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  1. I played the demo and enjoyed it. Then saw it was episodic and each part is full price (part one being £59.99 on the PS Store). So fuck that then! I'll wait til we get a complete collection. Square Enix are royally taking the piss.
  2. Plus getting people to play something else is difficult as I found out when I tried to arrange a Siege night. It lasted a whole week and then everybody went back to whatever they were playing before. Even though everybody said it was good fun
  3. Siiiiieeeege!!!! That is all. What about Battlefield 4? Or any Battlefield. They're cheap as chips and BF4 is excellent.
  4. The one game I played on it last night lasted about 1 minute before I left. We were just spawn trapped in one corner and literally never got to move out of the corner. The other team were camping all around and above and as soon as you moved you got killed. It plays exactly like I thought it would: A complete fucking nightmare. IW had so many good maps to choose from and they chose that shit house of a map.
  5. It's not just because of that. They changed the layout of the map which allows players to look from one corner into another corner. IW just seem clueless.
  6. Siege Mondays then? It's the only other night I have off.
  7. May as well delete this thread completely.
  8. That's my biggest issue. There is absolutely no excuse for that happening. No player should be spawning exactly where somebody is aiming at. Even the most basic spawn system should be programmed to NOT do that.
  9. This video is from Reddit and was taken after they've apparently made the changes Call of Duty®_ Modern Warfare®_20200128184252 - Streamable STREAMABLE.COM Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop. Good job, guys! You properly sorted the spawns out. Go have a beer to celebrate a job well done
  10. MrBiron

    Doom Eternal

    Can't wait for this! The last game was excellent. This looks like it'll be excellenter.
  11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 58/100 My Time 138 seconds  
  12. Piccadilly is shit as well but I prefer it to Azhir. Shipment is just silly and it's fun a couple of times a night. I've played Euphrates bridge about 2 times
  13. Azhir Cave can go suck a big cheesy cock! Absolutely detest the map. That is all.
  14. Well it's safe to say that most of you lot are a massive let down
  15. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 162 seconds  
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