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  1. They should have built on BO3. That's the best MP for years. IMO obviously.
  2. What an absolute cluster fuck this series is now! Activision really need to rethink how they make and sell these games. The best thing, in my opinion, would be to have a base game and keep adding new content to it. Like what Ubisoft are doing with R6 Siege. Clearly this yearly release cycle is stretching the dev teams well beyond their means.
  3. I voted COD. Even though you cunts have usually finished playing by the time I get home from work.
  4. MrBiron

    Rage 2

    I'm on holiday in just over a week so I'm going to pick this up. I enjoyed the first game. I've seen somebody comparing it to the latest Doom and that great is excellent.
  5. I think that Dany knows that she won't get to be queen and that The Bastard could end up as king so she just thought "fuck 'em! If I'm not ruling Kings Landing then there won't be any Kings Landing to rule". I also thought the episode dragged on. Sure some bits were cool but I found myself skipping a load of guff. 10 fucking minutes of people shouting "ring the bells!" had me shouting "somebody ring the bells for fucks sake!" at the screen.
  6. Considering they've upped the price and removed PS3 and Vita games you'd think the quality of PS4 games would improve. They're pretty shit this month.
  7. https://kotaku.com/u-s-senator-introduces-bill-to-ban-loot-boxes-and-pay-1834612226 He wants loot boxes and P2W mechanics that pray on kids to be banned. About fucking time something was done about the unregulated and unchecked greed by games publishers. Publishers will be pissed about this but fuck 'em. If anybody watches Jim Sterling's videos he said this would happen because the games industry wouldn't regulate itself.
  8. He claimed there would be no micro transactions in the game and then went on a massive Twitter rant when people called him out on his BS. He seems to think that cosmetic only MTXs aren't actually MTXs
  9. Chris is now winning. And every Chris is a winner. Clearly common sense has now prevailed.
  10. Dave is winning?! Fucking bullshit! I suspect some sort of Russian interference is at hand.
  11. That was my whole point
  12. It's the same in this game and that just doesn't make for a fun experience. Not being able to pop your head for even a split second because you'll get instantly killed is just annoying.
  13. I'm at a point where I'm thinking of getting rid of this game. Playing solo is just completely shit and because of the armour bug when playing with higher ranked players it's pointless teaming up with any of you lot.
  14. This is cool. The transparent magazine actually shows the ammo being used! https://i.imgur.com/VMLg6pj.gifv
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