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  1. Altered Carbon

    Oh yes. I'm properly in love with her
  2. Awwwww Yeah!!! It's Turtle Time

    Yo, is that what you want? What you really really want? Via the FG App
  3. Warframe Prime Vault Open

    Don't let@GazzaGarratt see you saying bad things about Destiny. Via the FG App
  4. Warframe Prime Vault Open

    I meant the price are ridiculous in general. $60 for on frame?! $60 should get you everything in the game.
  5. They broke Terraria!

    It's more a 2D Minecraft. You build a house, get a load of NPC's to move, fight loads of enemies, go hunting for supplies, fight bosses, die a LOT. It's absolutely fantastic.
  6. Awwwww Yeah!!! It's Turtle Time

    I've got a bit of a turtles head at the moment... Via the FG App
  7. Warframe Prime Vault Open

    Prices are absolutely ridiculous really. Via the FG App
  8. They broke Terraria!

    Via the FG App
  9. They broke Terraria!

    Look at that god damn inventory screen! How are you supposed to see anything?! Via the FG App
  10. They broke Terraria!

    Via the FG App
  11. They broke Terraria!

    New update has come out for the console versions of Terraria that includes all the latest PC stuff up to and including the Moon Lord. I've been looking forward to this for absolutely ages and....... they fucking broke the game! Aaaargghhh! What the actual fucking fuckity fuck?!?! First off the new UI is fucking awful. Like, really really awful. Takes ages to figure out how to do anything. The crafting screen is a pain to use. And if you try and look at your inventory the background is too transparent so you can't see shit. Playing with friends is utterly broken. Constant disconnects. And if your playing with a friend in their world and they lose connection then THE GAME WILL OVERWRITE ONE OF YOUR WORLDS WITH THEIR FUCKING WORLD! This happened to me but luckily I downloaded a cloud save. The game just randomly pauses for no fucking reason. And you can't zoom in or out with the touch pad any more. I absolutely love this game so I'm majorly upset that they fucking ruined it.
  12. Resistance dlc thoughts

    I go against the curve with regards to AW as I really enjoyed the game. COD was getting stale and it was something new that the series needed.
  13. Resistance dlc thoughts

    I'm conflicted with that though as I really liked the majority of the maps in AW. But in this game the majority are awful So I've no idea what's happened between that game and this game.
  14. Resistance dlc thoughts

    It's the sheer fucking cheek of it really. These maps were taken out of the game to start with to be sold back and now it turns out 2 of them are bloody reskinned old maps!
  15. Resistance dlc thoughts

    So Valkyrie is just a remake of Detroit from AW. https://www.dexerto.com/news/wwii-dlc-map-valkyrie-remake-of-advanced-warfares-most-popular-competitive-map/43259 What lazy shit bags Sledgehammer are.

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