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  1. Rumelylady

    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

    Tomb of Annihilation is a campaign guide that came out last September. It takes place in Chult which is loaded with dinosaurs. It's not out of the realm of possibilities, but weird if you're not currently on that area of the world. Also, I love the candle bit and saying it was from a bard's song. What's also great about this is the two on the left are actually good friends in real life and play D&D together.
  2. Rumelylady

    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

    That would be so goooood. I think the main GM for our group would like to more of that sort of stuff but the other two members of our group are very stabby and one of them doesn't always pay attention to whats going on. Agreed. It was a delight in the session I ran that took place in Candlekeep making our Fireball Queen use spells other than anything fire based. And no Misty Step either. There was lots of cursing.
  3. @SensaiNemesis, you probably need to do this to yours.
  4. Rumelylady

    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

    If you're interested in D&D at all 5th edition is probably the best to look at if you're worried about being bogged down by rules. It was designed to be pretty streamlined and user friendly. I've started listening to a D&D podcast that started in 4th edition (they're now playing 5th) and after only one episode I can't imagine playing that version with my current group (we're pretty awful).
  5. Rumelylady

    What do you do?

    I'm an admin assistant in a psychology office that specializes in treating veterans, those still serving, RCMP, ambulance and police dispatch, and first responders. Two of the three psychologists I work for also still have independent practice clients that don't fall within those parameters. We're less than a year old, so we're still ironing out some kinks and getting some things going, but we've had a good response so far. I majored in psychology in university and then went to college for administration, so this job is really the best of both worlds for me. Previously I worked for a hospital as a clinical secretary in an off-site hemodialysis unit for 5 years and did a 1 year stint in their Privacy and Access office. That was a stressful year of intense impostor syndrome, but I learned some interesting things that I've brought to my current job.
  6. Rumelylady

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - What do you want to see?

    There better be blackjack again.
  7. Rumelylady

    PC gamers - thoughts please

    I don't think I really have any other multiplayer games other than L4D and WoW. I also often don't get home until 7pm EST and still have to shower and eat after that, so I don't think you would see me too often other than on weekends.
  8. Rumelylady

    PC gamers - thoughts please

    Hey! L4D2 is a game I actually have!
  9. Rumelylady

    What mobile games do you play?

    Nah. I have a short attention span when it comes to mobile games.
  10. Rumelylady

    Spyro Remastered

    I have the remaster Crash games. The first Crash game was the hardest of the three originally. They jacked up the difficulty in the remaster. It's actually somewhat discouraging. I hope they don't do the same with Spyro, though they were always easy. I think I would probably choose Spyro over Crash? I think. I like them both a lot. Sypro always felt bigger to me for some reason.
  11. Rumelylady

    Spyro Remastered

    Toot toot! I’m riding the hype train!
  12. Rumelylady

    Batman White Knight!

    We are. It's great. It's always my favourite when it's acknowledged that Batman is super fucked up. The two are Harley's are a neat idea as well.
  13. Rumelylady

    Time for another Marvel Reboot

    Just judging the change in our pull-list, I would definitely say this is true. Pre-DC Rebirth our list was about 80% Marvel, the rest various Image titles and Batman. Now it's a complete 180. I think our only Marvel titles are Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra, and Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel has been pretty lack luster as well, with the latest storyline being resolved in a single panel, but Carol Corps for life. Everything else is a pretty good split between DC and Image. Marvel can reboot all they want, but if they don't have decent writers then there aren't going to be the sales long-term. And dragging out their events for months and months and spread over several titles is annoying has hell as well. At least with DC's current event, Metal, it's kept basically to single issues and hasn't dipped into other stories. I honestly can't remember chunks of what happened in Civil War 2 because there was so much unnecessary crap.
  14. Rumelylady

    World of Warcraft night

    Yeah. It would be pretty limiting if you couldn't. There's more zones and quests than one would need to reach cap all across the entire game. Most of those quest lines are pretty lore-rich as well and lead into the reasons for going into 5-man dungeons and 10/25-man raids.
  15. Rumelylady

    World of Warcraft night

    I guess it might have been helpful to put a battle.net id rather than just the server I play on. If anyone feels like it I'm Shyama#1448 I hit the level cap this weekend. There's still so much story to play. I'm really liking Legion. And I also finally realized that I can practice/relearn healing by doing the Pandaria Proving Grounds. I'm rusty as hell.

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