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  2. PUBG iOS/Android Version

    I wouldn't say it's that bad but unless you the ultimate gaming setup with the ultimate broadband you're gonna get issues on this game. And Phil, just try Fortnite on PS4 for abit. By no means its not a main game for me but due to its ease, you can have a quick couple of games when you're waiting for the group to come online or finish the night on it. I personally think these days to get a graphically aesthetically pleasing game with 100 players across the world online in the same world will never be complete. I think that is why Fortnite will excel in the long run because of it's ease of accessibility whilst it trades the visual looks to support the actual game requirements of 100 players kicking around the map. Via the FG App
  3. New World!

    Basically is breaks blocks as they are. Dig a dirt block with grass on with a normal shovel and you end only get dirt but silk touch will break it with the grass still on. Same applies to things like picks, break a stone block and you get cobblestone but with silk touch you'll get a stone block. It has limited uses though as if you break ores like diamond, emerald or redstone you'll end up with the block (like you do for iron etc.) rather than the actual diamonds, emeralds or redstone dust. Thanks man, not my house but I'm sure I can find them
  4. New World!

    @Greboth I put some grass blocks in your house. I think it was yours. There was an empty double chest on the first floor. I put them in there
  5. New World!

    What does silk touch do? Via the FG App
  6. 7 Days - Steam sale (£7.71)

    As soon as I'm better next week, I'll be on sweetcheeks [emoji8] (btw, i have the best fwends [emoji5]) [mention=211]Capn_Underpants[/mention] will have her copy by middle of the week. Great price and I'd urge all other FGers to do it, even if it's just to experience the server together. Via the FG App
  7. Sea of Thieves

    There's going go be another beta before release but this stress test is just til tomorrow! I'll post here when I find out the next date! Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  8. Streaming 8pm UK time

    If the wifi holds up where i am, I'll have it on in the background. Looking forward to it! Via the FG App
  9. Sea of Thieves

    Is it just for the weekend or is there any chance it will be extended? If it can go into next week at the very least I'm willing to give the beta a bash. Via the FG App
  10. Going to be streaming Sea of Thieves a little later via FG Streams around 8ish
  11. Today
  12. Six Invitational 2018

    Who's looking likely to win this time round Rob? Via the FG App
  13. As the title suggests, on sale for 7.71 until Monday. http://store.steampowered.com/app/251570/7_Days_to_Die/
  14. New World!

    I have some grass blocks at the farm house. Go nuts if you want them.
  15. New World!

    If you don’t want the silk touch shovel, I’ll take it off your hands. I’ve been after silk touch for a while as I want some grass blocks.
  16. New World!

    I decided to enchant my shovel and axe for the hell of it..... Axe = Fortune III and 2 others Shovel = Silk Touch plus 2 others Wouldn't credit it, could you?
  17. New World!

    Bad news Lee...they've got the horse in!!
  18. Do you have a spare mouse?

    Is it bad that I completely forgot about Amazon? @The3rdWalker ordered a mouse! Don't worry about finding anything. Thank you again.
  19. PUBG iOS/Android Version

    My bad thought you were talking about Xbox. PC still has issues? It's light years ahead of Xbox. I watch disrespect quite a bit and game looks perfect to me.
  20. Skool daze

    Here is a letter from the ACLU that was sent to Congress on February 1st, 2017. https://waysandmeans.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/ACLU.pdf Why isn't the news reporting that the ACLU wanted the law repealed? Because Trump wants mentally ill people to shoot up schools I guess.
  21. Skool daze

    If news sites was my only source, I might actually believe that the decision to appeal the Obama law was because them 'publicans loooove their guns and bibles. Totally - it didn't have anything to do with the law and civil liberties (not referring to 2nd amendment), or that Obama and the democrats needed a "gun" win in light of all the shootings that happened To appease the base for election season so they passed this totally useful law at the last minute of his presidency. Id actually believe that because trump repealed that law, things like this wouldn't have happened. Except that law wouldn't have prevented any of the shootings. It blocked about 75000 people with mental illnesses (WIDE classification category) who receive social security checks that are ALSO sent to a beneficiary. Ask yourself why you need both? Why not just block mentally ill people all together? Why do they also have to have social security money coming in that gets also gets sent to someone else? Because it somehow proves they're incapable of handling a gun because they're incapable of handling their money? My grandpa would probably be on that list, shit I should alert the authorities! Not receiving benefits? Not in the system. Not sending the money to someone else to handle? Not in the system. Who is more likely to go on a shooting spree, a person who has access to all of their money or a person who has to ask someone else for money? Why do you need $5k grandpa? Oh I just want to go buy a bunch of guns and ammo and military gear, hand it over Johnny. The law was a bullshit way for democrats to say they stopped mentally ill people from getting guns. Bunch of old people with dimentia. Think about out all the people who don't get mental care because they don't want to be in some federal database that discriminates against them for guns today, what tomorrow drivers licenses? Once you're in the system, your stuck and the government will keep encroaching. thats why I liked the second blog because it tells a story Id never thought about. People with "mental illnesses," (again a WIDE classification with varying degrees) that want care but don't want to get flagged in the system and end up in some database so they don't bother. Vets with PTSD for example. None of this is talked about in the news. Yeah, I know what a blog is too.
  22. Skool daze

