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  1. Bows are pretty much OHK in Momentum. Two to three hits needed in normal. They should keep that mode in imo.
  2. Recluse seems to wreck (me) in pvp. And Bows are awesome. I use it alot in pve. Both Trinity Ghoul and Subtle Calamity (with rampage). Bows are even good in pvp, the one like hardcore.
  3. I'm down if the time fits.
  4. But I can't stomach Destiny pvp But from much of the feedback in here, it sounds alot like the usual COD bullshit that puts me off.
  5. There's a nick I remember! I joined the old mw2 forum too, don’t know if you remember me, but welcome back
  6. Seems like business as usual. Money saved once again.
  7. Ok, so it's just a powerful engram with another name.
  8. So not guaranteed to drop 950 even when below, just a chance? Mine dropped 3 levels above my light and I was at 910 when I got them.
  9. Thought Pinnacle Gear was supposed to be harder to obtain or a little more "special" than Legendary/Powerful? Got a rocket launcher from one IB bounty Pinnacle engram, and got the same launcher after the next match..
  10. Checked out Moon, wish I had 4K. Don't know what to think of upgrade moduls for weapons and gear yet. Might be easy to get them, hopefully.
  11. Can't get back in, have to wait it line Might as well just turn it off. Couldn't access the Moon either so.
  12. Well, I don't want to delete stuff if it fucks up the game. And Destiny servers are apparently at full capacity Just got kicked from the game.
  13. Is Shadowkeep a full D2 game? "Can't download as a disc version of the same application has been used on this PS4" Do I have to delete Destiny and download 105 gb?
  14. I just completed this quiz. My Score 66/100 My Time 124 seconds  
  15. What artifact? Think I read somewhere that the hard cap was set at 960?
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