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  1. Ooooooo I'd love to play! I accidently killed my Lizardfolk monk in the second session of my current campaign, so I'd love to play them again. I have them all set up on D&D Beyond, so I can send you that info once updated to level 5.
  2. I love Spyro so much. It's just as much fun now as it was went I was a kid, though way prettier now. I have to giggle at bit at myself when I realize I've just make the same stupid mistake I made when I first played it. I fully intend on getting to 110% on the first game again.
  3. I just assumed that you meant IQ, but it seems more like you mean a test of an individuals awareness of politics and their influence in society, etc. That would make far more sense. There definitely are plenty of intelligent people out there that have their heads up their ass when it comes to things outside their little bubble.
  4. Eh, I dunno. This is a pretty extreme example: Ted Bundy's IQ was 136. Assuming he was never caught and/or jailed, why should his vote count more than the guy who dropout in grade 10, but works hard for his family and within his community? Again, yes, extreme example. I think your idea could be a slippery slope leading to some sort of caste system, though.
  5. Seriously, your country really needs to get on the DD/MM/YYYY thing. It's super annoying having an American developed medical records system that MM/DD/YYYY and everything else I have to work with is the other way. I have to reenter birth dates way more often than is practical.
  6. It's pretty! If had the space (and the some extra cash) I would love to get a keyboard. It's been a long time since I played piano, and I know I've lost most of what I had, but I want to get back in it so bad. It's sad having played music from grade four right through to the end of highschool (band geek) and now I can barely read sheet music any more.
  7. Wellllll... I've made progress on the sweater I'm knitting, a blanket, and finished a sock yesterday. So I guess I've made progress, just not in cross stitch.
  8. If I recall correctly it's 26 count. I've worked with 28 before on mini things just to break up the monotony of the Oz one. They're both crazy tiny. I hadn't heard of the thread parking thing before Reddit. I can see it definitely getting super confusing, which is why I believe I had a couple rules for myself in doing it. I started because the back is an insane mess, especially the top section. Like, people that post the back of their projects that look almost as pretty as the front. Mine is more like a craft store vomited threads everywhere. It's bad. lol I'm looking forward to updates on your (dirty) Alliance and (awesome) Horde banner.
  9. Started this beast in 2010, but haven't worked on it in three years. Our house now doesn't really have a great spot that's both comfortable and has the right lighting, so knitting and now spinning has taken over. Though I have been thinking about it more and more in recent weeks. I'm a bit further along than the above picture, but it gives a better idea of the size of it. This is where I've actually left off. I think it's a little over half way done. Actual image:
  10. Oh hai fellow stitcher! Look at that. WoW healers and stitchers! I love your Lion King stitch. I have no idea if pattern didn't have it or whatnot, but I love it without back stitching. It looks so much softer and more gentle. Also, because of your adorable Squirtle needleminder may show you the Sprite Stitch forums as well as Lord Libian's Epic Pokemon cross stitches (though I have no doubt you have seen them elsewhere on the internets)
  11. I think Healbot is still around, but I'm not totally sure it's as widely used as it once was. Vuhdo basically is the same as far as I know. It's really easy to set up the key bindings. Just open the mod menu and your spell list and you can drag and drop to the key bindings you want. I can't remember the set up I have on my priest as I haven't play it in a while, but for my Shaman I put my most frequently used spells for my base clicks, add shift for my next most used, then ctrl, then alt for whatever I have left over like rezzing. When I set up my key bindings I like to stand around for a while to get a feel for them just on my own. The set up doesn't always work comfortably when actually playing so either ask for the group to stop for a minute to adjust to just make a note to yourself to do it afterwards or during some downtime. In terms of actually healing I don't like to let people get too much below 75% health (unless I'm really bored and want to see how fast I can get them back to 100%). Most often I'll start healing people when they hit even 90%, that way if thing get a bit out of control or the tank loses threat it's less of an issue. Might be overkill, but I rarely lose anyone unless the shit really hits the fan. I like to keep Earth Shield (Shaman ability. I think there's a priest bubble that's similar) on my tank as they are usually taking the most direct damage, as well as a HoT (heal over time) if I can spare it. If the tank doesn't need it or there is someone else that's taking damage consistently I put my HoT on them for support. Don't feel obligated to heal hunter pets if you set up your healing frame to show them. I'm sure hunters appreciate when healers do heal their pets, but they should be your lowest priority and only if you have mana to spare. Also, and this is important, don't forget to heal yourself. I am so bad for that. I get tunnel vision in keeping everyone else alive that sometimes I find my heal had dropped lower than I would like. If there's not much going on and you don't need to heal anyone don't be afraid to help out the dps. A little bit of extra damage is always welcome. I really love healing. It's a fun challenge and can keep you on your toes at times. I hope you go for it and give it a go. Leveling up as a healer makes it so much faster to get in dungeons. If you have any other questions I'm happy to answer what I can. Icy-Veins is also pretty helpful, though it's directed more for characters at level cap.
  12. That is badass! This is my problem whenever I try running. The pace my legs want to go at I can't keep up with cardiovascularly, so I start to panic and my breathing goes to shit. But give me a bar and some weights and I'll powerlift until my arms and legs collapse.
  13. If they redo the game I'm pretty sure @SensaiNemesis will rebuy an xbone just so he can play the shit out of it again.
  14. It's so pretty! You're making me want it even more. I have a giftcard for a book store. Maybe I should use it on this.
  15. For anyone interested, I just finished this article on Wowhead written by one of the original dungeon designers from Vanilla. He also started a Kickstarted yesterday for a book called The World of Warcraft Diary. It's all his behind the scenes notes of what happened during the development up until launch. I'm been burned on Kickstarter more than seen something come through, but I'm seriously considering giving it another go for this.
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