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  1. No campaign in BO4. Battle Royale instead.

    If the rumours turn out to be true then I hope this game fails completely. Not because I hate the series but because it might finally force Activision into giving the game the massive overhaul that it sorely needs.
  2. FG Throwback Thursday!

    Sharing is caring! I know you all be well jel of my skills
  3. https://www.videogamer.com/news/rumour-call-of-duty-black-ops-4-wont-ship-with-a-single-player-campaign Apparently, anyway. So COD, which used to be the market leader, is now just copying every other fucker and doing a Battle Royale mode. Looks like this series really has lost all originality. BUT I can't say I'm arsed either way. Treyarch campaigns have always been a bit shit. If this means Treyarch can focus solely on MP then I'm all for it.
  4. I just cannae do it, captain!

    I've tried to like this game. I've given it another go. But I just can't enjoy it. My main issue is the maps. They are just bad. They're all just mazes with a million different angles to get shot from. Couple this with the worst system in any COD - how can you get spawn trapped on TDM?! - and it's just not fun to play. Hardcore hasn't saved this game for me either; the map design means people just camp all over the place in every single little hiding spot there is. AND THERE ARE A FUCKING LOT OF THOSE let me tell you. TL;DR Crap maps & Awful spawn system = a not fun game.
  5. Radical Heights

    I really don't see why they seem to be just copying the latest gaming craze instead of doing something original. Good luck to them. They'll need it to take on Fortnite!
  6. The War Machine DLC - CoD WW2

    Finally somebody else that hates Nuketown! Seems the COD "community" love it but I detest the bloody thing. It's just a clusterfuck and spawn death nightmare.
  7. The War Machine DLC - CoD WW2

    Launch. And it was probably the worst map in BO1.
  8. COD WW2 - First Impression

  9. COD WW2 - First Impression

    After finding out they're making massive changes to how Division with an update on Tuesday I've decided to give this another go. Really I should learn to leave it 6 months before buying any new COD as it's usually then when they've got it running properly
  10. MW2 Remastered Rumours

    It's more like steak and chips without a steak
  11. Black Ops IIII

    This game could be CODs last chance for a lot of people. The general consensus is that they've released 2 turds over the last 2 years. This needs to be good or the series may be in trouble.
  12. How about a meetup in this place?

    I'd just started a new job not long before that so wouldn't have got the time off. That's why I didn't go. I'll definitely be up for the next one.
  13. How about a meetup in this place?

    I didn't actually know you'd already been. Must have been before I joined. Via the FG App
  14. https://www.arcadeclub.co.uk/ Looks like it'll be great fun. It's got a bar as well for all the alcoholics
  15. GTA Racing

    I even won a race. So there's no point in me playing again and ruining that Good laugh though. Even if @GazzaGarrattand @Diddums are both absolute cheating wank puffins..

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