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  2. State Your Console/Gamertag/PSN ID

    Necro time to help out with the gamertags If it's COD you're playing @Dan94 myself and @tronic44 need people to come play zombies...
  3. CoD - PS4 Gamertags

    I'll raise it from the dead
  4. Today
  5. BO4 Multiplayer Rumours

    Apparently it's like LawBreakers and Overwatch and by the sounds of it, if these rumours are to be believed; it is destined to be a total fuck up from top to bottom https://charlieintel.com/2018/04/19/rumor-new-call-of-duty-black-ops-4-leaks-indicates-mp-is-similar-to-overwatch/ I've never seen such concern with a Treyarch game or any other title in the franchise like this. It seems like an absolute calamity and with Activision already cancelling the campaign, it sounds like the multiplayer should get the chop too. At this rate it'll be BO4 with only zombies and an unfinished Battle Royale mode! These are only rumours though but the way the media have pounced on them suggests there is some merit and just knowing the Activision canned the story because it was basically shit suggests there is development hell going on behind the scenes.
  6. Power Level Changes - May

    What? 😂 Thought it was 350 with mods?
  7. CoD - PS4 Gamertags

    Look in the General Gaming Discussion. There's a thread called State you gamertag there.
  8. CoD - PS4 Gamertags

    BF4 stats? In the signature? Is it still there? If so it's not visible when on the phone, which is the only device I use on here. I made it on the BF4 stat page/app back in the days. Can't remember the site name.
  9. Power Level Changes - May

    That's because the current max power level is 335
  10. No campaign in BO4. Battle Royale instead.

    I noticed on Twitter the usual dick riders are already saying what a great move it is as BR is the future and extremely popular. Tbh all I need is a solid multiplayer but it all smacks of a bit of a fiasco at the moment.
  11. PES 2018

    Does anyone play FIFA18 at all?
  12. CoD - PS4 Gamertags

    Did have a quick look but couldn't find anything - will look again Btw, how did you get that cool banter with your BF4 stats?
  13. Quizzes!

    New Quiz is up in the Sports section. I think it's definitely down everyone's street this one Enjoy!
  14. FG Throwback Thursday!

    I really like these Lee nice idea
  15. FG Throwback Thursday!

    I miss the old B4Btage that Jake did from BO1... Shame it got taken down. Anyone know if he still has the footage?
  16. No campaign in BO4. Battle Royale instead.

    Just let CoD die already.
  17. I just cannae do it, captain!

    I agree the maps are a bunch of linear pieces of shit. But can't say I've seen much camping tbh. Mostly people rush around unless it's a sniper map.
  18. FG Throwback Thursday!

    This week's throwback comes from @Capn_Underpants showing her skills off on how to use a Purifier on Black Ops 3 Hardpoint! On a separate note, can you send me your YouTube channel details via PM if I don't follow you already. I'll also look to add something to your profile that adds these things for all to see.
  19. CoD - PS4 Gamertags

    Welcome back 🙂 There is a roll call thread in here somewhere with psn names 🙂
  20. Power Level Changes - May

    I struggle to get above 335 now. Only getting 324-330 engrams.
  21. FG Throwback Thursday!

    Lol, love it Biron. In slow-mo its painful and hilarious at the same time! Another one incoming later today!!
  22. Exotic Weapon Changes - May Update

    I got the Skyburner too 🙂 But didn't finish the rat king quest. And I think the Graviton is good as it is but if it gets even better...
  23. I just cannae do it, captain!

    One question - did you party up with anyone? Not saying you're wrong as you're entitled to an opinion but I have found littl desire to play on my own due to the competency of randoms PTFO. However, in a team it's very close to the fun we had back on BO3. Tldr - you're only as good as your team.
  24. Ironsight

    Heard a lot of good things about this on YouTube. Is it PC only?
  25. CoD - PS4 Gamertags

    Hi guys Was on the old MW2forum years ago, recently came back to this site after signing up when it first started. What's everyone's gamertags for PS4? I usually play World War 2 with my best mate but would be cool to have some other good teammates on our team instead of playing with noob randomers! If anyone wanna add me: DanTheMan94_
  26. MW2 Remastered Rumours

    Haha must be MW2, please let this franchise die already,, please let this franchise die already,, please let this franchise die already,, please let this franchise die already,? Yep Its M W 2
  27. MW2 Remastered Rumours

    No worries Oh, big LOLZ. There are are a few filtered words that @Sennex stuck in the matrix....looks like you came across one!
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