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  1. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    Haha yeah, I'm working from today so thought I'd log in and AFK a bit to let the villagers breed some more. The beacon was already activated so you shouldn't have needed to put any more iron it. Yeah that is the effect of the beacom but as it is only a haste 2 beacon you should only notice the effect if you try mining. I just tried it now and I can instant mine blocks so it should be working for you too. It does only have a range of 50 blocks so maybe you moved outside of it? I just built the beacon there as it was an easy place to build it but it can be moved wherever If you log on again and still isn’t working drop a reply here or a pm and I’ll come on.
  2. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    So it turns out that spawn is low enough for 2 more iron farms to be built above the existing one. It isn’t pretty but it was the easiest way to get iron quickly. Which on that note we now have a beacon I built it at the start of my mine by the drop hole and water elevator. Though it has a range of 50 blocks so should reach your mine too Plumber. Though to pretty up spawn so we don’t have floating iron farms I might use the beacon to dig a hole deep enogh to put an iron farm underground and then remove the floating ones. Even if it is rather amusing to see iron golems falling from the sky I was afk’ing for iron close enough to the villager breeder too. We got another couple librarians so need to unlock them but so far still no mending villager
  3. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    Hmmmm so ok there is a realm server reset eventually which kicks you. I don’t know how often that is though but you cen certainly AFK for a few hours using the item frame trick. I know all the iron is going towards the beacon but the farm doesn’t generate that quickly so might build another one. I’ll have to check the y-value of spawn as iron farms need to be built at least 64 blocks apart. So if we are at a low enough y value, we may be able to fit another farm above the existing one and, if the y vaue is low enough, 2 more farms above the iron existing one. This would save having to build another killing chamber and collection system. I won’t get chance to check tonight but will try to get on tomorrow to see if we can build one or two more iron farms. I suspect it is only one but always good to be hopeful of building 2.
  4. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    Haha that isn’t a bad tactic, unless you use a car that is faster with BoP enable than not. I might have to try that though, see if I can set an even faster time.
  5. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    So the method @Spacedeck linked to doesn’t work as it appears that realms are linked to player input rather than player movement. However it did lead me to other threads and comments on the subject. One of which being that some AFK fish farm designs work by / keep you logged in by having you constantly clicking an item frame. A lo and behold it works, if you place an item frame with any item in it, hold your right click on the item frame so the item is rotating then unplug your mouse. Unfortunately this only works while you keep MC as your active window so you can’t do anything else on your pc while AFK’ing but still it is handy to know. It also means that with some more mining and a little afk’ing we are up to 90 blocks towards the 164 required for the beacon
  6. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    So managed to fit in 11 laps last night and managed a 1:38.324. I wasn’t being consistent though so probably could shave a little time off that too. I’ll try and give it a go with tc on higher, auto gears tonight and see what time I set
  7. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    Nice! Good to see times getting down in to the 1:30’s. I guess a 1:30 something is my aim when I pull my finger out and do some laps. I’ll try and fit some laps in tonight and post my time.
  8. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    Haha yeah there are lots of hills but I thought you’d realise it is the new building the popped up. Though for reference the iron farm is to the south of spawn
  9. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    Nice to see you getting your time down Phil. If you get down to a 1:40, next stop is 1:39’s I still need to put in a few laps to get a proper fast time. I might then do a few laps in high TC only, auto only and then both if I have enough time.
  10. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    My difficulty in locating the chest appears to be because you left it by the super smelter not the iron farm Which reminds me, I still need to finish that. Hmmmm to put all my iron towards a beacon or finishing the super smelter...... beacon! I can always mine more iron and faster with a beacon.
  11. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    Which chest did you leave the obsidian in as I can’t find it. I mostly worked on the nether today, dug out a space around the portal and slabbed it all so we shouldn’t have problems of things spawning there either. I started tunnels in the 4 cardinal directions and figured we can extend these or branch off as we need to.
  12. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    Having spent far longer than I care to admit playing today, I took killing 87 wither skeletons to the 3 heads needed for a Wither boss. One with boss down means beacon well the beacon-y part of a beacon, now just go get the 164 blocks required. Which to that end I then finished the iron farm and it is producing iron too, by a building it slighly out of town it is far enough away from the villager breeder for them both to work So if I add my iron, gold and emeralds to what the farm has produced we're at about 50 blocks already so almost 1/3 of the way to the beacon already Though a little heads up, if you go in to the iron farm watch out for zombies. It currently only has one wall and zombies love villagers so you may find zombies under the farm trying to get to the villagers. Edit: I forgot to add, to help towards the beacon I'm going to AFK at the iron farm so hopefully it should produce a reasonable amount or iron to put towards the beacon I've been going through the villagers as best as I can and still not found a mending villager The perfect one would be a cheap mending villager but at this point I'd take an expensive one. We do have a new librarian though so I'll unlock the trades and some point and keep hoping. Edit2: Damn There is an AFK timing that kicks you off eventually. Oh well guess there won't be much AFK'ing then.
  13. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    Actually I might not need any though that is a very definite "might". If I do though it would only be enough to build a nether portal or 2 so 20 blocks max I've started on the iron farm though working from memory so may have to check the design. I've built on the hill just outside the main spawn bit. I'll finish building it and make sure it is working before I do any decoration to it. Though going to need a lot of villagers for it, I think it works best with 48 villagers in it soooo yeah, go go villager breeder!
  14. Greboth

    FG Realms Discussion Thread

    I don’t think there is anything I actually need as I have chests full of stone to build with. Maybe only a little obsidian as I’ll build a nether tunnel to link spawn with the new builds. I’m thinking it would actually be more beneficial to have the iron farm in spawn and the villager breeder outside of spawn. So might do some swapping around.
  15. Greboth

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    You’re still using manual gears? How are you getting on with then now? I tried the Ferrari 458 Gr.3 out. It drivers quite different than the 458 Gr.3 especially out of the slower corners. I also have a Gr.3 BMW to try out but I’ll have to try the 911 or the Lexus too. Got to find one I really like before really going for lap times.


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