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  1. MrBiron

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    I'm up for some Control with you lot. I tend to avoid objective modes when I'm not in a team. I always get paired with twats who just go for kills and don't help on objectives. Via the FG App
  2. MrBiron

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    It's the team balancing bollocks they have in the game. I good player will get a load of potatoes as team mates. You need a back brace to carry all of them. Via the FG App
  3. MrBiron

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    Could be next for FG then. Via the FG App
  4. MrBiron

    'Party Up' Thread

    GG last night, peoples. This game is much more fun in a full party. Snipers can go suck a dick.
  5. MrBiron

    Who's Getting BO4?

    That is one thing that annoys me. Takes forever until you Prestige and unlock all the prestige challenges.
  6. MrBiron

    Who's Getting BO4?

    Same. And IW. I couldn't stand either of those 2 games. This is actually enjoyable.
  7. MrBiron

    Best Specialists

    I've basically been sticking with either Crash or Recon. Both of their abilities net you loads of points and help out the team.
  8. MrBiron

    'Party Up' Thread

    Lord_Bir0n I've sent you a friends request. And if anybody sees me on this and wants to play just chuck me an invite. I think this game may party you up automatically? I was browsing playlists and Cal was suddenly in party.
  9. MrBiron

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    I played a few games last night. Played the Chaos TeDiuM playlist first. The first couple of games were fine and then I suddenly couldn't kill a single fucking person. Shoot first/die first is back! Typical COD. But I'd say Core is more playable in this game than it has been for quite a long time. I then tried some HC and it was better. Had a decent game on Summit. Played a match on the Arsenal and some players on the other team were running around with one of the shotguns and they were fucking ridiculous! They jump around a corner, fire in your general direction and there was fuck all you could do about it. So I can't wait to unlock the shotguns! And the Recon specialist is awesome for HC as well. Although I wasn't keen on the maps in the beta I've grown to like them. Much better than the turds in WW2.
  10. MrBiron

    Black Ops IIII

    Same. And then there was another 33GB after that.
  11. MrBiron

    Who's Getting BO4?

    Hey, friend. Would you like to play some Call of duty with me sometime? Via the FG App
  12. MrBiron

    Black Ops 4 First Impressions

    Hit detection and one bullet insta-deaths are why I pretty much only play Hardcore in COD now. I recommend you try it. Core is unplayable for me now. Via the FG App
  13. MrBiron

    Who's Getting BO4?

    After swearing I wouldn't get it, I've gone and bought it. Don't you fucking judge me! Via the FG App
  14. MrBiron

    Physical or digital?

    Physical copy for myself. The reason is simply down to cost. I can buy a disc copy for £10 cheaper than digital. And when I'm done I can then sell the game. This means that, on average, it costs me £25 for a game. Compared to £60 for a digital copy. Why would I not want to save £35? Via the FG App
  15. MrBiron

    Black Ops IIII

    I guessed it right! The "patch" isn't a patch at all. It's the whole fucking game! The disc is near enough blank and is just a key to play the game. https://twitter.com/DanHolmes12/status/1050329477497143297

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