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  1. MrBiron

    Sony Under Fortnite Cross-Platform Pressure

    Although people are asking for this, why would/should Sony do it? They're the current market leaders and it won't benefit them at all. Or maybe the real question is: Would MS do it if they were currently winning the console race?
  2. MrBiron

    Modern Warfare 3 XB1

    Apparently it's hacked to shit like all other CODs on the 360. Funny how MW2, please let this franchise die already, hasn't been released. My guess is we're getting a MW2, please let this franchise die already, Remastered. Either that or Activision know that nobody would buy their new COD if MW2, please let this franchise die already, was available on the Xbone.
  3. MrBiron

    Cyberpunk 2077

    There was a 50 minute gameplay demo at E3 for some people. No idea why they haven't showed it to everybody.
  4. MrBiron

    Anthem Gameplay

    Why do your weapons shoot numbers rather than bullets? 😕
  5. MrBiron

    Black Ops 4 Reveal

    Eurogamer has published an article about the fact that Activision are still charging for maps. Hopefully more big gaming sites will put pressure on them to change their decision.
  6. MrBiron

    Black Ops 3 - Free via PS Plus

    Exactly what I'm doing. Via the FG App
  7. MrBiron

    Black Ops 4 Reveal

    That's my opinion as well: Why should I spend money on this game? You get half the content of BO3 and BO3 is currently free on PSN! This was the last chance to save the series for a lot of people and Activision have blown that chance. Via the FG App
  8. MrBiron

    Black Ops 4 Reveal

    And it's only 12 maps instead of 16! Via the FG App
  9. MrBiron

    Black Ops 4 Reveal

    Activision have well and truly fucked it with this game. Free maps could have made up for the missing campaign but the fact they're actually charging for maps is utter bullshit. It's like they actually want to kill this franchise.
  10. MrBiron

    Black Ops 4 Reveal

    So 4 of the launch maps are just remade old maps. Activision are proper taking the piss with this game. No campaign and now just chucking in old maps and yet they're still charging full price! Cheeky fuckers. And just what in the fuck is going on at Treyarch?! 3 years to make this game and they can't make enough new maps for the games release?
  11. MrBiron

    BO4 Maps List Leak

    Hell yeah to WMD! Possibly my favourite map from Treyarch. They should have brought it back for BO3 as the verticality would have worked with all the jumping. As for these maps: I hope we get them all at launch. But I can't help thinking we'll get 10-12 and the rest will be "FREE DLC. Praise be to Activision for they are kind and giving"
  12. MrBiron

    BO4 New Features

    They should have it like that in Ranked but in casual play there's no need for it. It's almost like the developers don't know their player base.
  13. MrBiron

    Community Calendar: Black Ops 3 FG Night

    I'm not awkward. I just work til 11pm 3 days a week 😛
  14. MrBiron

    Community Calendar: Black Ops 3 FG Night

    Just realised you've put the date backwards like Americans do! Thought it was Wed night but it's Tuesday. No can do, I'm afraid.
  15. MrBiron

    FG PS4 Rainbow 6 Match Up!


    I'm there!

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