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  1. State Your Console/Gamertag/PSN ID

    From time to time. Not played it for over a week though.
  2. Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    There's a Donate button on the bottom of the front page.
  3. Power Level Changes - May

    The Leviathan guards die quickly with the Nameless Midnight too. But yeah, insane fire rate!
  4. Power Level Changes - May

    What? 😂 Thought it was 350 with mods?
  5. CoD - PS4 Gamertags

    Look in the General Gaming Discussion. There's a thread called State you gamertag there.
  6. CoD - PS4 Gamertags

    BF4 stats? In the signature? Is it still there? If so it's not visible when on the phone, which is the only device I use on here. I made it on the BF4 stat page/app back in the days. Can't remember the site name.
  7. CoD - PS4 Gamertags

    Welcome back 🙂 There is a roll call thread in here somewhere with psn names 🙂
  8. Power Level Changes - May

    I struggle to get above 335 now. Only getting 324-330 engrams.
  9. Exotic Weapon Changes - May Update

    I got the Skyburner too 🙂 But didn't finish the rat king quest. And I think the Graviton is good as it is but if it gets even better...
  10. FG Throwback Thursday!

    Look at him, camping in a fucking corner! 😂🤭
  11. Exotic Weapon Changes - May Update

    What, they gonna buff the Graviton? I've had it for quite a while and it doesn't kill that fast. Allthough it's a pretty decent weapon 🙂
  12. Destiny 2 Road Map Updates

  13. Bilingual jobs in gaming, Glasgow

    I speak 4 languages thank you very much. English, norwegian, danish and swedish 😅
  14. Destiny 2 Road Map Updates

    No I just fire randomly. Isn't the bullets heatseeking??

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