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  1. NCA-Paendrag

    Football (Played with Feet)

    A mate of mine is a Chelsea supporter and he won't watch a match until Sarri is gone 😄
  2. NCA-Paendrag


    As long as they don't invest in a new game engine, COD will suck. And 3 lane maps has been in COD for ages. Remember Favela, Subbase and the one with the plane and a cave? Excellent maps btw. Don't think I'll ever buy a COD game again unless it's somewhere near MW2 and 3. But the reason I loved MW2 is because that was my first one. And the killstreaks was good, even for a mediocre player. And Specialist in MW3 was brilliant.
  3. NCA-Paendrag

    *Recently Played Games*

    Recently finished Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wild. And apart ftom Destiny I have mixed in some Warframe from time to time. Currently on God of War, which is amazing.
  4. NCA-Paendrag

    JoyFreak here!

    Welcome Grissom! 😛
  5. NCA-Paendrag

    Football (Played with Feet)

    Must be his brother.
  6. NCA-Paendrag

    Football (Played with Feet)

    Is it Marouane Felinei missing his home pitch?
  7. NCA-Paendrag

    God of War PS4

    Bought this yesterday and loving it so far! Halfway to level 3 and unlocked some cool comboes. Axe strength is up to 73. Upgraded armor with perks and need to upgrade Artheus' stuff more. Can see it becoming a bit repetative combat wise but have more stuff to unlock and been caught up in the story. Have reached the Light if Anaheim or Alfheim, can't remember, and went into the light and another world or something. Just want to play more!
  8. NCA-Paendrag

    And.... Roll Credits!

    I might actually pick it up tomorrow then 🙂
  9. NCA-Paendrag

    And.... Roll Credits!

    Really? Have been meaning to pick it up but not come round to it yet.
  10. NCA-Paendrag

    Forever Gaming’s Emote Video

    No stress mate. You did? Cool 😃
  11. NCA-Paendrag

    Forever Gaming’s Emote Video

    You forgot the Haka. Not a whole dance obviously but part of it 🙂. That should be with a bulky character. The other you can randomize.
  12. NCA-Paendrag

    Forever Gaming’s Emote Video

    You got mine, or do you want all suggestions in this thread?
  13. NCA-Paendrag

    Destiny 2 Emote References

    Haka! Gagnam Style? 😂 Moonwalk, Angus Young guitar walk. Can't think of more atm.
  14. NCA-Paendrag

    Destiny 2 Emote References

    It's just the idea I don't click with. Looked even more stupid in Cod WWII. What I'd love to see (Rich do) though is a haka dance! 😎😛
  15. NCA-Paendrag

    Last movie you watched

    Straight Outta Compton. Shit was dope!


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