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  2. Physical disc version apparently requires a 30 and 57gb update - I also don't believe the game can be accessed until release but the download can be installed to at least complete the architecture. I finished the preloading on Battlenet and it was about 107gb compressed. Hopefully there wont be any nasty day one updates. For those wondering why digital is more expensive; I believe it's down to the amount of tax applied to digital media.
  3. I'm hoping a Simply Games package arrives tomorrow!
  4. Let me know when it's safe to try landing a ship again and I'll give it another go!
  5. Thought it would be best to have a separate thread for these @phil bottle. I a;ready have version 3.2.0 so was expecting it to update it to 3.7.0 but it isn't offering the update, just wants to start the game. Also, its saying i've only got 3.4GB of RAM available and I need 8GB to make it run smoothly. However, I have 16GB so where do i check this to optimise my PC for it?
  6. Yeah digital should definitely be cheaper than a physical copy. Bearing in mind that you can't sell a digital game on either. Makes no sense to me. But while physical copies are cheaper I'm always going to buy them.
  7. It's in small print but Infamy Points Boosts for Gambit games so may be worth a few games this week if you're working towards Pinnacle/Foundry Weapons and other triumphs.
  8. Agreed. I would consider digital games at some point if the cost was greatly reduced. It makes no sense that extra marketing and packaging is cheaper than a non-existent copy.
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 41/100 My Time 148 seconds  
  10. It’s stupid it cost more digital than a physical copy
  11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 83/100 My Time 119 seconds  
  12. I can't buy on digital either. I just can't justify the £15 extra it costs.
  13. MrBiron

    The Return

    Bread cakes. You're all wrong.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Shucker

    Weekly Reset

    Here's the dilly-yo on this week's reset...
  16. On the subject of Fridays, we could also add Destiny in to the list too. With it becoming F2P and a good number of is having the expansion I’m sure we have enough for some private matches. Tournament wise, I’ll never pass up an opportunity to call anyone a cunt so I’m down. I don’t think there’s too many games that enough people have to make a tournament but I’m sure there’s a handful; CoD, Destiny, OW. Do enough people have fifa/pes etc. for those in to their football? I’m biased but I’m always up for a racing one but I don’t think enough people have or play racing games so probably out.
  17. Great video from Nick here - it's a long one though but worth a look
  18. Hmmmmm It displays fine on my phone so will have to take a look at it later when I’m on my PC.
  19. 1. Change your hidden tips to plain text as it’s hard to read dark grey text on black background! 2. Watch some videos such as
  20. Yeah I don’t know for sure but I guess it acts as a +3 powerful reward up until 950
  21. I think a new Modern Warfare tournament will be good idea as I believe most people will be buy this? I also think we should pick a free game and implement that into the mix on fridays......what's the next PS4 network free game?
  22. STE M

    The Return

    They are bread rolls sir [emoji23] Via the FG App
  23. STE M

    The Return

    We've played many more than that mate [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Via the FG App
  24. I'm with you. It was the same on Overwatch, just cant justify pretty much an indie game price for a skin. But as I say, that's not just CoDs fault that's the whole industry. I wont hold it against this CoD if this happens.
  25. Exactly. Just a really good one. And the only one that gives you Power increases when you fully reach 950.
  26. How did you not kill that second guy after all those bullets?! I swear you must've put 50 in him!! Nice video Phil, pretty intense game.
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