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  1. Can't really see it, as the top menu icons cover it. (on mobile)
  2. Lot less potions, magic and sorcery skills. And you get a team of 3 with you eventually. I'll try and add to this as I play it.
  3. When you change the color theme, it ads a refresh icon button to the menu, (which has big icons) so it's sometimes hard to hit the top logo to get to the front page from the sub forums. The menu blocks most of the FG banner. The menu box squares (for each sub forum) makes the site look less streamlined. But I guess it just takes some getting used to.
  4. What kinda mods? Similar to Skyrim, or just from the devs? Just started playing this after a work mate said it was good, kibda like HZD in another era. Looks good, and starting to get caught up in it.
  5. Based on the trailer, I am looking forward to this. Rich, your job has ruined you
  6. Couldn't find anything on here about this game. Guy at work lend it to me, said it was awesome. Kinda like Skyrim but with less magic. Trailer and gameplay I watched looked great so I decided to try it out. Just scraped the surface so far, but the start was a bit slow. And wish I had a 4K setup as the standard PS4 struggles a bit graphics wise. But I see great potential in this game.
  7. Apparently been a while since I've been here, and don't want to be a wet blanket, but I'm sorry to say that I am not a fan of the new look. Looks messy, a bit more hassle to navigate on the site imo. But not in here as much as I used to so pay no attention to the village idiot
  8. Rage bunny Thanks mate. Amd happy berfday to Didds and Playa!
  9. So really no point in activating obelisks then, as it's easier to do the bounties. Thought it might be more to them. Still unsure what happens if you reset the obelisks though. Annoying if it means you have to do them all over again.
  10. This worked like a charm! Got it to work after 4 fast travels. But I don't get this sundial link stuff. You can only have one active at a time? And can't change between them. What happens if I reset all? I have to do them all over again?
  11. Thnx guys, will try this. If it doesn't work after a couple fast travels, I'll give the clock thing a try
  12. Anyone know how I can get the EDZ obelisk to work? It's the last one I have to synchronize but it seems broken as I can't interact with it to get the weapon bounty. Seems like more people have the same problem as I see guardians trying to interact but just move back and forth.
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