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  4. First game. Pine. 8-3, we won 6-2 [emoji41] Really like the feel of the guns. Recoil is a welcomed addition. Very realistic and the sound is superb also. Sent from my Samsung S9+ using Tapatalk
  5. I remember Generalminus from a decade ago and he is the OG of griefing and teamkilling. This kinda thing is pretty dated now and was saturated come Black Ops 2 as others joined in but his material back in the day was purely iconic and absolutely hilarious. This is my personal favourite:-
  6. Going to hop on a play some this morning as it'll be my only chance this weekend. Will post my first impressions later [emoji16] Sent from my Samsung S9+ using Tapatalk
  7. Yesterday
  8. I had some go's tonight and boy the guns felt really cool to use. Way more realistic and kinda made me feel like they were inbetween Battlefield guns and Rainbow Six guns. Game mode is purely for competitive players but I definitely enjoy the idea you can just jump in, get a game going and no need to think about classes as its randomised guns. Pine was my favourite map then Docks following closely. Looked pretty smart too especially kill cams and how the enemy dies. Positive start me thinks. P.S. @Greboth and me tried to party up but i think it restricts you to just playing on your own.
  9. Nah, dont sweat over how good or bad the clip is, more about just sharing a clip you felt was good or cool or funny. Have a look in the video section and you'll see a few videos on how good/bad/funny previous ones have been. Rather see them than not mate, it's all for fun these days!
  10. Docks map has been added. A nice change of aesthetic but I’m not too keen on the overall map.
  11. I only have one problem with that video....I couldn't spot the fantasy violence!
  12. Will have to look into it if it's as easy as you say it is. Just don't have anything recently that's clip worthy. What kind of things passes as "Worthy" these days. What are the standards? I don't want to pass off something that's absolutely dog poo and only make Tronic's job inevitabley that much harder. Don't get me wrong, I was a Chief Warlock Overlord of the old theater setups. Maybe not with recording devices or editing etc. But for years, BO 1/2, MW3 that theater was my bitch for sure. I milked her dry in the past. It's like a new source, a fresh teat so to speak!
  13. Played a few more matches today and still don't like the mode but I think the gameplay in the main multiplayer will be very good indeed. Weapons are fantastic and they feel really good to use. Makes a change from the usual zero recoil fantasy shite that Treyarch give us. I'm still struggling to adapt to the controls especially when turning and mantling so I may have to tweak my sensitivity hopefully not at the expense of my ADS which seems fine. King is probably the only map I enjoy though - Pine has some nasty aesthetics where it's hard to spot enemies and Speedball looks nice but it's too open and predictable off the bat. Two more incoming including a night one.
  14. I believe the event went live earlier this month but nobody cared or realised it happened. EA and BioWare just kept silent rather than drawing attention to it I think after its initial dead reception.
  15. When the alpha is finished, users are instructed to remove the file as the beta one next month will be different. Two key issues so far regarding frame drops on Pine and the film grain setting resetting itself is being investigated apparently. My best score so far is 15-5
  16. Only Liverpool and Arsenal have 100% records and that'll change come this weekend when they play each other. It looks like it could be a tighter one this year. Would be cool to see a couple of teams break into the 'top 6' that is commonly seen each year. Blackburn from a personal perspective have been brilliant recently, grinding out 2 back to back wins after losing the first 2 games. Performances have been really promising. Fingers crossed we can kick on and maintain that now.
  17. Anyone tried this more now its been out for a while? Is it good fun or just a big fat scam?
  18. I want to be excited. I was initially when I seen it. But then Gary reminded me of how the 2nd and 3rd films were and then I went off it. As long as its not a prequel i'll keep my fingers crossed it turns out good. I mean...its Keanu Reeves ffs
  19. Honestly, just use that share factory and the ps4 share button to record any of your clips. I'm a noob when it comes to that stuff but it makes it really is to put it all together. Plus, now all you have to do is get the raw start and end of a clip and good ol' @tronic44 will do the rest in a montage clip with us all in it Always good fun looking forward to them. Also, defintely look into getting GTA mate, not for any of the campaign. It should be around $10 now. Literally all I use it for is the hilarious races we have with each other. I can't wait for the chat party system to be officially released with 16 players so we can record all the lolz from smashing people off the track! Hope you stick around now you found your home again
  20. Really? Wow. Then this really is dead in the water. I've not seen any info on the cataclysm event they were bigging up to be the alternative to Destiny raids and their other twitter guy has gone completely silent too. Never nice to see a game flop so hard but I do hope other game companies use this example as what not to deliver to market from Day 1.
  21. I had a go this morning. Killed 4 blokes with an LMG (didn't pay attention, I was sleepy) then cycled to work, cunting off a fellow cyclist for going through a red light, happy days[emoji106][emoji846] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  22. Haha, that's cool man. Glad you created this place, seems a good place to hang. Who else is still floating about from the older forums? Is Auptyk around? Or did you ban him? Lol
  23. Well, I have no choice but to be here, I built this bloody place and since handing the keys over to @GazzaGarratt I can't escape
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