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  1. 4/7/7 is the standard right now. Second, now that console players are getting use to it the clear times have gone way down.
  2. GRW has an amazing PVP mode. We should play it one time Phil.
  3. Ghost Recon Wildlands had some of the best player versus player ever in a game. I'm excited to see what this is about.
  4. I was planning to wait the 6 months until it hits Steam. I still will.
  5. It's the best mechanical MK game ever currently. However, I'm not buying it out of principal until their change their bullshit mtx system in it. That mobile game type bullshit can kick rocks. I really want the game but I am not going to support that type of nonsense.
  6. The way I have read it is there will most likely be a facial change which isn't that hard to do since it's all CGI
  7. Still very active, community is solid, but for me I burn out on BR games very quickly and go back to Rainbow 6 for competition.
  8. Look at how simple this shit could be fixed. Second I just don't get why they did the whole Michael Bay Transformers, here are the humans, go save their planet. No dude, I want to see the scenes and regions of the fucking video games. Their goal was to pull in our age group and man they missed the mark. I bet @GazzaGarrattwouldn't even find a positive for this.
  9. Fucking yikes. I will say the only positive thing is I believe Jim Carrey could be a good Eggman.
  10. Is it possible to do social things in this game without Facebook? That was a huge problem for me as I'm not signing up for that shit website anytime soon. (Fb) I'd love to start up again on Golf Clash.
  11. No particular order. Band of Brothers The Office Parks and Recreation Bobs Burgers South Park Impractical Jokers The Carbonaro Effect Dragon Ball (Ball, Z, Super, GT- doesn't matter) Cobra Kai One Punch Man My Hero Academia Overlord
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