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  1. Hi, yes. Borderlands, best series of games ever.. ish. We don't talk about the Pre-sequel. I will definitely be investing hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into Borderlands 3. I have poured years of my life into Both Borderlands 1 and 2. I bought all the DLC for both of them. They could sell me a cardboard box and I would buy it. They know their audience, and they know how to make a good game, fun loot, ridiculous story, good co-op. It's a fantastic formula and it doesn't look like they're messing with it much. This is good. A lot of people might think they're playing it safe, or making a mistake by not innovating. But the style of this game is what the players love. If they had made drastic changes, like the Pre-sequel, it wouldn't be as popular. All in all, 9/13 cannot come soon enough. I was almost tempted to buy B1 Remaster, but I have played it too much and would rather starve myself of anything Borderlands until B3.
  2. I thoroughly enjoy it. It definitely feels very smooth and like it always should have been. It's very good especially when you're running around with a melee weapon and a nullifier shows up, it's good for popping their bubble and then getting in there.
  3. Bastion is currently on sale for US $3.74 Transistor for US $5.00 Pyre for US $8.00 Just saying https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/STORE-MSF77008-HOLIDAYSALELP/1
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 91 seconds  
  5. I am, in all honesty, a Supergiant Games fanboy. I will defend anything and everything they do. Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, and now Hades. I loved the ever-living hell out of Bastion and Transistor. I have yet to play Pyre, but you can rest easy knowing that I have listened to it's soundtrack many.. many times. The beauty of games made by Supergiant is unmatched, in my opinion. Their simplistic and yet somehow intricate gameplay is something to be admired. Their storytelling may not be the best ever, but when you are playing the game it is all that you want. The music.. god don't get me started on the music. Oh you're curious? Okay! Darren Korb, the mastermind behind all of the music used in all of Supergiant's games is just that.. a master at his craft. When playing these games, the music is entrancing. It.. makes you feel. Happy, sad, like a badass when you're mid-fight. The music isn't just a backdrop, it isn't just something you pay attention to in passing. It has embedded itself into every aspect of the game, including the story. It helps move it along, it helps tell the story if you listen to the vocals. (Some by him, and some by Ashley Barrett.) I have spent countless hours listening to the OST's of these games, and I will for many years to come. But let me actually talk about Hades and why I am more excited than before. Hades was announced this past week at The Game Awards into immediate Early Access. I do not have a PC to play this, so I am sad in that aspect. But the fact that it is in the works, and that there are plans to bring it to as many platforms as they can leaves me hopeful and anxious. Hades combines two of my favourite things when it comes to video games. Supergiant Games, and rougelike RPGs. This is Supergiant's first venture into a rouguelike and I have utter faith that they will do it well. (I'll be refraining from watching/reading anything on the early access product.) I am excite, guys. I've been listening to the Hades OST, found on Supergiant's yt, ever since they announced it and I'm filled with so much hype that I had to share it with people, even if they don't care. If anyone has any interest, Transistor/Bastion/Pyre usually go on sale for 5 bucks every so often from their price of 20 bucks. Or if you own a PC and have the 20 to spare, get yourself that Hades Early Access. My favourite in the series is Transistor, definitely. Followed closely by Bastion. I recommend looking up gameplay first, as these games are likely not for everyone. But if I can convert someone into a fanboy then I'm all for it.
  6. Hades by Supergiant Games
  7. I'm a bit late here, as I've been swamped with work as of late. But I did want to come here and say thank you to everyone. I've always been one to putting other's needs before my own and helping in any way I can. I figure, I better use these skills I have before I grow up and lose them like the rest of you. Jokes, obviously. I embrace my new last name of Morales, and hope to help you lot in any way I can in the future. Because this place is home to us all, and we're as annoying as a family.
  8. The roasting of Lee is a daily occurrence that brings strangers and friends alike, together. Especially on someone's birthday. Plus I didn't get him a gift, so shh.
  9. Event Title: Last Wish Raid, but also make fun of Lee in a Party Chat the whole night Event Author: Horrible_Hector Calendar: Destiny Calendar Event Date: 11/14/2018 09:30 PM Pretty much Last Wish Raid, but also make fun of Lee in a Party Chat the whole night N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  10. The gambit one has been broken ever since it has been a thing.
  11. https://www.wastedondestiny.com Let's see them, boys. Just found this tonight and I'm moderately interested. I'm actually impressed with my D1 hours considering I didn't play beyond TTK. And almost halfway there in D2 with only a few months played. I have a problem.
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