    i edited my comment, I meant read these instead of the news sites. they are telling a story that the news is not. The news is what's trash, the content of the blogs is what's missing.
  23. Pokemon geek squad

    Yeah... I didn't want people to have to think about every gen for every question xD I think it was hard enough as it is
  24. Quizzes!

    Sebba has fixed it. Whenever anyone does a quiz, at the end you have to click on 'Allows Plays'. Then everyone can do it. Thanks for doing one Seb! Hopefully encourages others to do it if someone like you can [emoji12] [emoji8] (srsly though, nice one [emoji173] ) Via the FG App
  25. Yesterday
  26. Skool daze

    You picked 2 blog sites, not news sites. Why should I take the time to discredit them when your very post mentions they are horrible. Jesus dude, did you even read the URL before going there? Go to AP NEWS SITES! Reuters Washington Post (Not the Bog section) New York Times (Once again, not the blog section) To name 3. EDIT: So all joking aside, maybe you really don't know how to tell a news site from a blog. That stuff can be confusing at first, so here is a guide a found on NPR. https://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2016/12/05/503581220/fake-or-real-how-to-self-check-the-news-and-get-the-facts Pay attention to the domain and URL Established news organizations usually own their domains and they have a standard look that you are probably familiar with. Sites with such endings like .com.co should make you raise your eyebrows and tip you off that you need to dig around more to see if they can be trusted. This is true even when the site looks professional and has semi-recognizable logos. For example, abcnews.com is a legitimate news source, but abcnews.com.co is not, despite its similar appearance. Read the "About Us" section Most sites will have a lot of information about the news outlet, the company that runs it, members of leadership, and the mission and ethics statement behind an organization. The language used here is straightforward. If it's melodramatic and seems overblown, you should be skeptical. Also, you should be able to find out more information about the organization's leaders in places other than that site. Look at the quotes in a story Or rather, look at the lack of quotes. Most publications have multiple sources in each story who are professionals and have expertise in the fields they talk about. If it's a serious or controversial issue, there are more likely to be quotes — and lots of them. Look for professors or other academics who can speak to the research they've done. And if they are talking about research, look up those studies. Look at who said them Then, see who said the quotes, and what they said. Are they a reputable source with a title that you can verify through a quick Google search? Say you're looking at a story and it says President Obama said he wanted to take everyone's guns away. And then there's a quote. Obama is an official who has almost everything he says recorded and archived. There are transcripts for pretty much any address or speech he has given. Google those quotes. See what the speech was about, who he was addressing and when it happened. Even if he did an exclusive interview with a publication, that same quote will be referenced in other stories, saying he said it while talking to the original publication. Check the comments A lot of these fake and misleading stories are shared on social media platforms. Headlines are meant to get the reader's attention, but they're also supposed to accurately reflect what the story is about. Lately, that hasn't been the case. Headlines often will be written in exaggerated language with the intention of being misleading and then attached to stories that are about a completely different topic or just not true. These stories usually generate a lot of comments on Facebook or Twitter. If a lot of these comments call out the article for being fake or misleading, it probably is. Reverse image search A picture should be accurate in illustrating what the story is about. This often doesn't happen. If people who write these fake news stories don't even leave their homes or interview anyone for the stories, it's unlikely they take their own pictures. Do a little detective work and reverse search for the image on Google. You can do this by right-clicking on the image and choosing to search Google for it. If the image is appearing on a lot of stories about many different topics, there's a good chance it's not actually an image of what it says it was on the first story. Another guide as well https://docs.google.com/document/d/10eA5-mCZLSS4MQY5QGb5ewC3VAL6pLkT53V_81ZyitM/edit
  27. Skool daze

    That's helpful. How about you discredit the content? Or find me a "Sennex approved" site that tells the side of the story that's not being reported, like one that includes the point of view from disability groups. There's not much out there because clickbait and biased headlines sell better. better to say Trump wants retards to buy guns because people are stupid and will take it at face value.
  28. Sea of Thieves

    There's actually a weekend test going on right now. Anyone who installs the Xbox Insider app can play test it on PC (Win10) or Xbox. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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