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  1. MrBiron

    FG Film Club wk 32 2018: Snatch

    Ahhh, Tyrone. You silly, fat bastard.
  2. MrBiron

    BO4 Beta Info

    I'm too late with this info but I just order games from Amazon to get the code and then just cancel the pre-order.
  3. MrBiron

    BO4 Beta Info

    That video pretty sums up the problem with this game. They are trying to make it tactical when COD players don't want a tactical game. COD is just a fast paced, arcade shooter. That's what people want from the game.
  4. MrBiron

    BO4 Beta Info

    I tried the beta again. Still can't get on with the game due to the high TTK.
  5. MrBiron

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PC Rainbow 6 Night

    Yeah I'm a twat 😯
  6. MrBiron

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PS4 Rainbow 6 Night

    Oh! Didn't realise there were 2 😂
  7. I used the FG App and it's a pain in the arse navigating the forums sometimes. You can't always find where you want to go.
  8. MrBiron

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PC Rainbow 6 Night

    No idea. I just sign in with my PSN ID.
  9. MrBiron

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PC Rainbow 6 Night

    I can't make it on the 16th but after that week I'm good for every Thursday. Be nice if we can get a full team. We could play ranked if some rookies want to join in.
  10. MrBiron

    What phone do you have?

    Changing home launcher was a pain in the arse. My widgets didn't work properly. Background app closing is too aggressive.
  11. MrBiron

    What phone do you have?

    Nova Launcher is absolutely the best third party launcher you can get on Android. I bought prime around 6 years and never use anything else. As for phones I'm using the OnePlus 6. It's the best Android phone I've had so far. And it's fairly cheap for what you get; mine was £529 with 128GB storage. It's super fast, battery lasts ages, camera is great and OxygenOS (the version of Android that OnePlus use) is the best version of Android I've used. Plus I like to run custom ROMs on my phones and OnePlus is one of the best for phones for them. I had a Huawei Mate 10 Pro. While the phone was great the software was awful. I just can't get one with EMUI.
  12. MrBiron

    Cyberathlete Championship Series- CCS

    You know I'm up for this. Although I'm basically unavailable for gaming for a few weeks now. Via the FG App
  13. MrBiron

    BO4 Beta Info

    I lay the blame firmly at Activision. Should have let Treyarch do what they wanted as they make solid games. Via the FG App
  14. MrBiron

    BO4 Beta Info

    After playing this for a while I can honestly say I'm very disappointed. The maps are quite poor and very small and just not up to the usual Treyarch standard. Seems they've basically all been designed for this new Control mode. Core is quite literally unplayable for me. The spawn system is utterly shit. It's not unusual to spawn and be shot in the back instantly. I had a few games where I literally had players spawn in front of me. I suspect the map size has something to do with this. I wasn't expecting much after all the rumours of them ditching the original game any way. But after BO3, which was excellent, this seems like a step backwards.

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