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  1. NCA-Paendrag

    I need a new Legendary Primary

    Dependens on what type you like, but I personally use the Nameless alot. I have 3 Legendary atm, Nameless, Battle Scar and Loquitor IV. Decent auto rifle too, the Loquitor. Bit slow firerate though.
  2. NCA-Paendrag

    Exotic Armour Changes - Roadmap Updates

    Awesome copy/paste 😅
  3. NCA-Paendrag

    Decrypted cache keys

    10-4. 🙂👍
  4. NCA-Paendrag

    Decrypted cache keys

    Ah, thanks a bunch Dave 😀 I'll justfuckinggoogleit next time 😂
  5. NCA-Paendrag

    Decrypted cache keys

    I got two and don't know what to do with them?
  6. NCA-Paendrag

    Cayde's.......Dead. Destiny 2 Story Reveal Trailer

    Stop playing because they killed Cayde? Really?
  7. NCA-Paendrag

    Forever Gaming

    Pretty sure duplicates counted earlier as I know I picked up duplicates in the start. Can't be 100% certain though.
  8. NCA-Paendrag

    Forever Gaming

    What do I do with a decrypted cache key? And is there (still) a bug with collecting sleeper nodes, or do I miss something? On my emblem it says 24/40 collected but it still doesn't change when I collect nodes.
  9. NCA-Paendrag

    Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Thread

    Your magical forum code skills 😄 And yeah, insane match! What a freekick by Ronaldo. And a massive blunder from De Gea.
  10. NCA-Paendrag

    Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Thread

    Where's Bart when you need him? 😂
  11. NCA-Paendrag

    Forever Gaming

    Done NF, public events and personal clan xp with my Titan, not too much with my Warlock.
  12. NCA-Paendrag

    New Member

    I got bored of FC5 after a couple hours. Much like I did with FC4.
  13. NCA-Paendrag

    Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Thread

    I was talking about actual stones, not magic smokes 😂
  14. NCA-Paendrag

    Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Thread

    Heard rumours about stones, but don't know how true.
  15. NCA-Paendrag

    Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Thread

    3 Saudi players to be punished for poor effort I heard.

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