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  1. Well it's safe to say that most of you lot are a massive let down
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 162 seconds  
  3. This is why I generally try to log off from gaming around 10pm. I go to bed at midnight so like a couple of hours to wind down beforehand. I also hate going to bed straight after playing games as I always just end up dreaming that I'm still playing games. It's really very annoying
  4. After a few games you will be totally average just like me! [emoji1787] Via the FG App
  5. PS4. I've edited my post. Via the FG App
  6. I think it's time we start playing Siege properly. So I'm suggesting Wednesday nights as the night to do it. On PS4. Unfortunately it's not on sale for £7.99 anymore. All those that do have it should get it updated. Myself and Aaron will be on for sure. Via the FG App
  7. @Diddums says to avoid TalkTalk yet I've been with them for years and have never had any issues. What I would advise doing is buying your own router when you do decide as the one you'll get from an ISP are always shit. Although you can't do this with Sky as its against their terms of service for some stupid reason.
  8. Whoever designed the spawn system in this game needs sacking. It's just utter dogshit. Every single new map has spawn issues and it takes weeks to fix them. How hard is it to design a spawn system with parameters such as "if an enemy is within X amount of distance don't spawn a player there" or "if an enemy is looking at a spot DON'T FUCKING SPAWN PEOPLE IN THEIR LINE OF SIGHT AS THAT IS JUST FUCKING RETARDED"
  9. I'm glad I bought this game second hand. Activision have had £8 from me which was for the Battle Pass. They won't get any more money, however, as it takes too long to move up the BP. They need to add in a daily tier skip system.
  10. That is a very naive thing to think or say. Money from this game goes to shareholders and people like Booby Kotick who earns over $28million a year just from his salary.
  11. One of the biggest complaints is that they're trying to copy how Fortnite works with the battle pass and the store yet COD is still a £60(or £45 if you're not stupid enough to buy it digital) game. If the game WAS free to play then you probably, possibly, maybe, wouldn't see as many complaints.
  12. I don't think the game is that bad either but it seems there are a few design decisions that the player base doesn't like. Things like SBMM being really strict and there not being a ranked mode, stupidly loud footsteps, designing maps so players have "safe spaces". Regular COD players just aren't happy and they've been asking the devs to change things and the devs have refused to do anything. So players are just ditching the game. The exact same thing happened with WW2 and things only got changed when they got rid of the studio heads, but it was too late.
  13. MrBiron

    Titanfall 2

    Thread revival, y'all! As this is now free on PS+ I thought I'd revive this thread. Absolutely everybody NEEDS to get this game downloaded as it is fucking amazing. It's better than any COD that's come out since BO3.
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