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  1. MrBiron

    Apex Legends Netcode

    It definitely doesn't run perfectly. I've had quite a few instances where some of my bullets are clearly not registering at all. But it still runs better than Blackout 😂
  2. MrBiron

    Apex Legends Netcode

    I was literally just about to put up a post about this as well! It's definitely not good. And explains why sometimes my shots just don't register. I have faith in Respawn as TitanFall ran superbly.
  3. MrBiron

    Apex Legends (Titanfall BR)

    I'm no BR fan either but this game is superb. I'd advise trying it. It's free after all! Via the FG App
  4. MrBiron

    Apex Legends (Titanfall BR)

    I played a few games last night. I got off to a rocky start as I died basically straight away the first few matches. But then I got better. I really liked what I played as well. It runs well and looks good. It's nice and fast. It's not just another PUBG clone. It's got some nice additions like being able to respawn your team mates and being able to ping enemies. My main complaint at the moment is that you can only play as a 3 man squad. I'd like to see solo and duo added. I think it's much better game than Blackout is. Plus I have more kills in this than I do in Blackout 😂
  5. MrBiron

    Apex Legends | Which Platform?

    PS4 for me.
  6. MrBiron

    Your Anthem Impressions

    I''ll be getting this but not at launch. I enjoyed it but the crashes and loading screens are too much. I'm waiting to find out what the finished game is like.
  7. MrBiron

    Apex Legends (Titanfall BR)

    I'll be getting this for sure. TitanFall is one of the best shooters on this gen of consoles. It's certainly the best COD this gen.
  8. MrBiron

    Your Anthem Impressions

    I liked what I played. It's not perfect but it's decent enough. Movement and shooting are both solid. My biggest issue is that the UI is awful as mentioned above. And there are too many loading screens and it takes ages to load. I had a mission, went into an area and got a loading screen. Left the area 30 seconds later and was greeted with ANOTHER FUCKING LOADING SCREEN.
  9. MrBiron

    Anthem Release Chart LOL!

    It's just ridiculous. It should be alpha>beta/demo>one release date.
  10. MrBiron

    Anthem Microtransactions

    Assuming it's £1 per 100 shards then that's £20 for a skin. FUCK THAT! I'd pay a quid or 2. That's it.
  11. MrBiron

    Anthem Live Demo Jan 25th - Jan 27th

    Yes you can but I'm not arsed. Got RE2 to play anyway.
  12. MrBiron

    Anthem Live Demo Jan 25th - Jan 27th

    I'll wait for the open demo. I ain't pre-ordering anything from EA til I've played it first.
  13. I'm waiting on the open demo/beta in February before I decide if I'm getting it or not. Via the FG App
  14. MrBiron

    Resident Evil 2 - Remake

    Played the demo. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the full game tomorrow. Via the FG App
  15. Liar! All you bloody play is MehStiny 😉


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