I do think with some more practice and a better idea of which characters to use the hardest any hero is possible.
  11. Overwatch Calendar: Uprising

    You spelt whinging as winning I'll be on but I won't make it until closer to 9pm.
  12. FG WWYD: PC Upgrade dilema

    @GazzaGarratt Lee, after chatting to you last night about PC's it got me thinking about RAM. I was planning on going for 2 sticks but never hurts to keep my options open. Looking in your PC thread, this is the RAM Phil linked you to; https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01DPSQOO4/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1515181570&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=crucial+ballistix+sport+8gb&dpPl=1&dpID=41dqpRoIRaL&ref=plSrch Is this the stick you bought? Did you get the 2400Mhz or 2666Mhz? With the exception of Star Citizen how are you finding 8Gb for everything else? Of course I can't also ignore the most important question did you go for grey, red or white? white or grey look best but everyone knows red stuff goes faster
  13. FG WWYD: PC Upgrade dilema

    Too late I know but they don’t really show any signs of dropping so I bit the bullet. Plus the cheapest I could find recorded of standard 1070 being is around £330-£340 so doesn’t seem too bad of a price of a better cooler and clocked card
  14. FG WWYD: PC Upgrade dilema

    My GPU is the 1050Ti so it has 4Gb VRAM instead of the 2Gb on the standard 1050 which I think does give me some leeway. I'd probably guess overall though our systems aren't too dissimilar in terms of performace. I think you're right though about a new system though, it isn't necessarily needed right now but there is little point spending money now to upgrade my current PC then spend money in a year or whenever buying a new PC. WIth Ryzen2 (or Ryzen+ or whatever they call it) coming out soon I think I might wait and see what that brings before going for a CPU Motherboard combo. If the price/performance is decent over an OG Ryzen then I might as well but if not, hopefully it leads to a drop in OG Ryzen prices. Either way I went would mean a new PSU so I've picked up an 850W PSU ready and verbally agreed to buy an EVGA GTX1070 SC 8Gb ACX3 card. it is second hand GPU but with GPU prices as they are its almost a £500 card and the guy agreed at £330 so hard to say no to that! No way will a card that size fit in my current case without taking a HDD out but I'm tempted to do it just to see how fast it runs
  15. GTA Racing

    Nice, I started cutting the clips yesterday but the more perspectives the better.

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