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  1. L_C_Scipio

    Exotic drops Post Forsaken

    I've only gotten a Y1 Armamentarium, dropped after finishing a heroic adventure.
  2. L_C_Scipio

    Weapon Slot Changes - Impressions

    I really like fusion rifles in that second slot. Telesto is great, of course. I got out Emperor's Envy (raid fusion) and it's good. Had never used it before because it seemed like a huge waste of the power slot.
  3. L_C_Scipio

    Gambit - Free 24 hour play ahead of Forsaken! SEPT 1ST

    I played solo and won half (or more) of the time. It'll just be luck of the draw like Quickplay. Sometimes you get stomped, sometimes you do the stomping, and sometimes it's a close match. Also I don't see it getting super sweaty any more than QP does, because you can hit max rank and get every reward even if you lose every time (the ranking works just like Valor if I'm not mistaken). Trials and Comp get so sweaty because you have to win to get anything from it.
  4. L_C_Scipio

    Gambit - Free 24 hour play ahead of Forsaken! SEPT 1ST

    Gambit is awesome. Enemy power level feels good; they pack enough punch that you have to play smart but not enough to be frustrating. The pace is frantic since you're working against the clock and invading is a big rush. Death heals primeval 😈
  5. L_C_Scipio

    Forever Gaming

    His recommended power level is 480. At a certain level above you (50 maybe?) enemies are immune. Like those scary Knights down the stairs in the Cosmodrome
  6. L_C_Scipio

    Forever Gaming

    I believe they talked about bounty targets starting to appear this week, though they won't drop rewards until next week
  7. L_C_Scipio

    Weekly Reset

    I can confirm that Forsaken rewards are dropping from the Flashpoint milestone. The perks are Unflinching Grenade Launcher Aim/Unflinching Rifle Aim (reduces flinching from incoming fire while aiming grenade launchers/"Rifle-class weapons") and Submachine Gun Reserves/Bow Reserves (carry more ammo).
  8. L_C_Scipio

    Destiny 2 Post Forsaken Roadmap

    Until I saw it sitting in my Special slot I'd forgotten how much I loved it in D1
  9. L_C_Scipio

    Prep for Forsaken

    Just wanted to bump this since the update drops tomorrow!
  10. L_C_Scipio

    Forsaken News

    New cinematic trailer: Last Stand of the Gunslinger
  11. L_C_Scipio

    Gambit - Free 24 hour play ahead of Forsaken! SEPT 1ST

    I'll play a few rounds. Need a little taste at least!
  12. L_C_Scipio

    Year 1 Guns to get before they go

    Destiny Sets Log in to this site to see what all you've acquired that you'll be able to retrieve from collections in Forsaken. Pretty handy if you're not sure if you've ever had a certain gun drop.
  13. L_C_Scipio

    Prep for Forsaken

    With the upcoming weapon slot changes I recommend holding on to weapons that you normally wouldn't to see how they pan out. I'm looking over my current power weapons and I don't have a good selection. Up until now I've had no use for shotguns other than the Basilisk or Ikelos, snipers other than exotics, or any grenade launchers or fusion rifles (liked them as specials in D1 though) so I usually scrap them immediately. I know we'll get plenty of good weapons but no sense being too limited going into it.
  14. L_C_Scipio

    Redrix's Broadsword - New Crucible Reward

    Probably gonna pass on this one, unless they make it not take as long to hit max Valor. I'd be down to tackle the rest of it. As far as people being salty over their Claymores, even if someone else can get a similar weapon the name is the trophy in this case, so I don't see the issue. If you kill me with a Claymore it tells me about your achievements even if another gun is an exact copy of it.
  15. It's fine the way it is now IMO. Use SBMM for competitive if it has to be there somewhere.


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