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  1. The3rdWalker

    Console Emulators

    Fat fucking chance that has any effect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. No I'll be up in Duluth MN on a family weekend.
  3. FREE WEEKEND Q&A The free version of Rainbow Six Siege offers access to all of the maps, modes and Operators present in the full version, giving you the full Siege experience over the Free Weekend. WHEN CAN I PLAY? You can access the Free Weekend during the following times for each platform: PC: August 16th 17:00 UTC - August 19th 20:00 UTC. XBOX ONE: August 16th 07:01 UTC - August 20th 06:59 UTC. PLAYSTATION 4: August 16th 13:00 UTC - August 20th 13:00 UTC. HOW CAN I ACCESS RAINBOW 6 FREE WEEKEND? PC: Go to your Uplay PC Launcher. XBOX ONE: The Free Weekend will be available to both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live Silver users for the first time! To join in on your Xbox One, visit the Rainbow Six Siege product page on the Xbox Store. PLAYSTATION 4: Join the Free Weekend on your PlayStation 4 by visiting the Rainbow Six Siege product page on the PlayStation Network. PlayStation Plus membership is required to play online. CAN I PRELOAD THE GAME? Yes, preload is available for this Free Weekend only on PS4 & PC (UPLAY). You can preload the game starting August 14th. Xbox One and PC (STEAM) will be available at the start of the Free Weekend. CAN I PLAY WITH MY FRIENDS DURING THE FREE WEEKEND? Of course. You can play with anyone who already owns the game or is enjoying the Free Weekend like you are. I REALLY LIKE THE GAME AND I WOULD LIKE TO BUY IT! ARE THERE ANY OFFERS AVAILABLE? If you like the game and want to keep playing after the Free Weekend period is over, your progress will carry over to the full game if you purchase. Rainbow Six Siege is available at a discount for a limited time! PC (UPLAY): August 16th - August 27th. PC (STEAM): August 16th - August 20th. XBOX ONE: August 16th - August 27th. PLAYSTATION 4: August 14th - August 25th. Please check your favorite store to see the available discount. WILL MY PROGRESS FROM THE FREE WEEKEND CARRY ON IF I PURCHASE THE FULL GAME? Absolutely. All of your progress and Operators will carry over if you decide to upgrade to the full game. Please note that if you purchase the Starter Edition on PC, your progression is not carried on. WHAT CONTENT IS AVAILABLE? The full game! The free version of Rainbow Six Siege offers access to all of the maps, modes, and Operators present in the full version, giving you the full Siege experience over the Free Weekend. https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/free-weekend/index.aspx
  4. So sifting through their bullshit. This is directly related to the cut (~30%) developers pay steam to host/ sell their games, plus it appears they will not have to issue refunds through their own system. (EU should murder that) If the game bombs on their platform you better believe it will silently pop up on steam and you won't hear about it ever again.
  5. If you tuned into the Fallout 76 panel during QuakeCon Saturday via Twitch, chances are you saw a lot of people in chat typing variations of “No Steam, no buy.” They were reacting to news that Fallout 76 won’t be available through Steam, and you’ll need to use Bethesda’s own launcher to play the game. Bethesda’s vice president of global marketing Pete Hines addressed the issue in a Q&A session with members of the press later on at QuakeCon. He said the decision has to do with the fact that Fallout 76 is an online game, more in the mould of ‘games-as-a-service’ than Bethesda’s traditional single-player titles like Skyrim and Fallout 4. “We’ve done online games before, we’ve done some games-as-service,” Hines said. “And with [Fallout] 76, it was just really important to us to have that direct relationship with the customer, that didn’t involve somebody else.” Hines says having PC players all using the Bethesda.net client to play Fallout 76 will give Bethesda a better ability to address issues that inevitably crop up in an online game, and they won’t be caught flat-footed by updates from third party software or architecture like Steam. “If there’s a problem, if there’s an issue, it’s on us. There’s no guessing,” he said. “There’s no, ‘oh, well somebody else updated something and now our thing doesn’t work and we have to wait to fix it.’” “It’s our game, it’s our problem, and we can talk to you directly,” Hines said. While Hines didn’t mention it during the Q&A, another benefit – for Bethesda, at least – is that running Fallout 76 through Bethesda.net means the company won’t need to fork a share of sales profits over to Valve. But Hines said the move will make it easier for Bethesda to provide customer service, since they’ll be dealing one-on-one with customers and their accounts, rather than through a third party. “We want to make sure, on PC, that we are providing the best level possible,” he said. “I’m positive we won’t get it all right, but I’m also positive that we know that we’re the ones who will have to fix it and do whatever we have to, and not be influenced by anybody else.” The Fallout 76 release date is set for November 14, and it will be available on PC exclusively through Bethesda.net. https://www.pcgamesn.com/fallout-76/fallout-76-not-on-steam?amp
  6. The3rdWalker

    Prep for Forsaken

    Nothing. Wasn’t a complaint, sorry if you took it that way. Giving my honest opinion. I’m not going to say the game is loaded with content. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The3rdWalker

    Prep for Forsaken

    TFW you farm the raids almost weekly. [emoji108]
  8. The3rdWalker

    Community Calendar: FG PC Night

    Sorry about that. I was online but totally forgot about it due to trying out Monster Hunter.
  9. The3rdWalker

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PC Rainbow 6 Night

  10. The3rdWalker

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: FG PC Rainbow 6 Night

    What's your Uplay ID?
  11. The3rdWalker

    Community Calendar: FG PC Night

    Siege is obviously my first choice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. The3rdWalker

    Bungie Live Stream

    Deej has to be one of the most uncomfortable community managers in the history of modern video gaming to be on air. They need to make sure he just stays behind the keys.
  13. The3rdWalker

    Bungie Live Stream

    A lot of cool stuff, crucible is really going to be more enjoyable.
  14. The3rdWalker

    Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update

    So we brought a friend into the MP beta and said "okay here's the egg hunt, you don't really win it your first time". The fucking guy beat me, two other people and all of the devil children. I was heated.
  15. The3rdWalker

    Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update


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