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  1. Another US Tragedy

    My ears are bleeding!
  2. Quizzes!

    I use my phone and use the same tab all the time.
  3. Quizzes!

    "you cannot take this quiz" Did you fuck up something, or is it only allowed to take one quiz @GazzaGarratt?
  4. Quizzes!

    Then you're lucky 😂
  5. Quizzes!

    No, german pornstars from the 70's is too weird.
  6. Quizzes!

    Found it. Looked at the wrong menu 🙈 3/5 in 34 secs 😂
  7. Quizzes!

    Don't see any quizzes. Just option to make one..
  8. Winter Olympics 2018

    Women skating around with their legs in the air in skimpy outfits. What's not to love? 😂
  9. Forum Suggested Improvements / Enhancements

  10. e-Celebs

    We're doomed I tell you. DOOMED!
  11. Happy Birthdays!

    Happy birthday mate!
  12. Happy Birthdays!

    Happy birthdays!
  13. Bit of bragging :)

    I am currently enjoying it 😀 Don't know for how long after I finish the CoO story though 😄 But as COD is sucking hard atm, it might be for a while.
  14. CoD Bragging rights

    Some crazy stats there Corey. And congrats on the promotion 👍 40 kills in tdm is awesome. My pb is 32 and not with a sniper 😂
  15. Bit of bragging :)

    Ok to brag, but did you really need two posts to show off? 😂

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