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  1. Obviously at Rich’s discretion but I think it depends on the game really - something like DayZ are probably going to be longer clips whereas a game like CoD the clips are probably shorter overall though if you’re talking trick shots then they could be only a few seconds potentially.
  2. I’d say it is needed as it ties in to the rest of film nicely. Hanna says about not having heard music and while it’s not the first time she here’s music the whole scene is calm and relaxing which provides a juxtaposition to the rest of the film and to Hanna’s life. You can read further in to it too with Hanna having the test result showing she is abnormal with this scene highlighting that as Sophie is being a normal/stereotypical teenager. It also provides some extra scenes on Hanna and Sophie becoming friends. In the end I think it all serves the purpose to humanise Hanna too. She was brought up to basically be a weapon and to kill Marissa. By the end though her experiences are the reason she tries to walk away from it all. This fails and Hanna ends the film with how it started with shooting the deer.
  3. It's lent forward 45 degrees so the reflection you see in the mirror is the floor. They show you how it's done with the rabit in the box trick Obviously if you get close enough you'd notice but for plot reasons they didn't.
  4. Yup, that’s my reaction. It looked damn good even on my standard PS4 so look forward to see what it could look like with PC power.
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly coming to PC later this year | Eurogamer WWW.EUROGAMER.NET So it looks like the Playstation exclusive is coming to PC. A brilliant game with an interesting story and one of a rare few single player games I’ve enjoyed. If they do release it if it’s cheap enough then I’ll be tempted to pick it ip again just for fancy PC shiney graphics and framerate.
  6. Less hours than some people but I also have about 15 days on Minecraft on PC - oops
  7. Well that narrows it down What is it? Not all cars are equal on performance so in real life they add restrictor plates in the intake to reduce power or add ballast to increase the weight of the car. Either/or will slow the car down. Being this is a game though, to balance out performance, some cars get a power increase and/or weight reduction to make them faster. How to activate it? Most of the time you won’t need to. If you go in to any online lobby then BoP on or off will be chosen for you. If you do want to activate it though, once you’ve chosen a car and track and it’s loaded. On the screen where the background is a clip of car driving round the track. Click on the spanner icon at the bottom to open the set up page of the car. On the left, there is an icon labelled BoP, click it and turn BoP on.
  8. A bad workman always blames his tools Nice time though I find the Lexus can be a bit tail happy but it’s predictable so not too bad. Have you just qualified or have you tried any of the races? If you can maintain your qualy pace then you should do well as I’ve found peoples race pace can be quite a bit slower than their qualy. After you left I did 3 races, first I made a mistake so was a recovery, second I got pushed in to a wall so was a recovery too but both I managed to finish higher than I qualified. Third race went much better, no mistakes and no punts. Still chasing the elusive victories though
  9. You’re welcome! I couldn’t make this one as I had to log off around 8-8:30 but hoping to make the next as I want to give R6 a proper go.
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 25/100 My Time 183 seconds  
  11. I thought you would be higher than D but then you haven’t done that many races. I’ll be doing some practice when I get home for the Gr4 Dragon Tail race this week. I want to try and get another half second off my lap time before I do anymore races. I was going to simply time trial but if you’re on there’s bound to be a server up on this combo.
  12. Phil, Lee and I have been on a few times together but, as Phil said, that isn’t enough a decent race. Though others have/had the game but it’s rare to see them on. We’ll just have to have a race and I’ll start 10 seconds behind everyone As Phil said though we can’t race official races together as we’re different ranks. Though even if we were the same it would be luck if we ended up in the same lobby. We could always go for a regular online lobby as some of them can be decently populated. Although they can be a little crash happy in public lobbys. Whatever I’m sure we can work something out to get some clips for you Rich.
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