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  1. They should just bury the whole shit and be done with it.
  2. I totally agree on the entertaining part, other than that he's shit
  3. Mike Dean best ref since Collina? You been smoking at Rich's house?
  4. Poor show from Man Utd today. Greenwood was good though! Really deserved a goal after all those chances. And Pool didn't win the league, thank god!
  5. Embarressing to watch Man Utd these days. Serious summer clean up is needed. Getting rid of rotten eggs that pollute the dressing room. Need to build the team back from scratch with young hungry players who's proud to wear the Utd jersey. Mixed with some experienced ones to guide them. And Weedward needs to stop doing things he knows nothing about, football.
  6. Well, good you're not a sponsor then True fans support their team through thick and thin. Plastic supporters can fuck off! (Reckon Man Shitty has room for more) Didn't get to watch the game today, but checked live results from time to time. United need to get rid of the primadonnas only bitching about money than playing football.
  7. A Zyxel P2812 and the light is constant.
  8. Funny issue. My internet lamp on my router is red, and should have been green obviously, but I still am online on mobile, PC and PS4. Did a speedtest and got 31/11 which is what I pay for (30/10). (500/500 fibre coming later this year finally!) Isn't this a bit odd?
  9. Fuck me Diddums, that's hard core, finding your cousin like that! Well, my gaming experience started on a Sega console with something that must have been a 8 bit graphics or something. Had a kind of casette with 10 games on it, one of them being a basketball game with stick figures and a square ball Think I was around 9 or 10 years old. A few years later a friend of mine got a C64 with games on casettes. Man, it took a long time to load! Can't remember which games we played though. But he got an Amiga 500 later and man what a difference! Floppy discs was heaven compared to tapes. Played the hell out of Sensible Soccer. Also remember Test Drive and Prince of Persia. This was around or a bit later when we also had arcade halls with pinball machines and some videogames. Great memories of Double Dragon! Then came the Nintendo and PS1, which I didn't get but played at a friends house a lot. Wrestling and Super Mario ferr dayz. Then came a few years with PC gaming as my then father-in-law built one for me and my ex girlfriend. He played mostly shooters like Wolfenstein, Doom and such. Still remember he playing the first Farcry game. He tried to crack and burn a copy but didn't work. But still had awesome games like Soldier of Fortune, Black Hawk Down, Wolfenstein etc. First real console I got was a PS2. Played mostly driving and fighting games. Didn't play that much on it and only had a couple games. GTA Vice City, which I didn't like. PC gaming took a baxk seat as my ex got sucked into WoW. Probably cost us the relationship. When I met my wife and move across the country she bought me a PS3 as a welcoming gift and I really started to play online, and found MW2. And finally found MW2forum. And the rest is history as they say. Probably forgot some good memories here and there, but most is covered.
  10. Welcome. Make a new thread and tell us a little about yourself mate
  11. Tragic. Was being renovated for 11 mill euros. Now they need another zero behind that number..
  12. I still play allthough not played it the last couple weeks. Only tried the raid once, came to the third step I think. My problem is that it's hard for me to set a specific time to play.
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