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  1. I have gigabit internet with a power line adapter. Speeds to my main PC are around 600mbps. I love my power line.
  2. I have a SMN and would be willing to resub. It's arguably the best MMO out there over the past few years.
  3. The3rdWalker


    Should be fun. I'll continue to play it maybe a day a week and enjoy it. This thing will beat up on OW hard, however the R6 and CSGO players are kind of over it- only those who are past their prime for pro league or majors appear to have this game in their sites. (Viper and Jett are my two mains - Viper if on a team, Jett if solo)
  4. and if they last for 5 years at the minimum like mine did with daily use? You could buy 4, $90 headsets or 1, $300 headset.
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 86/100 My Time 72 seconds  
  6. You're not beating build quality of Astros. For example my A50s lasted 5 years and were able to convert to PC through the use of a dongle. Outside of the Sony Golds (Which I don't know if the quality is still good) Astro is specifically focused on the console market and has amazing customer service. We're giving away some Astro headsets during our charity event, perhaps leave your account on AFK during the show to win one?
  7. Hey Folks! Fun update for my company CCS that we're running a COVID-19 relief event with professional teams and big content creators. Not looking for support, just trying to get some Rainbow 6 in your lives! Read more: DBNO - CCS Raises Money for Charity / SiegeGG SIEGE.GG Later this month, CCS will run their first tournament of 2020 as they help to raise money for Modest Needs, a charity aimed at keeping people...
  8. There are a handful of folks with it. Add me! SW-7456-3337-1897
  9. Howdy, yeah I am the Rainbow 6 freak around here. I've been playing since Beta and am heavily investing in the R6 Esports scene. Nice to meet you!
  10. Fish, catch bugs and dig up fossils to complete a massive museum. Get all housing expansions and upgrades, in game special events, fun time killer with friends; loads of stuff. I do not feel like it is like the sims in any way.
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