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  1. A few of my friends said EA have a new engine coming for the new versions of games which should help gameplay A LOT. Not sure how true it is or where they got it from mind you
  2. ..... and the Grau is practically still a laser. Barely even nerfed it lol
  3. Dan94


  4. I completely missed this thread, I was playing Fifa until around 11 then when I was coming off I think there was only 5 or 6 of you left playing Hopefully next time I'll be able to jump in again.
  5. Without sounding completely clueless, is this a stand alone game or has there been games before it? Few guys were talking about it at work the other day, they said it was like a future type version of GTA style game. Watched the trailer and it does look good so will probably pick it up
  6. Judging by the last WC, the press 'seemed' to have been more lenient and actually encouraging the national team, hopefully it can continue into other major tournaments
  7. Next season will be interesting for Foden. Surely he just slots straight in to replace David Silva? He needs (and deserves) to be playing week in, week out.
  8. Facebook gaming is much better than Twitch imo
  9. Ahh quality mate, like you say that's an absolute winner! ........... do you have any clients who work for Audi?
  10. Yeah BMW's definitely have that label about them I feel. It depends on my mood really, sometimes I'll look at a BMW interior and think "wow thats boring, Audi is so much better" then sometimes I'll think "looks clean and simplistic, mature". So who knows lol. I think I'll end up going for an Audi though, its something I've always wanted. Definitely S line trim too though
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