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  1. The peer pressure It’s on my radar of games to keep an eye on but feeling poor at the moment after paying off Goodwood so maybe in the future.
  2. Damn son! That is awesome to be recognised and honoured in such a way.
  3. Except it is slightly baffling. The infrastructure is already there for digital games so it can’t be more expensive to distribute digitally. So it’s purely a profit thing? But that doesn’t make sense either as disc based media is so easily available. Some people will pay for the convenience but I can’t imagine many do. As far as I know digital isn’t any cheaper on xbox than PS so it isn’t like Song charge a fee or take a percentage for publishers using their network. Well unless Sony and M$ take roughly the same amount. But then that doesn’t make sense as the marketing advantage of being able to offer cheaper digital games would be massive. So all in all, I can’t work out why they don’t sell digital at the same price as physical. It costs less to distribute, loads if people would do it so more profit.
  4. Interesting article and gives food for thought. I know for me, as well as others have expressed a similar opinion, that I’d go digital more often if prices were competitive. Digital copies at their full RRP of £50-£60 stand no chance when physical copies are sold for around £40. Also the figures at the bottom seem off. I know they’re only estimates but surely the xbox series x can’t be over 3x worse than the PS5?
  5. So after logging off CoD last night, I decided to give this a watch. I’d forgotten some of things that happen but even though I know what’s coming it’s still a funny film. As I said on whatsapp, this film means every time I hear Time to say goodbye all I want to sing is boats and hoes. That’s the power of the fucking Catalina wine mixer.
  6. A sponsored drinking competition, we’d be good at that Not everything has to be gaming related but that is the thing that brought us together so keeping that in mind. The obvious one would be a really long gaming session. Like you see the 24 hour gaming sessions with donations going to a charity. The problem with that though I think you need a reasonable following in the first place. Though maybe still an idea. My other thought was like you seeing people doing the marathon in dress up. I’m not suggesting we do a marathon but could do a 10k or something in cosplay. If we picked the right sort of characters the outfits wouldn’t be too bad to make or walk in etc.
  7. I did not know, I will have to get deleting
  8. Original GTA on PC you could enter cheat codes when typing your character name. If you entered ‘suckmyrocket’ you had all weapons in the game. Or ‘iamthelaw’ for no police. Trust Rockstar to get some humour in their cheat codes.
  9. It would be good for the GPU market to knock nVidia down a peg or two as their pricing for the higher end cards is just ridiculous. Though I'm not so sure AMD will go chasing those halo products in the GPU market for now. Sure, having a halo product gets their name out there more but it's the CPU market where the money is - more specifically HEDT and server CPU's. As that is the market they need to push and focus on, I don't see them really focusing on consumer GPU's for a few years.
  10. Yeah, competition in the cpu market is needed. Too long the CPU market stagnated due to Intel’s iterative upgrades due to no competition. Arguably they’re paying for it now though as AMD are smashing them and some of the rumours about 10th series sound bad. Though I hope few more years of AMD domination so the company is financially sound and they regain a decent market share.
  11. I hadn’t realised there had been perk changes too. I’ll have to check them out as reading that suggests you now can’t run ghost and overkill as they’re in the same perk.
  12. My vitiol in my other post aside, I’ll give it another go of two to properly judge though I’m not hopeful. I’d also like to try it in free for all as that was how I mostly played it in mw2.
  13. Yes, yes it can! I watched LTT’s video review on AMD’s Threadripper 3990x - a very modest 64 core 128 thread CPU . The thing that got me about it though is they got it playing Crysis solely on the CPU! It is crazy how far AMD have come recently and how hard they’re spanking Intel. Skip to 10 mins in if you don’t want to watch the rest.
  14. I take it back, I take back everything bad I said about shipment. I’d rather pay 10 games of shipment than another one on rust.
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