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  1. L_C_Scipio


    Seems like you get 4 Vanguard tokens per bounty. Not much but some help for that rank 50 grind
  2. L_C_Scipio

    The July Update - Destiny 2

    I think the Iron Banner power play thing is pretty cool
  3. L_C_Scipio

    Useful tool for data nodes

    I was hunting data nodes for the triumph. I followed some guides but ended up at 44/45. This site has a map that shows you exactly what you don't have and where to find it. Hopefully some of you guys will find it useful! https://lowlidev.com.au/destiny/maps/mars
  4. L_C_Scipio

    Moments of Triumph

    Not sure about nightfalls but one thing that helps some is buying Vanguard gift tokens from Zavala. They only give you 5 rep tokens but that's a free level every four strikes. Also I think every player in the fireteam can use one per strike so that adds up
  5. L_C_Scipio

    Moments of Triumph

    Saw this on Reddit this morning, but apparently you only need rank 3 in Valor to complete the triumph. In the app it still says to reach "Legend" which is rank 5. I'm currently rank 4 and mine is checked off and says completed 3/3. So that's a significant reduction in Crucible grind.
  6. L_C_Scipio

    Moments of Triumph

    I've got to run Spire of Stars and grind some serious Crucible and Vanguard rep (about halfway on both). Just a few collectibles outside of that for now.
  7. L_C_Scipio

    No Man's Sky initial thoughts

    Inventory management is a little tedious, but I don't have my suit and ship upgraded much yet so I can't carry much. So far I haven't had much trouble finding the resources I need to progress in the game. The survival aspect has just consisted of using some common elements to recharge your suit once in a while, so it's not very challenging.
  8. L_C_Scipio

    No Man's Sky initial thoughts

    A few hours in, and this game is incredible. Not perfect by any means, and not something everyone will enjoy, but I think it's amazing.
  9. Details here: http://ign.com/articles/2016/08/16/gamescom-2016-titanfall-2-multiplayer-technical-test-detailed I work all this weekend but will definitely be checking it out next weekend.
  10. L_C_Scipio

    Battlefield 1 Trailer at Gamescom 2016

    To be honest, the more I see from this game the less sure I am about it. I'm not liking the looks of the Elite classes; seems kinda like heroes from Battlefront which were more annoying than anything. I'm still looking forward to trying the beta.
  11. L_C_Scipio

    Bugs, issues and problems

    I kept getting an error message when trying to post in Drifter's headset thread, but apparently the posts went though because I've got a triple post there now. The error was something about the theme not being supported. I'd copy it but I didn't want to end up with a fourth post.
  12. L_C_Scipio

    PS4 headset

    I second this recommendation. I've had my Golds for a while now and I really like them. Sound is very good and I've never gotten any complaints on the quality of the mic from others.
  13. L_C_Scipio

    No Man's Lie

    I'm still not following how a feature not working as intended on day 1 means that it's been "proven that two players can never interact". If I'm understanding you correctly, you're implying that Sean Murray knew all along that two players could never actually meet and just said it to build hype and because he didn't think anyone could ever call his bluff. I'm just not seeing any evidence for that.
  14. L_C_Scipio

    No Man's Lie

    Why do you assume that he lied about it? Launch day server issues aren't exactly unheard of.
  15. L_C_Scipio

    No Man's Sky initial thoughts

    Only got to play for about a half hour, but I love it so far.

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