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  1. So really no point in activating obelisks then, as it's easier to do the bounties. Thought it might be more to them. Still unsure what happens if you reset the obelisks though. Annoying if it means you have to do them all over again.
  2. This worked like a charm! Got it to work after 4 fast travels. But I don't get this sundial link stuff. You can only have one active at a time? And can't change between them. What happens if I reset all? I have to do them all over again?
  3. Thnx guys, will try this. If it doesn't work after a couple fast travels, I'll give the clock thing a try
  4. Anyone know how I can get the EDZ obelisk to work? It's the last one I have to synchronize but it seems broken as I can't interact with it to get the weapon bounty. Seems like more people have the same problem as I see guardians trying to interact but just move back and forth.
  5. Not only me then. Yeah, it's down right insane. Started The Impossible Task (or something) from Osiris. Did the vex parts on Io, Mercury and Nessus. Almost done with part 2. Also finished the shotgun quest. Though I don't use shotties much.
  6. Well, it says 400 on both of them. So if I do 20 strikes a week it should be done in only 5 months It also seems that the EDZ Obelics is broken too. Can't open it up even though I have done what I'm supposed to. So can't link it to the Tower as I can't get the weapon bounty.
  7. Did Bungie fuck up again, or are we supposed to do 400 strikes/Sundials etc for the Symmetry catalyst? I see they have reworded the Vow too, as earlier I had 4% completed, but now it says 23/400. So reckon same shit there or we actually have to do 400 runs, which is just plain retarded.
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 25/100 My Time 126 seconds  
  9. Bows are pretty much OHK in Momentum. Two to three hits needed in normal. They should keep that mode in imo.
  10. Recluse seems to wreck (me) in pvp. And Bows are awesome. I use it alot in pve. Both Trinity Ghoul and Subtle Calamity (with rampage). Bows are even good in pvp, the one like hardcore.
  11. I'm down if the time fits.
  12. But I can't stomach Destiny pvp But from much of the feedback in here, it sounds alot like the usual COD bullshit that puts me off.
  13. There's a nick I remember! I joined the old mw2 forum too, don’t know if you remember me, but welcome back
  14. Seems like business as usual. Money saved once again.
  15. Ok, so it's just a powerful engram with another name.
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