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  1. I did not pay attention to this. Thank goodness I saw this thread.
  2. Have you done a side by side build on upgrade versus new build/ salvage job? For all of us when we are asked what the budget is to go on the side of cheaper but realistically if you were to buy a new GPU or CPU what would you be comfortable spending. If for a slight more we upgrade multiple pieces then you might as well `buy a pair of $100 boots once than 5 pairs of $20 boots'
  3. I think you are better off with a splash page / gateway that bring you to the forums. FG /socials (Twitter/Discord) /forums [end] It'll be too much to maintain.
  4. 100% Discord, it's better in every which way possible to WhatsApp (Mobile chats, groups, etc) and allows bots to post forum threads in there once they are submitted. It integrates the forum which you want. Chat box makes me think it's a 1990's Geocities website.
  5. Video games are the rock music of olden days. Asinine logic with zero numbers behind it. These games are played across the world yet we are the only country with this big of an issue.
  6. Depends on the strategy. If it's pay to win, I won't even consider buying the game. If it's modeled after Warframe, Overwatch or Rainbow 6 Siege I will consider it. Correct me if I am wrong but the latest Call of Duty had some pay to win in it for gun specific loot drops.
  7. Nope. Very active player base , Pentagon and surrounding areas are opened up now. The hype just died down so unless you follow the game there's probably not enough buizz about it. The raid was enjoyable, still problems with the mod and gear score system but overall solid.
  8. Weird, our company streams at 1080p 60 fps and I don't think I've noticed any complaints!
  9. I want to see the contract numbers on this. (Heard a rumor of 6yr/960M) Should shake up the stream game despite Mixer being a mixed bag to me. (Platform is too busy)
  10. USA and UK, brothers until the end.
  11. You need to look into the kaizo community that started this a long time ago with SMW hacks for SNES. Panga, Poobear, MitchFlowerPower, there are some insane fucking levels and they usually race them at GamesDoneQuick. There channels are below. The Pit of Pangea levels in SMM1 are crazy. https://www.youtube.com/user/PangaTAS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8xg5j_amPUIedzS6_nymJA https://www.youtube.com/user/nilladh
  12. A thing that people don't realize. Kenny Loggins confirmed that he will be doing a remake of Danger Zone just for this movie.
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