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  1. I also forgot to mention the spawn system. It's fucking awful! You can quite literally spawn in front of somebody. It's just ridiculous. Via the FG App
  2. What I've played hasn't been fun. Maps have too many hidey spots for people to camp in. And too many head glitch spots. Players are out of sync. You can see somebody for a split second, die, and on their screen they've seen you for a few seconds and emptied a load of bullets into you. Having the UAV unlocked first but not having Ghost unlocked makes it impossible to flank as the other team knows where you are at all times as there is quite literally a UAV up all the time. I actually think the UAV spam is what the main issue is. People just wait for you to walk around a corner as they know where you are. Via the FG App
  3. I have it on my Xbone. Gamertag is TheBironicMan if anybody wants to add me. I'm not sure who actually has an Xbox on here.
  4. BF4 was the last really excellent BF game. BO3 was the last good COD game. I thought it was excellent. Siege is still brilliant but none of you fuckers play it.
  5. I played a couple of games. Thought it was pretty decent. No lag or hit detection issues. Can't wait to play the beta now.
  6. With many of the original Infinity Ward developers back at the studio working on the 2019 title, the philosophy of the past is coming back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward’s Jeffery Smith: "A lot of map design recently in CoD has been more symmetrical, and make the maps feel more like arena-based shooters. But going to Modern Warfare, we wanted to keep that realism, and whenever you start doing symmetrical layouts, it really starts throwing people’s brains off. Humans can pick up patterns really easily, and so to make this space feel real, you really have to hide those three lanes."
  7. The maps are apparently mostly a decent size and no longer boring 3 lane design. Which I'm glad about as the maps in BO4 got very stale very quick.
  8. Everybody will just be running UAV's. So a stealth perk will become essential.
  9. That article is a load of shit. Yes it might be used by some people with disabilities but the XIM is designed purely and simply to allow people to use M&KB undetected. They even brag about how you can constantly update it to avoid detection.
  10. PC players using M&KB will only play against console players using M&KB. Doesn't help against the cheating fucks that use things like the XIM on consoles.
  11. The perk makes kills from streaks count towards your killstreaks. Normally it's just gun kills only. So, basically, it'll be MW2 again where people will go into Dom, go for kills and go for Harrier(or the equivalent)>Gunship>Nuke. Making Domination a waste of time to play unless with a full team.
  12. I do feel a bit sorry for the developers with regards to MTXs. They won't want to put shitty ones in the game but Activision will tell them to do it regardless. And then IW get all the grief for it.
  13. I think it looks really good. I'll get it as no doubt you lot will be. Fuck playing objective modes solo though as everybody will just be going for Nukes like in MW2. Apparently sniping is hard so no QSing bullshit. Via the FG App
  14. Killstreaks are fine for TDM type game modes but for objective game modes all they do is encourage players to ignore the objective and go for straight kills. So there will be no chance of me playing something like DOM when I'm playing solo.
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